Vegan Japanese Book Giveaway Winner!

FUN! So, I just picked a winner at random for the Vegan Japanese Book Giveaway on my blog. And the winner is... "Janet at the Taste Spice." Congrats, Janet!!! You will love Miyoko's books. Send me your mailing address and we'll get those sweet babies mailed out to you pronto!

And stay tuned, friends...I'm cooking up another giveaway that will begin very soon! This time it's for the funnest, bestest kid's game ever, Fur & Feathers! Details soon. Thanks for stopping by...and let's all go to Janet's house for sushi and Japanese croquettes!!!


  1. Congratulations Janet...we want to hear all the wonderful (and your fav) recipes in your new books!

  2. Yay Janet! I know that girl! I can't believe I know a superstar!