TWWS Day 3!

Hey 2-weekers!

Sorry to be checking in so has your day gone so far? Alethea has been at a friend's house all day, but she'll be back in the game tomorrow!

Here's my day:

lemon water and cherries

one "Raw Cinnamon Roll"

Spicy Moroccan Sweet Potato Fries
large salad
sprouted grain English muffin sandwich with white truffle tofu and veggies

Spirulena popcorn
hibiscus lime cooler with lots of extra lime! Wow, I love it this way!

So, basically, I'm not doing the best job of eating my veggies today...but I plan to be back in full form tomorrow. I just got groceries tonight and revised my menu, so I am newly inspired (and stocked) with lots of goodness! :-)

So, how did YOUR day go??


  1. Today was another crazy day!

    Breakfast: Lemon Water, Juice of 1 organic apple and 4 organic carrots

    Mid-Morning: some mango fruit leather

    Lunch: "Fresh Greek Delight"

    Mid-Afternoon: So.... the kids decided that naps are overrated today and the power went out (and it still out for the most part, but the one outlet that does work is the one that the internet and our laptops are plugged into), so for something quick and easy we had more fruit leather.

    Dinner: I planned on this amazing mega meal of veggies and I probably could have just had them raw, but it just didn't sound good to me unless I could cook them so I had another "Fresh Greek Delight" instead and loaded it up with tons of cucumber, tomatoes and spinach, so at least I'm getting some of my veggies today! I also seasoned it with fresh parsley and mint, so good.

    Now I'm just relaxing in the dark by the glow of my monitor with a strawberry kombucha.

  2. HI all! I had a really good day. I spent it in thought, reading and "talking" to Diana about the need and living gluten free. It is so nice to meet such great people via internet/fb. I learned so much and also learned that I have so much to learn!!

    lemon water
    Maca My Day Smoothie, Tracy's Way

    crackers, gf,v
    mock tuna salad

    lunch was interesting I had layered in a huge bowl
    raw cut zukes, fresh corn, black beans, forbidden rice and bunches of kale and fresh picante sauce from a farmers market friend...very good! I started out with beans and rice and thought woops load up on the veggies!!

    one strawberry :-)

    1/2 avacado
    2 garlic stuffed olives
    few blue corn chips and lots of salsa

    watermelon, strawberries, lime juice

    I got in all my veggies, water, visualization and
    ran 1 mile (I got new fivefinger shoes I am learning to run in) and walked a total of 4 miles