Rosemary Rose Stevia Lemonade

Today, I was in the mood for some pretty! I also wanted to use up a bunch of organic lemons (those things go bad way too fast). So, my daughter and I whipped up a batch of lemonade. But not just any lemonade! I also had a rose that was dead (there's no great way to say that) and lots of rosemary growing in a pot indoors. Not to mention the fact that I love fun, vitalizing, low-to-no calorie beverages. So, voila! This idea was born.

Here's the how-to...

First, my daughter and I put some fresh rosemary in an ice cube tray and filled it up with water. Froze that thang. Next, in went the rose petals to another tray (one petal per cube). We found that the rose petals are so airy and light that it's best to fill it up with water only halfway, add the rose petals, then freeze. Once mostly frozen, remove and fill up the rest of the way with water. Otherwise, the rose petals won't be encased in the ice.

Next, combine the following:

▪ 4 cups pure water
▪ 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
▪ 1/2 teaspoon liquid stevia (or slightly more, for a sweeter lemonade)

Place in a pretty glass pitcher along with your frozen ice cubes (and perhaps a few lemon wedges) and enjoy! This beverage is not only pretty, it's also a fantastic way to alkalinize your system, get lots of vitamin C, and detoxify. Yeah!!!

Serves 4 (or me)
GF/SF/R/Green (according to the health guidelines in my books)

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