What to Bring to Holiday Parties and Potlucks? My Top 12 Picks!

So, you've asked...and I've heard you...and here's my answer. What DO you bring to all those annoying (I mean, simply delightful) Holiday parties and potlucks?? Especially when you want to contribute a relatively healthy dish but still knock some socks off? THIS, people. This...

photo by Olga Vasiljeva

My Top Twelve Picks for Healthy, Scrumptious Potluck and Party Dishes!

1. This Carrot Ginger Lime Soup from my newest book Radiance 4 Life will have everyone raving! Not only is it delicious - it's also incredibly immune-boosting, nutritious, and vitalizing. If you don't have my book, it's also here on my blog.

2. I know you've seen far too much hummus at parties, but how often is it really spectacular? Plus, sometimes hummus really is just the right thing to do. Here's my blog post on hummus perfection in all of it's glory.

3. Do you have something to prove in the "vegan desserts are just as awesome as any other kind" realm? Then make THESE. They're the most delicious, addictive chocolate truffles in the world...plus, you can do all sorts of fun coatings on them for parties. My favorite is a candy cane crunch coating. Yeah, you heard me right. It's epic and such.

photo of Raw Cinnamon Rolls by Olga Vasiljeva

4. These raw cinnamon rolls are crazy easy to make, healthy, nourishing, energizing, and totally scrumptious! Try em. Recipe from Radiance 4 Life but yes, also on my blog.

5. Want to do something really different? Every time I make this Indian appetizer, it never fails to disappear in minutes. Seriously, people freak out over these Lemon Cilantro Pakoras. Think of them as the crack cocaine of Asian snacks.

6. Speaking of flavor, these Chili Lime Noodles are incredible. Even picky eaters flip for them! Plus, they're great if you have any gluten-free guests. Another recipe from Radiant Health, Inner Wealth that's also on my blog here.

photo of fresh spring rolls by Olga Vasiljeva

7. This will win you friends, stalkers, and fans. I promise. My fresh spring rolls (aka "summer rolls") are always a hit, no matter what the venue. They're unusual, fresh, vitalizing, and you're likely to be the talk of the party if you bring them, especially if you serve them with my insane Peanut Sauce! I even have a fresh spring rolls video to help you, as well as tons of spring roll recipes in my books.

8. OK, so this is so perfect that I get a little over excited...it's a pretty green dip (that's colored naturally by the edamame!) served with red bell pepper strips. The perfect holiday colors, and the perfect holiday dip! This recipe uses a ton of healthy superfood ingredients and the result is delicious and crowd-pleasing! I recommend serving with some black sesame crackers or other healthy crackers that are relatively neutral in flavor. Yet another recipe from RHIW that's featured here on this blog.

photo by Michelle (McCluggage) Bebber

9. Here's a delicious, easy to make dessert that travels well and that everyone is sure to adore. My Grandma's Apple Crisp recipe is also near and dear to my heart as it was something my darlin' grandma and I always used to make together this time of year. And trust me, it's insanely delish! Recipe from Radiant Health, Inner Wealth and also here on my blog.

10. These asparagus wraps are so fun and fancy! Yeah, I just said that. But really, you'll get a lot of secret admirers up in your grill if you serve these awesome asparagus wraps. (pictured above) They're pretty exciting and very easy to make, even if you've never worked with phyllo before. Recipe here on my blog (and also in RHIW).

11. Feel like bringing something super easy and snacky? This cinnamon spice Everything Nice Popcorn is a breeze to make and will surely be a hit!

photo by Michelle (McCluggage) Bebber

12. This Tomato, Basil, & Roasted Pine Nut Penne is great for when you want a crowd-pleasing entree that no one will ever guess is vegan. It's delicious, satisfying, and guaranteed to get rave reviews!

So, I hope you find that helpful, friends! And please let us know - what are YOU bringing to your next potluck or party?

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