TWWS Day 5!

Greetings, two-week cutie pies! Hope your day five went wonderfully. I'm gonna make this short, as I just returned from a very long day of work and fun. Same thing, really, lucky for me - but a long day nonetheless.

Alethea wasn't really following the program today (kind of like her mama - ahem), but she and I plan to get back into it full swing tomorrow. We're all stocked up with groceries and menu ideas, so we're raring to go. I feel like I'm finally recovered from all my travels and can give my full attention to this now. So, I apologize for being a bit off these first few days, but I'm very excited to get on board 100% now that I'm rested and refreshed! :-)

SO...without further delay, here's a report for my day 5...

I wasn't too hungry, and I was heading out to Durango for the farmer's market and a few business meetings, so I grabbed a coconut probiotic drink (strawberry acai). YUM.

At the farmer's market, I stopped by the Turtle Lake Refuge stand. They are FREAKING AWESOME. They do all raw, vegan foods, many grown locally or in their gardens. I got a raw nori roll, jam-packed with veggies and a little "seed cheese." My body said "Thank you!" quite audibly after eating that bad boy! :-)

We stopped at Zia Taqueria in Durango. They're also really cool - they support local growers and use many organic ingredients as well. I got a burrito filled with beans, brown rice, guacamole, mango habanero sauce, green chile, local stir-fried veggies, pico de gallo, cabbage, and lettuce. I cannot believe that guy was able to stuff all of that into a "baby burrito" tortilla, but he did. Yum.

popcorn, kombucha, and a few squares of organic quinoa chocolate. Wowza!

It's late, but I'm super hungry, so I'm gonna break tradition and eat past my normal cutoff time of 7 p.m. I think I'll have a veggie wrap and another kombucha. It's just a 2-kombucha kind of day!

Can't wait to check in tomorrow, as I'm-a-gonna be refreshed and ready to go! :-) How did YOUR day 5 go, friends?


  1. Today went great!

    I've felt tired all day but, my "Aunt" does that... not sure why. oh well.

    Breakfast: Water with Lemon, blueberries.

    Mid-Morning: Juice from 1 apple and 4 carrots. A small handful of tortilla chips.

    Lunch: "Fresh Greek Delight"

    Dinner: Pasta with yellow squash and zucchini and red bell pepper and some tomato sauce.

    I'm planning ahead for tomorrow this time. We have church from 1pm to 4pm SO I'm gonna make some raw cinnamon rolls and cut up some organic carrots and celery. Something simple, but I'm always starving because it the time always seems to creep up on me quickly and I always seem to run out of time to eat lunch after getting ready, the kids ready and ironing my hubby's clothes. Anyway, it'll be even more awesome tomorrow, because I planned ahead! :D

  2. WELL! Today started out WONDERFUL!! I felt strong mentally and physically. But soon bottomed out :( Mitch and I went to the lake. I thought we would be home by lunch so I did not take much to eat.

    lemon water
    Maca Tracy's Day Smoothie w/soy yogury

    This is what I took to eat:
    straight OJ
    almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, cashews
    gf v crackers

    we did not make it home so I ate more of the v dark cho almonds that he had hidden away for me in his truck

    got home and was suddenly not hungry..think it was the heat
    ate as much as I could of stir fry
    forbidden rice, zukes, yellow sq, onion, ginger, garlic

    1/2 my veggies. water, vis both good, exercise 2 m walk

    tomorrow WILL be better. I felt way better after reading your post Tess. That is the attitude I was trying to have! We are good girls, huh!!! I also made it to the farmers market and also an orchard where I got peaches. Did not list peaches b/c I did not get to eat one yet!!

  3. Did my trail running, but since I didn`t run the last two weekends it really drained me out. Hubby returned from his business trip and meaning I have to put more effort into cooking delicious food instead of eating salads. Had to do some more fresh produce shopping…

    Morning: Ginger water/tea, Smoothie: Frozen kale, kiwi and black currents, some apricots and toasted pumpkin seeds… (The old lady my produce place said when I bought the black current ”This is medicine” and Yes how right she is!!!!!!!

    Lunch: Crazy Colored Swiss Chard Chips….oohhh…a huge salad, creamy adzuki beans, an apple

    Dinner: Fennel w/apricots, Millet w/onions and frozen peas, salad and toasted pumpkin seeds