Contest winner announced!!

Hey there, lovely peeps!! We have a winner of Miyoko Schinner's awesome new book, "Artisan Vegan Cheese" !!!!!!! And the winner is... Cassandra! Congratulations, Cassandra! I hope Miyoko's book provides you with many years of cheesy deliciousness! : )

Thanks SO much for participating, friends. I truly enjoyed all of your fabulous responses!! And now, what should I give away next?? Ideas, please, cuz giveaways be FUN! xoxoxo


  1. Is that me?? Really?? I am so excited. :) :) What do I need to do to claim it?

  2. Yes, that's you, Cassandra!! : ) All I need is a mailing address (for mail sent via the post office) and it'll be on its way! : )