Two-Weekers - It's Day 9!!

Good evening, m'lovelies! How did your day nine go? Mine was the end of a very tiring week...I *finally* got all them boxes moved, cleaned out my storage, then did some more work. I feel like I can finally relax now! :-) So, today wasn't probably the best day food-wise, but now that my HUGE project is finished, I can settle into a more self-caring routine. YAY.

lemon water
cherries (you knew I was gonna say that, yes?)

One raw cinnamon roll

Bean, rice, veggie burrito
2 carrots

CHEATER ALERT: I was so spent from the day that I caved. I went to a new spot in town and tried their pizza (they put vegan cheese on it for us). And it's funny...despite feeling bad about my "cheat" (that thing was made with white flour and far from organic or healthy), it's always nice to get a perspective. I was reminded tonight that unhealthy food doesn't have much flavor to me anymore. I didn't truly *enjoy* it. My body and taste buds are over it. They want VITALIZING food. I know this, and yet I occasionally forget it! So, I'm looking at this as a big fat reminder. Onward with health-supporting, radiance-giving foods! :-)

Oh, and somewhere in my day...2 kombuchas and a KeVita coconut probiotic drink. My addictions!!

So, did your day nine go? And let's all take a few moments tonight to reflect on our greatest health goals and desires...and remind ourselves that YES we can achieve them. Oh YES we can - and it can be an enlightening, joyful, delicious process!! :-)


  1. Hi all! My greatest goals that I have not arrived at yet are caffine free,I can do it this time around for forever- except for occasional chocolate, gluten free have to forever it is in the bag, and processed sugar free...this will take some doing but YES I CAN!!

    I have been feeling great today sort of have a burst of mojo power!! I have thrown all my gluten foods out, cleaned other cabinets and now I need to go back and thin dishes...I love dishes!

    lemon water
    smoothie, w/soy yogurt and cherries, banana, hemp, chia, maca, "milk blend"

    some v gf fruit sweetened cookies

    a few blue corn chips
    LOTS of salsa
    butternut squash, LOTS

    raw cookies

    watermelon, strawberries, lime

    raw carrot
    butternut squash

    I had a lot of fruit today but I am discovering it anew! and it is summer :-))

    enough veggies even if they were all orange :-) mixing it up a bit more tomorrow, enough water yay, visualization need more tonight and
    4 miles walking

    ps for those that know Nastassja...she is doing well I'm actually impressed with her healthful eating. She has not been able to juice and is worried her hair is falling out once again :( she says she misses her oven most of all, she loves Mommy's Cho Chip Cookies made perfect with GF flour. I guess I could make them and send them to her!!!

  2. Today was a great day!

    Breakfast: Lemon Water

    Mid-morning: Popcorn, made on the stove with olive oil and sea salt.

    Lunch: Three corn tortillas toasted in the oven and filled with some crockpot refried beans, salsa verde and romaine lettuce AND a cosmic cranberry kombucha.

    Mid-afternoon: blueberries

    Dinner: Stir-fry with lots of carrots, celery, onion and yellow squash. I stir-fried the veggies in a small amount of olive oil and seasoned them with Bragg's Liquid Amminos. And a little bit of rice.

    My exercise today was chasing little miss Emma around the park for and hour and a half while carrying little mr Jared and then another hour and half of grocery shopping between two stores with the kiddos.

    Water: Ok. I'm a little behind but not by much...

    Veggies: Pretty good, I made up for the rest of the day with my dinner.

    My greatest goals is to be in good shape, which I believe I am... I just need to tell myself that more often. And to be off processed foods. Which I'm doing, slowly but surely. In college I was dependent on processed foods and I am now discovering that even though it's more work to make the stuff from scratch, it tastes SO much better and in most cases equal to price, if not cheaper. I love discovering and enjoying new cuisines. My new adventure is making ramen from scratch, noodles and all! It'll be a blast!