You Should Really Have a V5

Greetings, friends! Today, I'm busy cooking up lots of healthy treats for the Two-Week Wellness Solution, as we start today. Woot! If you want to join in, please connect here on my Facebook page.

Anyhoo...part of the program (and the way I try to eat in general) is to include tons of fresh veggies. As I recently got a vitamix, I've been experimenting with green smoothies a lot. However, I also wanted to create a green smoothie that was veggies-only. So, today I hit the jackpot! Using the fresh kale I just scored from my friend's garden, I supercharged this drink with five incredibly vitalizing, fiber-rich, nutrient-dense veggies.

So, just think! What an increcibly easy way to get all of your servings of veggies in each day! Of course, as a total veggie nut, I like to work other vegetables into my day as well...You simply cannot eat too many veggies! But I love having this as a fabulous foundation - and for busy travel days when I might especially need an easy way to get in my veggies. It's nice knowing that even if I don't eat any other vegetables in any given day, I've got it covered with a serving of this! Cuz I've truly found that nothing is more important to ADD into our diet than fresh, organic vegetables - they truly provide us with vibrant health and wellness!

So, here's what I threw into my vitamix...

V5 Veggie Power Drink

* 2 medium tomatoes (2 cups)
* 3 medium carrots (2 cups chopped)
* 4 cups kale (lightly packed)
* 2 cups chopped celery
* The juice of 4 lemons (yeah, this is actually a fruit but it's very low in calories and sugar - and so alkalinizing to the body - that I had to add, it makes the flavor work better)
* 4 cups water

Blend all of the ingredients very well. If you prefer, you can add a pinch of sea salt and/or some cayenne for a kick. Also, you may need to add a bit more water after drinking a bit of this - the bottom can get a bit thick with all the fiber! :-)

NOTE: This also stores well...I like to keep half of the batch in a glass container, refrigerated, so that I'll have some for the next day.

Serves 2 (makes 2 large servings!)
GF/SF/Raw/Green (according to the guidelines in my books)
30 Minutes or Under!


  1. I was drooling until I got to 4 lemons? you sure tess? I don't want to pucker!! mmm i want green juice!

  2. Ha, yes...I added three juicy lemons to this and barely tasted them. Next time I will add 5! If you think about it, this makes like 8-10 cups of juice - plus, I always add even more water. So to me it's not overly tangy at all. :-)

  3. This sounds great! It's good to know that this will keep till the next day. This way I can make it at night and just grab it in the mornings as I head out the door. I'll be trying this tomorrow! :o)