Ten Great DIY Vegan Food Gifts

1. Kale chips! This is what started me thinking about doing this blog post in the first place. A friend suggested the idea that kale chips in pretty tins would make the perfect Christmas gift. I had to agree! What better way to give the gift of yummy snacky healthy deliciousness?! And who doesn't need a little green balance, what with all the sugary madness this time of year? My personal preference would be to make raw kale chips, but if you don't have a dehydrator you can also bake them at low temperatures (see my video for tips on making baked kale chips). Also, my newest book contains great raw kale chip recipes if you need some inspiration.

2. These chocolate truffles are insanely yummy and can be decorated with all sorts of fun coatings. My favorites are crushed candy canes, peanuts, walnuts, and raw cacao nibs. For holidays, I often make up a double batch of these and give an assortment of them away in pretty tins. People completely love them, and they're perfect for those who think they don't like vegan food. They'll flip for these and never even guess they're not chock full of artery-clogging ingredients.

3. Have someone who loves to grow their own food? Give them the gift of sprouting! All you'll need is a few glass mason jars, some sprouting lids (cheesecloth and even a screen patch kit can stand in), sprouting seeds, and instructions. They'll never be able to thank you enough!

Raw Cinnamon Rolls photo by Olga Vasiljeva
4. My recipe for Raw Cinnamon Rolls from Radiance 4 Life is one of those things that has surprised even me. I can't tell you how many folks have made these as gifts, served them at holiday parties, and taken them to work for rave reviews. The cool thing is that most people love them withouth even realizing that they're vegan, raw, and contain absolutely NO sweeteners (aside from whole dried fruit)! Oh, and they're scrumptious. How cool is that?!

5. This vegan parmesan sprinkle is the perfect gift for the health-minded Italian food lover on your list. It's a fantastic topping for pasta, lasagna, roasted vegetables, and anything tomato-related. Plus, it's insanely high in Omega 3s, delicious, and easy breezy to whip up. The fact that it looks super cute in a glass jar with a green bow on it doesn't hurt either!

6. These dark chocolate mint cookies are perfect for the raw foodie or gluten-free person on your gift list. In fact, just about anyone would love these healthy, raw cookies - and what a great way to balance out all the nutrient-poor treats we see everywhere this time of year!

photo by Olga Vasiljeva

7. Have someone who could use a little yummy fuel for themselves, and perhaps their family? These lemon poppyseed muffins (with zesty lemon glaze!) are super delish and made with whole grains. Long live the vegan muffin basket!

8. Want to make one dish that you can use as gifts for a LOT of people? Of course you do! Who doesn't need an awesome & delicious short-cut this time of year? Plus, you won't be tempted to eat the ENTIRE TRAY of this insanely delish orange-spiced baklava when you know you have to give most of it away. The recipe (from Radiant Health, Inner Wealth) is also on my blog here and makes like 15 pieces. So, that's at least 5 gifts right there, yes? Package it up all cute, perhaps with a cinnamon stick up in there.

9. Have a Thai food lover on your list? Or anyone with tastebuds? This Peanut Sauce is off the hook awesome and can be bottled up in a pretty glass bottle for a gift they'll never forget. Trust me, this is a recipe I used to have to dodge stalkers for.

10. Like the idea of popcorn in tins? I know I do...I grew up looking forward to our yearly giant canister of popcorn with the divider thingy in it, yielding a trio of cheese, regular, and caramel corn. Well, you too can duplicate this idea...with cleaner ingredients! Give a variety of popcorn to your munchie gift recipients for something they won't forget. Some ideas on types of popcorn include cinnamon spice Everything Nice Popcorn, caramel corn (there's a good one in Radiant Health, Inner Wealth), plain popcorn with olive oil and sea salt (add some nutritional yeast for extra lovins), spicy lime popcorn, BBQ popcorn, and chili-garlic popcorn. YUM. Need my mailing address? ; )

So, I hope that gives you plenty of ideas on what to give your friends and family (and anyone else lucky enough to be on your gift list) this season! I'd love your feedback...and please send me pictures of the vegan foodie gifts you're making. I love that stuff!

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