Tess's Top Ten Picks for Family Movie Night

So, you've got the night off and want to enjoy delish (yet healthy) snacks and a family movie that's actually good (unlike most "family films"). What do you do??!! You check out my blog, of course! I've got you covered with my top ten favorite family movies and fabulous snacks. You probably already suspected I love you, but this confirms it.

What to watch?? Here are my Top 10 Family Films That Both Kids and Grown-ups Will Love (in no particular order):

1. A Little Princess (the 90s remake, not the Shirley Temple version): Love this. LOVE it. Don't ask me to explain, or I'll burst into tears.
2. The Education of Little Tree: A beautiful true story about a Native American boy who was raised by his grandparents - so moving and sweet, I can barely stand it!!
3. Megamind: I was prepared to hate this, but ended up watching it twice. Will Ferrel is comedic genius as the voice of the main "bad" guy who you can't help but love. (oh, and I'm sneaking in a plug for "Elf" here as another super fun family film that also stars WF)
4. Ratatouille: Foodie rat-loving fun for the whole family.
5. Little Manhattan: So freaking adorable!! It's about a pre-teen boy who experiences his first crush. Very clever, good-hearted, and engaging. We love it.
6. Enchanted: Amy Adams is perfection in this - also perfect in this is my secret boyfriend, James Marsden. (even he doesn't know he's my boyfriend)
7. True Muppet Movies: This includes anything during the Jim Henson era, and also the newest "Muppet Movie" (2011). Forget about anything in between. Muppets = Love.
8. My Dog Skip: Super cute film about the pure, devoted love that exists between a boy and his dog.
9. The Secret Garden: Magical, inspiring, and endearing. Love this one!
10. The Black Stallion: This was my favorite movie as a child. Directed by Frances Ford Coppola, this film is strikingly beautiful, quiet, and enchanting.

My Top 10 Healthy & Delish Things to Munch on Movie Night:

1. My newest creation - BBQ popcorn! You know you want to.
2. Raw veggie sticks dipped in vegan ranch or creamy hummus
3. Hello, delicous! Spoon up some of this fat-free banana ice cream and feel the love!
4. "Everything Nice Popcorn" from Radiant Health, Inner Wealth - it also happens to be here on my blog.
5. Any of the other yummy, healthy popcorn recipes from my books - our current favorite is the sweet and spicy turmeric popcorn from Radiance 4 Life. YUM.
6. Sweet potato fries - even picky eaters usually munch these beta-carotene-rich yummies right up!

7. VEGAN PIZZA. Here's an example on my blog, and there are several others in my books.
8. Here's a great way to get your VEG on while still feeling like you're munching fun stuff. This recipe for rosemary roasted cauliflower is so sinfully delicious, you'll swear it's made of evil.
9. Check out my blog post on Ten Healthy Snack Ideas for another ten within this ten. The mind boggles!!
10. These "No Will Power Cookies" are super easy to make and also totally satisfying. Peanut butter chocolate love shall reign supreme!! OK, I know I'm being a little dramatic...but hey, this is a movie blog post after all! ;-)

So, I hope this post inspires you to have some wholesome, awesome, delish fun on your next family movie night! Oh, and of course you can enjoy these suggestions even if you are all growed up and gots no wee ones...a truly good family movie is one that anyone can enjoy, no matter what your age! So please let me know what you think...and also I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite family movie is!

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  1. Might have to check those movies, I haven't seen a number of that on your list.

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