Beta-Carotene Smoothie

So, I've been on a huge beta-carotene kick recently. Ever since I read an article about the amazing benefits of carotenoids, I'm all over it. This nutrient is a powerhouse that will give your skin a glow, boost your immune system, and fill your body with antioxidants. So, long story short...I've been putting carrots in everything lately! Try this easy, 3-ingredient smoothie and you'll be doing the carrot dance right along with me.

Beta-Carotene Smoothie

2 cups frozen mango chunks
large carrot, cut into chunks
1 1/2 cups orange juice, the fresher the better

In a Vitamix, Blendtec, or good blender, combine all of the ingredients until very smooth. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Makes 2 servings
GF/SF/Raw/Green (according to the guidelines in my books)

Hungarian Chickpeas!

Holy bean love, people...these are insanely delicious! This recipe is one of my favorites from my newest book, Radiance 4 Life. It's very quick and easy to put together, but does require smoked paprika. You can usually find this divine elixir of spice in health food stores, many supermarkets, and most international food markets. It's worth the (relatively inexpensive) purchase though - smoked paprika will lend a rich, earthy, complex flavor like nothing else. It's also great sprinkled on babaganoush or hummus, or as a seasoning for a wide variety of dishes.

Oh, and by the way...this lovely photo was taken by the fabulous Olga Vasiljeva. However, as she's in Latvia, she doesn't always have access to the same ingredients as I do. So, when you use smoked paprika, this dish will look significantly more red in color.

So, without further delay...

Hungarian Chickpeas!

Welcome to my new obsession.

▪ 15 oz. can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained

▪ 2 tablespoons pitted and quartered kalamata olives (or other Greek olives)

▪ 2 tablespoons each: raisins, chopped cilantro, and minced yellow or white onion

▪ 1 tablespoon each: extra-virgin olive oil and raw agave nectar

▪ 2 teaspoons each: dijon mustard, fresh lime juice, and smoked paprika

▪ 1 teaspoon dried oregano

▪ 2 large cloves garlic, minced or pressed

▪ ½ teaspoon sea salt

Combine all of the ingredients and stir very well. Serve cold or at room temperature. This will keep, refrigerated in an airtight container, for up to a week.

 Serves 2/GF/SF/Green (according to the health guidelines in my books)
30 Minutes or Under!

  Superstars: beans, cilantro, onions, extra-virgin olive oil, lime, garlic

Guest Post Today! Vegan Mexican Cabbage by Happy Herbivore

Greetings, friends! I hope you're all enjoying life on this fine and fancy Thursday! Today, my friend Lindsay (vegan diva of Happy Herbivore) and I are trading guest posts. She's featuring my fat-free and yummy quick cobbler on her blog and I'm sharing her recipe for Mexican Cabbage here with you.

We both share a love of making healthy, plant-based foods taste fantastic - and as you can see (and taste) from these recipes, there's no excuse not to! Vitalizing, health-supporting foods really can taste as good (and, um, much better thank you) as ones that don't. Life is good and food is meant to taste great, be enjoyed, and keep us in a state of perfect health.

So, be sure to check out this recipe and let us know what you think! Cheers!

Mexican Cabbage

  • ½ whole cabbage
  • 1 whole sweet onion, diced
  • 2 whole garlic cloves, minced
  • 8 ounces tomato sauce
  • 4 ounces green chilis, diced
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • ½ tsp oregano or majarom
  • ¼ tsp black pepper
  • 1 cup corn, frozen
  • 1 cup black beans, cooked
  • ¼ cup baked corn chips          

Here are Lindsay's instructions:

Chop cabbage into thin strips, set aside. Line a medium saucepan with water and saute onions and garlic over high heat until translucent. Add cabbage, tomato sauce, chilis, paste and spices. Reduce heat to medium and cook until cabbage is tender, about 10 minutes. Turn off heat and stir in frozen corn until evenly distributed. Taste test, adjusting spices as needed. Salt to taste if desired. Mix in black beans before serving. Break corn tortilla chips into small pieces in your hand and sprinkle over top before serving.

This recipe serves 2
According to the health guidelines in Tess's books, this recipe is GF/SF/Green

My Daily Green Smoothie

Yes, I really do drink this just about every day! I just lerrrve the idea of getting lots of veggies in my system, first thing in the morning. Plus, antioxidant-rich, delish blueberries and grapes are so boldly flavored that they make this easy peesy to drink with a smile on your face!

1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries
1 very large carrot
2 cups raw kale
1 cup organic concord grape juice
Optional: 1 cup ice cubes or water

Blend all of the ingredients very well, using a Vitamix, Blendtec, or good blender. Drink immediately and feel fabuloso!

Serves 1-2 (personally, I drink the whole thing myself)
GF/SF/Raw/Green (according to the guidelines in my books)

Carrot Mango Popsicles!

Wowza, do I ever love these! It's a foolproof way to get lots of beta-carotene rich carrots into the willing bodies of children (and adults!), because they taste like pure mango bliss! I've been tinkering in my kitchen with these all week, trying to get them just right before I shared them. Last night, the magic here we go!

Oh, and here's a picture of my daughter (on the right, looking at her popsicle like she wants to marry it) and her best buddy, enjoying this treat. When I asked them if they liked the popsicles, they both said "Mmm HMMMM!!" I'll take that as a success! :-)

2 cups mango chunks, fresh or frozen
1 cup banana chunks, fresh or frozen
1 cup chopped carrot (about 2 medium carrots)
3/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup fresh lime juice

Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth. Personally, I use a Vitamix for this, but you can also try a regular blender, food processor, or Blendtec. When smooth, pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Alternatively, you can freeze it and eat it like sorbet (or do this with any leftovers you may have). If you're eating it like sorbet, you will need to thaw it just a bit after removing it from the freezer. Enjoy!

Makes about 6 popsicles
GF/SF/Raw/Green (according to the guidelines in my books)

Healthy, Delicious, Vegan Cheese Sticks? Yeah Baby!

I've made these cheese sticks at cooking classes several times, and invariably the response is always "WOW! I can't believe these are vegan, let alone healthy!" They're from Radiance 4 Life, which includes over 105 mouth-watering vegan superfood recipes.

Vegan Cheese Sticks

Yeah, I know—this stretches the boundaries of what a superfood recipe “should” be. But we all need a little comfort food now and then, right? So, we might as well make it as healthy as possible, while still keeping deliciousness as a priority!

Cheesy Filling:
▪ ¾ cup cauliflower purée (steam cauliflower until tender and blend until silky smooth)
▪ 1½ cups Daiya mozzarella vegan cheese (grated)

Crunchy Breading:
▪ 1¼ cup fine bread crumbs (pulse sprouted grain bread in a food processor)
▪ 2 tablespoons chia seeds (or ground flaxseeds)
▪ 2 teaspoons dried parsley
▪ 1 teaspoon dried basil
▪ ½ teaspoon each: sea salt and garlic granules

For pan-frying: 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil (not extra-virgin)

1. Stir the filling ingredients together and set aside.
2. In a large bowl, combine the breading ingredients thoroughly and set aside.
3. Now I’m about to tell you something very honest, but I trust you can handle it: This next step is going to be tricky. In fact, you might wonder if you can do it. At one point, you may even curse me and my “fricking stupid recipe.” But I promise that if you hang in there, you’ll not only get the hang of it, but also be in a very comfortable position—one that involves gooey, scrumptious cheese sticks.
4. Are you ready to get on board? Then roll up your sleeves and roll up the cheese. To do the latter, remove about 2 tablespoons of cheesy filling and roll it into a little log formation. Next, roll it in the breading until thoroughly coated on all sides. Place on a plate. Repeat until all of the filling is used up, placing all of the sticks on a plate (leaving enough room so that they don’t touch each other). Pop the plate in the freezer for 25 minutes.  
5. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add the oil. Remove the plate from the freezer. Once the oil is hot, place the cheese sticks on the pan in a single layer and cook, uncovered, until the bottoms are golden-browned. Turn over and continue to cook until golden-browned on all sides. This will take about 2 minutes on each of the 4 sides, for a total of 8 minutes.
6. Remove to a plate and serve.

Makes 12 vegan cheese sticks (serves 3-4)/SF/Blue/F (according to the guidelines in my books)
  Superstars: sprouted grains, chia, parsley

Quick, fat-free, delicious, whole-grain, vegan blueberry cobbler? Yes, please!

As promised, here's that kickbooty recipe I was talking about yesterday. It's basically the recipe for "Ultra Light Blackberry Cobbler" from Radiant Health, Inner Wealth - except with blueberries instead of blackberries. Cuz that's what was in my fridge. I’ve always loved this dish because it’s crazy easy, fat-free, high in fiber, and still manages to taste wonderful!

So, the top picture is what your cobbler should look like before it goes in the oven. Below that is what it looks like when it's done. But as I've said many-a-time, I am NO food photographer! That thing looked way better in real life! My lil' camera somehow failed to capture the gooey, perfectly browned gorgeousness that actually happened. Oh well...make it and see for yourself! :-)

2/3 cup whole wheat pastry flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1/3 cup maple syrup
2/3 cup almond milk (or other nondairy milk)

2 cups blueberries (or blackberries), fresh or frozen

1. Preheat the oven to 350° F. Combine the flour, baking powder, and sea salt very well in a medium bowl. Stir in the vanilla, maple syrup, and milk until evenly combined.
2. Lightly oil a round pie pan. Pour the mixture into the pan, using a rubber spatula to remove all of the batter. Evenly sprinkle the blackberries over the top of the mixture. Bake for about 45 minutes, or until the cobbler is a gorgeous shade of brown. Allow to cool for 5 minutes or so, then serve immediately.
Serves 4-6; GF (with substitution)/SF/Green (according to the guidelines in my books)

* Many thanks to Dr. John and Mary McDougall for providing the inspiration for this recipe! Their books are the reason I was inspired to go vegan 20 years ago.

10 Minute Gluten-Free Pasta with Artichokes!

I have an undying love of artichokes and felt like indulging said love yesterday with a big bowl of goodness. And although I'm not gluten-free, I don't like to overdo any one nutrient - so I take lots of breaks from wheat. One of the best ways to do this is with corn-quinoa pasta. Even if you're like me and don't have to avoid gluten, you'll love the flavor, texture, and visual appeal of this healthy pasta!

8 oz. dry corn-quinoa pasta (I use "Ancient Harvest" brand)
Two 15 oz. cans or jars of water-packed artichoke hearts, drained
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
8 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
1/4 cup fresh parsley, minced
lots of black pepper, to taste
sea salt to taste (I use white truffle sea salt for extra deliciousness)

Cook the pasta according to the directions on the package. While the pasta is cooking, place all of the other ingredients in a large bowl and toss well. Once the pasta is al dente, drain and toss with the "sauce." Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Makes 4 servings
GF/SF/Blue (according to the guidelines in my books)

It's Our Last Day, Two-Weekers!!

Hey babies! How's your day 14 going? I can't believe it's already over. How did your overall experience go? Did you achieve your health goals? What did you most enjoy about this? What were your challenges?

And I have something to admit...there's a funny way the Two-Week Wellness Solution seems to work for me. I start off with a bang, then kind of slack off a bit, then end with a bang. And here's the thing that's really cool...the whole experience leaves me in a better place, ready to move forward in an empowered, vibrantly healthy way.

For example, I am now feeling so much stronger and more prone to eating high-level foods. My cravings for sweets and flour are gone. I am going to continue following most of the principles - eating loads of veggies, drinking plenty of water, eating only until level #3, etc. But it often takes me a little while to gain momentum. But the more I do this plan, the cleaner my body gets and the EASIER it gets to make really healthy choices! Yay! :-)

So, here's how my day 14 looked:

lemon water
sprouted grain toast with earth balance

spring rolls!! (filled with lotsa veggies)

more spring rolls!

yummy pasta bowl (corn-quinoa pasta, tossed with a LOT of artichoke hearts, 2 teaspoons of xvoo, a little white truffle sea salt, pepper, parsley, and fresh garlic)

huge veggie smoothie (tomato, carrot, celery, kale, lemon, & water)
some banana "ice cream" (just bananas, a smidge of almond milk, nutmeg, vanilla, & cacao chips - inspired by Happy Herbivore's recent post!)

90 minutes on the exercise bike

One gallon of sun tea (made with mint, hibiscus, nettles, & green tea)

So, how did YOUR last day go, lovely ladies (and gents, if you're out there, silently observing)?? :-)

It's Day 13, Two-Weekers!

Howdy, two-weekers! How has your day gone so far? I'm doing well, feeling good, & getting inspired to finish fabulously...hope you are too!! :-)

Here's the deets on my day:

lemon water

one small "Magical Multigrain" pancake with blueberries and maple syrup

bean taco thingy (black beans, 2 corn tortillas, a light sprinkle of vegan cheese, and a generous portion of Mango Habanero Sauce)

Snack (throughout the day):
4 fresh spring rolls
sprouted grain English muffin
1 dark chocolate mint cookie (raw)

over an hour of fairly intense cardio (walking/jogging uphill on a treadmill)

a gallon

about 4 servings so far - planning to have a salad with blueberry balsamic for dinner to fill in the gap! :-)

several small visualizations throughout the day - plus one before bed to help co-create a great day tomorrow

So, feeling great about my day overall...I feel like I'm finally recovered from that intense box-moving thing I did last week. Yay!! So, how did YOUR day go?

TWWS Day 12!

Hey loverlies! Sorry to be checking in so late...but hoping your day 12 went well. Since it *is* so late, I'm gonna get to the goods...

lemon water

yummy burrito (sprouted tortilla filled with red potato, lots of grated carrot, black beans, & fresh salsa)

hummus, pita bread, grape leaves
large salad

Lots of water, check! (about a gallon - loving the mint water I've been making!)
Exercise? Plenty of walking around + recumbent biking while watching "Waiting for Superman." So, almost 2 hours on the bike. Check! :-)

How did your day 12 go?? And thanks so much for letting me play hooky yesterday for my birthday! I will be back tomorrow with a longer blog post & an earlier check-in time. Thanks for being so awesome, lovely 2-week crew!! :-)

TWWS Day 10!

Greetings, two-weekers! We're in the home stretch now. Only a few more days to go! How are you feeling today? Are you discovering more about what foods make your body sing while doing this program? Remember, it's about progress, not perfection. Love yourself exactly where you are NOW and beautiful things will unfold! Just keep taking those steps in the direction of your dreams and you're sure to thrive.

My day 10 journal...

lemon water
sweet cherries (yeah, yeah, I'm obsessed!)

2 raw cinnamon rolls

Yummy burrito (potatoes, zucchini, black beans, fresh salsa, and scallions)

coconut probiotic drink and a big salad
sprouted grain bread, toasted with a little earth balance

Not sure yet, but I may whip up some more "Lickety Split Pea Soup." I never get sick of it!

So, how did YOUR day 10 go, two-weekers?? Thanks for joining in - much love! :-)

Two-Weekers - It's Day 9!!

Good evening, m'lovelies! How did your day nine go? Mine was the end of a very tiring week...I *finally* got all them boxes moved, cleaned out my storage, then did some more work. I feel like I can finally relax now! :-) So, today wasn't probably the best day food-wise, but now that my HUGE project is finished, I can settle into a more self-caring routine. YAY.

lemon water
cherries (you knew I was gonna say that, yes?)

One raw cinnamon roll

Bean, rice, veggie burrito
2 carrots

CHEATER ALERT: I was so spent from the day that I caved. I went to a new spot in town and tried their pizza (they put vegan cheese on it for us). And it's funny...despite feeling bad about my "cheat" (that thing was made with white flour and far from organic or healthy), it's always nice to get a perspective. I was reminded tonight that unhealthy food doesn't have much flavor to me anymore. I didn't truly *enjoy* it. My body and taste buds are over it. They want VITALIZING food. I know this, and yet I occasionally forget it! So, I'm looking at this as a big fat reminder. Onward with health-supporting, radiance-giving foods! :-)

Oh, and somewhere in my day...2 kombuchas and a KeVita coconut probiotic drink. My addictions!!

So, did your day nine go? And let's all take a few moments tonight to reflect on our greatest health goals and desires...and remind ourselves that YES we can achieve them. Oh YES we can - and it can be an enlightening, joyful, delicious process!! :-)

Day 8 of the Two-Week Wellness Solution!

Hey two-weekers! I hope you're all doing wonderfully. And just so you know, I am proud of each of you - you're all such beautiful people (inside and out!) and I'm happy that we're all in this together! :-)

Here's my Day 8:

lemon water
sweet cherries (I will not get sick of them...ever)
one nettle-mint ball (local raw food company makes them - so yummy & uber-nutritious!)

Burrito (sprouted tortilla, filled with black beans, brown rice, veggies, and salsa)
Ginormous salad with fat-free grapefruit balsamic

that pizza thingy I put on facebook
popcorn, lightly popped in a little coconut oil
passionberry kombucha

tomato soup
3 small raw chocolate mint cookies

Exercise: Lots more book loading/carrying/stacking boxes (1 1/2 hours worth) + 45 minutes on the exercise bike while watching a show + yoga (it's saving me from being even more sore during this week of mega heavy lifting!!)

Water: a gallon and a half

So, overall I feel very good about the day! I ate mostly nutrient-dense foods, got in plenty-o-veg, and even felt good enough to do some other exercise, besides just the boxes!

So, two was your day??

It's Day 7 Already, Two-Weekers!

Hey lovely people! How's your day going so far? Sorry to check in so late - my internet was down. Luckily, the tech people are always pretty helpful so it's obviously back up and running now. Yay!

So, here's the rundown for my day:

lemon water
cherries (I can NOT get enough sweet cherries lately!!)

coconut yogurt with high fiber cereal (I used "F-Factor" cereal - it's insanely high in fiber! Like 18 grams per serving!)
One raw cinnamon roll

salad and veggie fried rice (brown and red rice, stir-fried with peas, shiitakes, corn, & garlic)

coconut probiotic drink
5 vegan cheese sticks (from Radiance 4 Life)

kombucha, Smoky One Pot Beans and Rice

So, how did YOUR day go? Tomorrow we begin week two. Let's all get re-motivated to go out with a serious "Yeah BABAY" and meet our goals!! :-)

TWWS Day 6!

Hey two-weekers! How's it going for you today?

I'm going to apologize in advance for making this short...Today, I pushed my body to an extreme I haven't done in - uh, years? Ever? I have a storage unit with a bazillion (OK, maybe 400) 35# boxes in it (filled with copies of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth). Since I now only have 400-ish boxes, not however many I started with 2 years ago, I decided to transfer them to the storage space in my house. Why pay $50 a month if I don't have to, right? So, today I began the transfer. I loaded, unloaded, carried, and stacked like 120 of those boxes. I. AM. WHOOPED! I musta burned literally like 1200 calories doing it.

BUT, somehow I managed to still stick with the plan! So, here's my day...and if I'm not sore tomorrow, it will be a vegan powah miracle!! :-)

Here's my day:

lemon water

One lemon-fig ball (from Radiance 4 Life)

Bean and rice burrito
Large salad with grapefruit balsamic
a few squares quinoa chocolate

5-Minute Vegan Buffalo Bites (from this blog)
a slice of sprouted raisin-cinnamon bread
a big bowl of sauteed mushrooms (portabello and shiitake)

Exercise: A freakin lot (4 hours with the books plus an hour of house-cleaning this morning)
Water: A *lot* of lemon water - probably about 1 1/2 gallons (Alethea kept making me lemon water while I carried books - she was so sweet and helpful today and even insisted on doing the dishes and cleaning the stove!)

So, how did YOUR day 6 go, lovely ladies?

TWWS Day 5!

Greetings, two-week cutie pies! Hope your day five went wonderfully. I'm gonna make this short, as I just returned from a very long day of work and fun. Same thing, really, lucky for me - but a long day nonetheless.

Alethea wasn't really following the program today (kind of like her mama - ahem), but she and I plan to get back into it full swing tomorrow. We're all stocked up with groceries and menu ideas, so we're raring to go. I feel like I'm finally recovered from all my travels and can give my full attention to this now. So, I apologize for being a bit off these first few days, but I'm very excited to get on board 100% now that I'm rested and refreshed! :-)

SO...without further delay, here's a report for my day 5...

I wasn't too hungry, and I was heading out to Durango for the farmer's market and a few business meetings, so I grabbed a coconut probiotic drink (strawberry acai). YUM.

At the farmer's market, I stopped by the Turtle Lake Refuge stand. They are FREAKING AWESOME. They do all raw, vegan foods, many grown locally or in their gardens. I got a raw nori roll, jam-packed with veggies and a little "seed cheese." My body said "Thank you!" quite audibly after eating that bad boy! :-)

We stopped at Zia Taqueria in Durango. They're also really cool - they support local growers and use many organic ingredients as well. I got a burrito filled with beans, brown rice, guacamole, mango habanero sauce, green chile, local stir-fried veggies, pico de gallo, cabbage, and lettuce. I cannot believe that guy was able to stuff all of that into a "baby burrito" tortilla, but he did. Yum.

popcorn, kombucha, and a few squares of organic quinoa chocolate. Wowza!

It's late, but I'm super hungry, so I'm gonna break tradition and eat past my normal cutoff time of 7 p.m. I think I'll have a veggie wrap and another kombucha. It's just a 2-kombucha kind of day!

Can't wait to check in tomorrow, as I'm-a-gonna be refreshed and ready to go! :-) How did YOUR day 5 go, friends?

TWWS Day 4!

Hey, 2-week troopers! How's your day going so far? Alethea is back, doing the program with me again and so far it's going great. And for those of you wondering what in the heck this is all about...a group of us are doing the two-week plan from my book, The Two-Week Wellness Solution: The Fast Track to Permanent Weight Loss and Vitality! We're blogging each day to keep each other motivated! :-)

So, here's a recap of our day...

Me: lemon water, canteloupe
Alethea: lemon water, canteloupe

Me: 2 "Raw Cinnamon Rolls" (these really kept me going - I didn't get hungry for hours!)
Alethea: 2 slices sprouted grain toast with earth balance

Me: pizza (sprouted grain English muffin, topped with organic pasta sauce, Daiya vegan cheese, & onions); baked sweet potato "fries" (YUM!); very large salad with beets, greens, carrots, and onions
Alethea: pizza (sprouted grain English muffin, topped with organic pasta sauce and Daiya vegan cheese); baked sweet potato "fries;" and "Princess Salad" (from RHIW)

Late afternoon:
Me: quinoa with roasted veggies and a kombucha
Alethea: carrots and beans/rice

So, overall a good day! I'm drinking my water and eating lots of veggies. I rented a movie for Alethea and I, so I plan to watch while on my recumbent bike - getting in that exercise where I can! :-)

So, how was YOUR day??

TWWS Day 3!

Hey 2-weekers!

Sorry to be checking in so has your day gone so far? Alethea has been at a friend's house all day, but she'll be back in the game tomorrow!

Here's my day:

lemon water and cherries

one "Raw Cinnamon Roll"

Spicy Moroccan Sweet Potato Fries
large salad
sprouted grain English muffin sandwich with white truffle tofu and veggies

Spirulena popcorn
hibiscus lime cooler with lots of extra lime! Wow, I love it this way!

So, basically, I'm not doing the best job of eating my veggies today...but I plan to be back in full form tomorrow. I just got groceries tonight and revised my menu, so I am newly inspired (and stocked) with lots of goodness! :-)

So, how did YOUR day go??

TWWS Day Two!

Hey lovely peeps!

You're all off to such a great start - I hope you're feeling happy and empowered on your journey so far. Here's the scoop on our day two. Let us know how your day went when you get a chance!

Day Two Journal:

Me: lemon water, blackberries, and cherries
Alethea: lemon water, blackberries, and cherries

Me: high-fiber cereal with homemade soy-almond milk (unsweetened)
Alethea: too busy playing

Me: beans and rice (brown and red rice, mixed with black, kidney, and pinto beans - seasoned with a little xvoo, tamari, and nutritional yeast...I was in the mood for very simple and easy!! Luckily Alethea and her friend loved it. Whew!), a large salad with beets, onions, and blueberry balsamic. Also, a small glass of the hibiscus pineapple lime cooler
Alethea (and her friend!): beans and rice, salad with apple cider vinegar and xvoo, nori triangles

Dinner (Whoops! no mid-afternoon meal....I'll plan better tomorrow!):
Me: big batch of portabellas and zucchini, stir-fried with tamari, balsamic, garlic, and a little xvoo - I also had a small multi-grain pancake (using my "Magical Multigrain Mix" from RHIW) and a strawberry kombucha
Alethea: a huge batch of pancakes and a large carrot

So, I'm realizing that I need to spend a little time tonight planning. Today, I was hungry but nothing on my list really appealed to me. I'm going to treat myself right and come up with some yummy "green" (and a few "blue") recipes. I think what threw me off was doing all my planning with Alethea. We have different tastes and I get bored eating what she's eating! So, from now on I'm gonna separate our lists a bit. Livin and learnin! :-)

So, how did YOUR day go???

Day 1 of the Two-Week Wellness Solution!

Hey, Beautiful People!

As many of you know, we're starting another round of the Two-Week Wellness Solution. This is the plan from my second book, The Two-Week Wellness Solution, and works amazingly well as a way to detoxify, cleanse, lose weight quickly, ditch junk-food cravings, and overcome a plethora of health problems.

As you may also know, I just returned (Monday, actually!) from a 3-week trip, where I did book signings and classes, as well as visited friends and family. Overall, I feel great about how well I kept up my healthy habits while traveling - but even so, it's never the same as being at home, so I want to reset my system back to optimal health and rejuvenation.

It was, in fact, my 8-year-old daughter, Alethea, who came up with the idea to do this now...Several days ago, while we were on a long drive, she said: "Mama, can you promise not to laugh if I say something?" I said, "I promise to try!" And she said "Well, I really want to do the solution." True to my word, I held back my giggles and took her seriously. She had been eating sweets and other less-than-ideal stuff while traveling and intuitively knew that her body needed a healthy change. Plus, she accompanies me on many of my book events, so she overhears a lot of people telling me about their success with my program.

So, we spent some time planning out our menu that day. Heck, what else were we going to do while driving through Nebraska? It was a great way to use that driving time - we thought of all the "green" and "blue" foods that we'd both like to incorporate and then came up with a grocery list and menu.

I love the healthy start she's getting with all of this, and I'm also loving that we can share this journey together (and with all of YOU!)'s only day ONE but I'm already loving it and feeling more energized. And although the day is far from over, I wanted to blog about this a little earlier to kick off the plan for those of you participating.

So, please feel free to join us and comment each day on your menu and how things are going for you. It's always so great to do things as a group - powah in numbers!!!

So, without further delay...

Day One:

Me: lemon water, cherries, blackberries
Alethea: lemon water, cherries, blackberries

Me: one "Raw Cinnamon Roll"
Alethea: sprouted grain toast with earth balance

Me: polenta (pan-fried in a teaspoon of olive oil), mushrooms, and steamed asparagus (pictured above) with a glass of "Hibiscus Pineapple Cooler"
Alethea: polenta, asparagus, and a tossed salad with balsamic vinegar and agave nectar...she also had some of the hibiscus pineapple cooler to drink (YUM! Those of you with Radiance 4 Life, check it out - it's one of our faves!)

Me: bean burrito with fresh salsa and veggies, carrots
Alethea: bean burrito, carrots

Me: I plan on having some "Lickety Split Pea Soup" and a salad with blueberry balsamic vinegar
Alethea: She doesn't like this soup - and she doesn't need to lose a single pound - so I'll probably make her a vegan grilled cheese on sprouted grain bread. I'll also make her some "lemon butter broccoli" - her favorite! It's just steamed broccoli, tossed with fresh lemon juice and earth balance.

Water: We're both drinking our way to our goal for today. My goal is one gallon, and her goal? Three kombucha bottles full of water (each bottle is 16 oz.).

Exercise: Alethea is always running around or riding her bike. Getting that kid to exercise is like getting me to drink a guava kombucha. No arm-twisting required. For my exercise, I plan to take a walk and do some yoga. I'm easing my way into a more strenuous routine for the rest of the week.

Thanks so much for dropping by! We'll be back tomorrow night with details on how things went. And please share how your day one is going when you get a chance! :-)