Contest Winner Announced!

Hey lovely peeps! Um, what's that, you say? Did I tell you I was going to announce the latest winner on September 20th? Yeah, it's still the 20th...somewhere in the world...right? No? OK, so I'm a total spaz for forgetting to mark this very important day on my calendar! Bad me! But enough of the self-deprication. Onto the light. Onward into better calendar-noting habits. And yes, please do forgive me for my lapse!

One person hopefully will forgive me at least, as she's getting the grand GIFT-GIVING PRIZE of THREE signed copies of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth! And that person is...drumroll.... RebeccaMom! Girl, your Christmas gift-giving just got a lot cheaper!!

So, thanks all for being so fabulous and participating in this contest! I loved reading your favorite fall meals - isn't it just the best time of year to be in the kitchen??! And also, for a fun lil' note, I'll soon be the vegan blogger for The Network as well. I'll be sure to let you know on my Facebook page once my first blog is up - should be very soon! Also, watch out for their new reality show on the CW network, coming this January. I've seen the trailer and I can't wait!

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