TWWS Day 12!

Hey loverlies! Sorry to be checking in so late...but hoping your day 12 went well. Since it *is* so late, I'm gonna get to the goods...

lemon water

yummy burrito (sprouted tortilla filled with red potato, lots of grated carrot, black beans, & fresh salsa)

hummus, pita bread, grape leaves
large salad

Lots of water, check! (about a gallon - loving the mint water I've been making!)
Exercise? Plenty of walking around + recumbent biking while watching "Waiting for Superman." So, almost 2 hours on the bike. Check! :-)

How did your day 12 go?? And thanks so much for letting me play hooky yesterday for my birthday! I will be back tomorrow with a longer blog post & an earlier check-in time. Thanks for being so awesome, lovely 2-week crew!! :-)


  1. Hey Tess, hope you had an awesome Birthday!

    Breakfast: lemon water, blueberries and a couple of cherries.

    Mid-Morning: 2 raw cinnamon rolls

    Lunch: Chili from the other night.

    Mid-Afternoon: 1 raw cinnamon roll

    Dinner: I made a ratatouille with tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant and used it as a filling for my lasagna and I also made some tofu ricotta that went in the lasagna as well.

  2. Hi Very Important Friends! I am doing great and feeing even better!! I am going to let you know right up front...Nastassja had to come home. (more on this at the bottom) so she stopped by the Wild Cow and got dinner and dessert so I blew it, sort of, tonight but since the only gf v dessert is 8 hours away I know you'll forgive me...this time at least!

    lemon water
    OJ straight

    Zuke raw in sticks
    big bowl of soup w/rice

    yellow squash raw in sticks
    gf v crackers

    1/2 sandwich gf v tofu and veggies on it
    1/2 side of chickpea salad

    plenty of water, almost enough veggies, 2 m walk

    N goes to the surgeon Monday. Since she uses her hand in playing the flute and that is her life...well send her your best thoughts. She (and I) are going to do an intense 3 weeks worth of healing foods..not too much unlike TWWS.