TWWS Day 6!

Hey two-weekers! How's it going for you today?

I'm going to apologize in advance for making this short...Today, I pushed my body to an extreme I haven't done in - uh, years? Ever? I have a storage unit with a bazillion (OK, maybe 400) 35# boxes in it (filled with copies of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth). Since I now only have 400-ish boxes, not however many I started with 2 years ago, I decided to transfer them to the storage space in my house. Why pay $50 a month if I don't have to, right? So, today I began the transfer. I loaded, unloaded, carried, and stacked like 120 of those boxes. I. AM. WHOOPED! I musta burned literally like 1200 calories doing it.

BUT, somehow I managed to still stick with the plan! So, here's my day...and if I'm not sore tomorrow, it will be a vegan powah miracle!! :-)

Here's my day:

lemon water

One lemon-fig ball (from Radiance 4 Life)

Bean and rice burrito
Large salad with grapefruit balsamic
a few squares quinoa chocolate

5-Minute Vegan Buffalo Bites (from this blog)
a slice of sprouted raisin-cinnamon bread
a big bowl of sauteed mushrooms (portabello and shiitake)

Exercise: A freakin lot (4 hours with the books plus an hour of house-cleaning this morning)
Water: A *lot* of lemon water - probably about 1 1/2 gallons (Alethea kept making me lemon water while I carried books - she was so sweet and helpful today and even insisted on doing the dishes and cleaning the stove!)

So, how did YOUR day 6 go, lovely ladies?


  1. Today was good, kinda tiring. The hubby wasn't feeling well today and didn't feel up to going to church, so I decided that I could handle the two kiddos on my own... but it's hard when they miss their naps and are cranky!

    Breakfast: Lemon water, banana.

    Mid-morning: I was making the raw cinnamon rolls and such for church snacks and as I was slicing up some celery a thought occurred that it would be a little loud... so I had the last three celery stalks for my mid-morning snack instead.

    Lunch: "Fresh Greek Delight"

    Mid-Afternoon: at church I had a raw cinnamon roll and then after church while making dinner I had another one!

    Dinner: Mexi-salad. Lots of romaine with spanish rice, salsa verde, grated carrots and some corn chip strips.

    Water: I'm a little behind, but I'm catching up! I would have been right on track but I sadly forgot my water bottle and while there are drinking fountains it's not very convenient when I like to take lots of sips of water.

    Exercise: nothing formal but after walking around with a 20 lb baby/toddler for two hours... you start to feel a little bit of a burn.

  2. wow Tess GOOD JOB superwoman!!! I hate moving and books ugh!! but I love my books!!!

    Today wasn't great and I wasn't even going to write but here goes.
    lemon water
    1/2 gf v sandwich with baby mixed greens, kalamata olives, portabella, cukes, tomato, onion, hummus. We ate out and I did not order it correctly...I was about to cry and M told me to go order another :-) corn tortilla chips and 1/2 cup salsa...have to add that as far behind as I am on veggies. :-)


    the other 1/2 of my sandwich
    gauva Kombucha (my fav by far)
    2 strawberries and a peach...

    I don't know why I am having such a hard time getting my veggies. I fill up VERY quickly maybe because it is SO HOT HERE...

    water, vis was good, need a plan for the veggies (soup? even though it is hot)
    2 1/2 m walk

  3. thanks, Tracy! Quick you try and eat your veggies first, before anything else? That will help ensure you get em in. Otherwise, it is easy to fill up & not have room. I have to remind myself to do this too! :-)

    Overall, you are all doing so great! I've been enjoying reading your posts & am really proud of everyone who's doing this!! :-D

  4. No sport today :o( I woke up and was overwhelmed by my dirty place ..during the week getting up at 5:00 going to the gym, a fulltime job and after work to the yoga class doesn`t leave much time for housecleaning in between…do I decided to clean, cook and precook because hubby is again on away until Thursday and he likes to take my home cooked meals along (good hubby) Hmmm does sexercise count????

    Lemon water and my smoothie @Tess is my breakfast to big I feel like your breakfast is a lot less????

    Lunch: Salad, raw carrot salad, baked veggie`s (sweet potatoes, red onion, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower)

    Dinner: Yummie white beans w/artichokes and dried tomatoes and a green salad

  5. Diana: Sure... *all* exercise counts!! ;-)
    And don't worry about what I eat...many people eat bigger breakfasts than I do. I'm just not a big breakfast eater! You're doing GREAT! :-)