TWWS Day 10!

Greetings, two-weekers! We're in the home stretch now. Only a few more days to go! How are you feeling today? Are you discovering more about what foods make your body sing while doing this program? Remember, it's about progress, not perfection. Love yourself exactly where you are NOW and beautiful things will unfold! Just keep taking those steps in the direction of your dreams and you're sure to thrive.

My day 10 journal...

lemon water
sweet cherries (yeah, yeah, I'm obsessed!)

2 raw cinnamon rolls

Yummy burrito (potatoes, zucchini, black beans, fresh salsa, and scallions)

coconut probiotic drink and a big salad
sprouted grain bread, toasted with a little earth balance

Not sure yet, but I may whip up some more "Lickety Split Pea Soup." I never get sick of it!

So, how did YOUR day 10 go, two-weekers?? Thanks for joining in - much love! :-)


  1. Well my day started out crappy...opportunity right?...I saw some!!
    I got a call from Nastassja she broke 2 fingers and remember her career is all about using her hands to play the flute AND she is NOT in the state AND she is living in primitive setting AND she has auditions in a few months. She is going to another Dr tomorrow and then coming home. I handle medical things by passing out or getting really lightheaded :-) or sick to my stomach or all the above so today I had to force myself to eat and then I had to force myself to stop eating!!

    lemon water
    smoothie just like yesterday

    1 big carrot and 1 smallish zuke raw (think sticks :)with guilt free ranch dressing
    2 garlic stuffed olives
    a few blue corn tortilla chips
    1 c home made salsa

    whole eggplant worth of chips ;-)
    2 small peaches topped w/home made gf granola
    2 raw cin rolls


    all in all I think I did well. I wanted to just grab an Amy's out of the freezer and had it in hand and doesn't have near enough veggies in it for today!! small victory of stepping in the right direction!!! :-))

    fruit, check/check! veggies, check! water, check! visualization, check! exercise 4 m walk, check!

  2. Today was good, for some reason it took me a while to find the motivation to get into "real" clothes (not my lounge wear) and get going with the day, but once I did I thought "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

    Breakfast: Lemon water, sweet cherries.

    Mid-Morning: I shared a english muffin cheese pizza made with daiya cheese with my toddler.

    Lunch: Two cups of light sauteed carrots in sesame oil and bragg's and then topped with sesame seeds.

    Mid-Afternoon: Green juice, I juiced 2 celery stalks, 1 whole cucumber, 1 red delicious apple, half a bunch of kale, quarter of a lemon and a half an inch of ginger. It's wasn't really sweet, just how I like it, next time I'll probably use half a lemon and more ginger because those flavors didn't really come through. The amazing thing is, I thought I'd be drinking it all by myself, but my two kiddo's saw it and asked for a sip and to my surprise, they LOVED it, they wanted more.

    Dinner: Made some chili. It was pretty good, the flavors weren't really there but with some tweaking it'll be better.

    And now I'm just sipping a kombucha. I couldn't help myself, I wanted to try the passionberry. The strawberry and the cranberry are still my two favorites though.

    I did really well on the veggies and water today. I really like juicing, I think I'll be sticking with it.

  3. Doing great just busy...

    Ingwer water, smoothie: kale and different fruits

    Midmorning...ate my lunch carrot salad

    Lunch: Mixed green salad w/sunflower seeds an apple

    Dinner: Colored quinoa w/spinach and onions

    Tracy..I hope you are doing okay...nothing worse than when something happens to our children. Keep in contact with your feelings and breath...and don`t let the worries settle...
    A big hug for you

  4. Been on the run still but making good food choices. I definitely am doing better w/ you cohorts in mind.
    Excellent w/ daily exercise and adding Zumba Sat AM. "Upped" water intake to 4: 32 oz water bottles. No problem as we are starting to get the heat.I'm checking in on, Fri., our "vegan-beauty's" birthday. Blessings to you today.