TWWS Day 4!

Hey, 2-week troopers! How's your day going so far? Alethea is back, doing the program with me again and so far it's going great. And for those of you wondering what in the heck this is all about...a group of us are doing the two-week plan from my book, The Two-Week Wellness Solution: The Fast Track to Permanent Weight Loss and Vitality! We're blogging each day to keep each other motivated! :-)

So, here's a recap of our day...

Me: lemon water, canteloupe
Alethea: lemon water, canteloupe

Me: 2 "Raw Cinnamon Rolls" (these really kept me going - I didn't get hungry for hours!)
Alethea: 2 slices sprouted grain toast with earth balance

Me: pizza (sprouted grain English muffin, topped with organic pasta sauce, Daiya vegan cheese, & onions); baked sweet potato "fries" (YUM!); very large salad with beets, greens, carrots, and onions
Alethea: pizza (sprouted grain English muffin, topped with organic pasta sauce and Daiya vegan cheese); baked sweet potato "fries;" and "Princess Salad" (from RHIW)

Late afternoon:
Me: quinoa with roasted veggies and a kombucha
Alethea: carrots and beans/rice

So, overall a good day! I'm drinking my water and eating lots of veggies. I rented a movie for Alethea and I, so I plan to watch while on my recumbent bike - getting in that exercise where I can! :-)

So, how was YOUR day??


  1. So far so good!

    Breakfast: Lemon water, sliced strawberries with a big squeeze of lime.

    2 stalks of organic celery filled with freshly ground peanut butter and topped with organic raisins. My daughter LOVED IT!

    Mid-Morning: Juiced 2 organic apple and 6 organic carrots. I shared some of it with my kids. It's my daughter's favorite apple juice.

    Lunch: "Vitality Noodles"

    Mid-Afternoon: "Fresh Greek Delight" with extra tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach and some chopped parsley and mint.

    Dinner: I'm planning on some baby 'bella's sauted, smashed potatoes (Probably with some fresh garlic) and corn on the cob.

  2. great! I am feeling strong like I can do this!! These changes are more challenging than being vegetarian or vegan for me. Celebrating my 6yr ann from quitting cola-soda!!

    lemon water
    smoothie (not tasting great but did not have a banana) had mixed berries, soy yogurt, "milk", himp, maca, chia

    crackers and mock tuna

    2 dates

    for lunch and dinner I had a whole batch (around 5 cups) of a salad that had..avocado, fresh corn off cob, onion, tomato, cilantro, and zukes (I always add them raw to stuff to boost veggies) evoo, lime juice, salt and pepper

    a few vegan dark cho almonds, M brought them to me for a treat, he tries to be careful what he brings and tries to find things I will eat and not to kill me with kindness!! :-))

    I am a little hungry so I will go see what I can find, no plan but nothing left in the house that will get me in trouble, lol!

    Rachels dinner sounds good..think I'll see if I can get baby bellas tomorrow!

    water, veggies, vis, and exercise (4m walk) all good!

  3. Doing well:4 for 4 re:exercise;including 2 days to swim w/alternate 2 days circuit training and aerobics. Still lovin' the lemon water.But true confession:Thur PM my friend came over after dance class w/ his assistant. He had regaled her w/ my culinary skills. So, not wanting to disappoint I came up w/splendid veggie pizza on ww crust .I had 2 pieces and a glass of wine w/them.
    Woke up w/disdain for myself vs when on Thur Am I was so alive and wide-eyed. Fri AM I awoke dragging.After beating myself up up I did a WWTD or WWTS (What would Tess do or say)I took this as a lesson. I looked at what I did right or at least less egregious.Better day today.And back on track for Sat.

  4. Feeling energetic today..glad it`s weekend had a workfull week…that’s why I was a little short on my sports program…but I am getting ready to go in the forest and do my trail running

    Lemon Water smoothie: Frozen Kale, strawberries, banana some apricots

    Mid morning: an apple
    Lunch: Easy mung beans and green salad

    Dinner: Huge salad, sautéed artichokes, tomatoes, and roasted sunflower seed a slice of gluten free, raw, vegan crackers…@Tess whenever I am in the U.S. I will send you some, maybe you can find out how to make them…