New Giveaway!!

Well, hello there, lovelies! And how are you on this fine and fanciful day? Thanks so much to all who participated in my last guys really made it fun!! And the winner, Janet, is super excited about her new Japanese books by Miyoko Schinner.

So, today - being the new day that it is - brings with it the promise of yet another giveaway. When I was in San Francisco this month, speaking at the World Veg Fest, I met the nicest lady. (Well, I met a crap-ton of nice ladies - it was VegFest after all!!) But this particular nice lady was the owner of Animal Matters, the makers of a children's game called Fur and Feathers. She was even nice enough to offer to watch my booth while I was speaking. I didn't even have to ask! So, she gains major bonus points in my book for being a sweetie - and if I didn't know already, I would have discovered this fact by playing this board game. It is, simply put, pure awesomeness.

My daughter is flat-out addicted to it and wants to play it with me, her friends, and pretty much anyone she can grab off of the street. (We live on a friendly street.) You win the game by saving animals (via the "Choices Cafe," "Animal Shelter," or by rescuing animals from the farm). I think my daughter's exact words upon first playing this game were: "I really love this game for two reasons... for one, it's fun. For two, it's vegan-friendly. Not just vegetarian-friendly, but VEGAN-friendly. Like, you can get pretend vegan pizza."

So, now that you want to win one really, really bad, you're in luck. Because we're gonna give one away!! (and again, so sorry to our friends out of the U.S., but we can only ship prizes within the U.S.) So, here's what you have to do for your shot at this awesome prize:

1. "Like" our pages on Facebook: Both the Radiant Health, Inner Wealth page and also the Animal Matters page
2. Follow this blog, where we will announce the winner on Wednesday, November 9th. To follow, simply scroll down the right side and click to "Join this Site"
3. Reply to this blog post and answer the question "What's your favorite vegan comfort food from your childhood?" (It can either be a dish that was originally vegan or one that you've veganized)

Thanks so much for playing...and let the awesome Fur and Feathers games begin!!


  1. This game looks awesome! If I don't win this one, where can I go to buy one? With such a large extended family and money being tight, I would love to be able to buy one for each of the "families" within our family for Christmas. Does that say made in the USA on the box? No way! Christmas shopping list for all the nephews and nieces: DONE!

    Where can I buy???

  2. Yeah, I highly recommend this for gifts. Really awesome & also such a well thought-out product. I was surprised that it's made in the USA too...but not THAT Surprised. Meeting the owner of the company, I can tell she's quality. :-) Here's the link to buy:

  3. Well, I guess you'll have to cut and paste it...sorry! OR...just click the part of my text above where I wrote "animal matters" and the link will go to that page.

  4. Favorite childhood comfort food? Goodness. My mother wasn't a great cook. She could bake wonderfully, but dinners were always hit and miss. Still, her "go-to" meal was a big pot of white beans served over buttered bread. She was raised in the south. Of course, bacon drippings were always added to the beans, and the buttered white bread was far from vegan (or healthy). So, I honor her favorite dish by leaving out the bacon, adding some Bragg's, and serving the beans with some good crunchy whole wheat bread.

    Also, this game looks awesome! I think my little three-year old would love it. She's really getting into playing games now.

    You're the best Tess!

  5. ..favorite comfort food? hmmmm....have to say good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies!!...the best way I've found to veganize them is to simply follow the standard recipe on the back of a bag of chocolate chips (or on Nestle on-line)substituting EnerG egg replacer for the eggs, soy margarine for the butter, vegan chocolate chips for the chips....I also like to add in some unsweetened, dried coconut...dash of cinnamon, extra vanilla.....sometimes I add in some cacao powder too...mmmmmmmm! :) Deb