TWWS Day Two!

Hey lovely peeps!

You're all off to such a great start - I hope you're feeling happy and empowered on your journey so far. Here's the scoop on our day two. Let us know how your day went when you get a chance!

Day Two Journal:

Me: lemon water, blackberries, and cherries
Alethea: lemon water, blackberries, and cherries

Me: high-fiber cereal with homemade soy-almond milk (unsweetened)
Alethea: too busy playing

Me: beans and rice (brown and red rice, mixed with black, kidney, and pinto beans - seasoned with a little xvoo, tamari, and nutritional yeast...I was in the mood for very simple and easy!! Luckily Alethea and her friend loved it. Whew!), a large salad with beets, onions, and blueberry balsamic. Also, a small glass of the hibiscus pineapple lime cooler
Alethea (and her friend!): beans and rice, salad with apple cider vinegar and xvoo, nori triangles

Dinner (Whoops! no mid-afternoon meal....I'll plan better tomorrow!):
Me: big batch of portabellas and zucchini, stir-fried with tamari, balsamic, garlic, and a little xvoo - I also had a small multi-grain pancake (using my "Magical Multigrain Mix" from RHIW) and a strawberry kombucha
Alethea: a huge batch of pancakes and a large carrot

So, I'm realizing that I need to spend a little time tonight planning. Today, I was hungry but nothing on my list really appealed to me. I'm going to treat myself right and come up with some yummy "green" (and a few "blue") recipes. I think what threw me off was doing all my planning with Alethea. We have different tastes and I get bored eating what she's eating! So, from now on I'm gonna separate our lists a bit. Livin and learnin! :-)

So, how did YOUR day go???


  1. Today was great!

    Breakfast: Lemon water and a piece of 7 grain toast.

    We went to the park and ended up running some errands this morning. We were having so much fun running around the park and taking pictures that I totally skipped my mid morning snack, but I wasn't all that hungry this morning anyway, so it was fine. The kids had their snacks in the car and I decided to treat myself to a coconut water with a splash of pineapple juice.

    Lunch: a big romaine salad with some sliced banana, half a cucumber and a little bit of avocado and squeezed on top was half a lemon.

    Mid-Afternoon: Nori Rolls

    Dinner: I was in the mood for a healthy version of "Navajo tacos" and without thinking about it I just bought some smart grounds and it wasn't that great, but after thinking about it I have an idea for the next time I make them that will be much tastier. Instead of "fry bread" I used a pita and topped it with lots of romaine and shredded carrot.

    Water intake: right on schedule, just finishing up my 4th 24 ounce bottle of water and I'll probably get through half of another one before I go to bed.

    Veggies: A little under my goal, but tomorrow won't be so hectic and I have planned in some extra veggies too!

    Exercise: After spending over an hour at the park and then another hour pushing a cart full of food and kids around I was wasn't in the mood to do a formal workout. Plus I did about a quarter of a mile walk this morning.

  2. Also lacking enough fresh veggies but plenty in stir fry. Did tofu and eggplant, colored peppers, & onion on top of smoky-one pot beans and rice. Holy Cow! Delicious. I made it for Bob, his visiting friend, his daughter and grandson. I made sure they tried the one pot b&r, first to get that wonderful flavor solo. Must have gotten dozens of compliments when sampling, dining, doing dishes and as I departed.
    On track w/water and exercise, an hour at the gym, tomorrow swim again at 7 then they should have my Matcha smoothie ready at Oryana for breakfast.

  3. HI all...I enjoyed everyone's comments from yesterday so much. thank you.

    Lemon Water
    Maca My Day Smoothie, Tracy's Way ;-)

    Cacao-Cacao Chip Cookies

    vegan, GF crackers (will say crackers from now on, you all know)
    Mock Tuna Salad

    lightly broiled Zukes with evoo and spices.
    a HUGE pan of okra and onion fried in a very small amount of coconut oil, I was eating it and thought what seasonings did I put on this to make it so good (?) it was the oil yumm!

    more CCCCookies (too many but hunger set in and did not let up the rest of the day, I think I need to make a grain dish of some sort tomorrow)

    watermelon/strawberries and lime juice, that is really good and the juice from it is GREAT!

    more crackers and mock tuna

    raw, tomato, cuke, zuke, onion with a little Guilt Free Ranch Dressing

    water was good ;-)
    visualization was good more later....
    exercise walk.. 2 miles

  4. Right on, sistahs! You're all doing great.

    Tracy, glad you enjoyed that watermelon toss. You're right - the juice should be enjoyed as well!!

  5. Hit the gym in the morning and yoga after work...
    Lemon Water, Smoothie w/Kale, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries and a small apple flaxseed oil
    No midmorning snack

    Lunch: Salad, tempeh an apple
    Dinner: Salad, green velvet guacamole 1 slice of this delicious gluten free, raw, no sugar starch Italian style cracker...didn`t panned on it I kept picking on the strawberries...

    Okay I am a kind behind with the yumminess , my husband is away until Saturday and I just so enjoying taking the time to go to yoga class every night also I am on a new mission....I am going clean with my beauty products...and trying to go “no poo” so far it works great for my curls..

    @Tracy how is Nastassja doing…she didn’t want to join?

  6. Diana, thank you for missing Nastassja! I will send you a private message. She is doing ok and misses not being on the 2wk this time.