Meet my new wellness partner and co-author!

Greetings, friends!

Wow, this sure has been an exciting week, hasn't it? I love seeing how many folks are focused on inspiring changes for the new year....So many wonderful developments are taking place in the area of wellness and holistic health - truly exciting stuff!

One such thrill for me this year has been my partnering with Carré Otis (author, activist, mother, and model). Respectively Carré and I come from two different backgrounds but have found our common ground in our recovery from disordered eating. We are joining forces to bring to you a practical, nourishing, enticing and exciting way of preparing and experiencing food that will transform old habits into healthy and liberating new ones!

Carré's book, Beauty Disrupted, was one of the first things that gave me insight into the stellar person that she is. Despite the many trials in her life (both in and out of the modeling and acting can read about them in her memoir), I can say without hesitation that she absolutely TRIUMPHED. It is incredibly rare to see someone work so hard to overcome, grow, and evolve - and to exemplify such dedication not only to the betterment of their own life, but also to use their abilities to make the lives of others better. Carré is just such a person - a shining example of the power of humans to make radical, profound, deeply beautiful, and lasting shifts!

So, what exactly is this spectacular and powerful woman cooking up with me? Well, lots!! We have all kinds of incredibly exciting plans in the works...for starters, we're working on a groundbreaking book together. We will also be offering unique holistic retreats very soon in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Haven't you ever needed to just get away and feel totally regenerated, nourished, and recharged on all levels? Um, YEAH!! Sign me up while you're at it!!

So, sit tight my sweet peas and we will keep you posted on all the new ways we're planning to be of service to your greatest wellness. You can also check out Carré's blog here and connect with her (and also me) on Twitter for more fun stuff. She has also done some great interviews recently for her book. For starters, here's one of her on The Today Show, and this is a great interview she did for Huffington Post. And don't forget to check out her book - if you want to be completely inspired and moved (and yes, entertained!), it will totally deliver.

Here's to a fantastic, inspired, love-filled, vibrantly healthy new year. Much love to you all!

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