It's Our Last Day, Two-Weekers!!

Hey babies! How's your day 14 going? I can't believe it's already over. How did your overall experience go? Did you achieve your health goals? What did you most enjoy about this? What were your challenges?

And I have something to admit...there's a funny way the Two-Week Wellness Solution seems to work for me. I start off with a bang, then kind of slack off a bit, then end with a bang. And here's the thing that's really cool...the whole experience leaves me in a better place, ready to move forward in an empowered, vibrantly healthy way.

For example, I am now feeling so much stronger and more prone to eating high-level foods. My cravings for sweets and flour are gone. I am going to continue following most of the principles - eating loads of veggies, drinking plenty of water, eating only until level #3, etc. But it often takes me a little while to gain momentum. But the more I do this plan, the cleaner my body gets and the EASIER it gets to make really healthy choices! Yay! :-)

So, here's how my day 14 looked:

lemon water
sprouted grain toast with earth balance

spring rolls!! (filled with lotsa veggies)

more spring rolls!

yummy pasta bowl (corn-quinoa pasta, tossed with a LOT of artichoke hearts, 2 teaspoons of xvoo, a little white truffle sea salt, pepper, parsley, and fresh garlic)

huge veggie smoothie (tomato, carrot, celery, kale, lemon, & water)
some banana "ice cream" (just bananas, a smidge of almond milk, nutmeg, vanilla, & cacao chips - inspired by Happy Herbivore's recent post!)

90 minutes on the exercise bike

One gallon of sun tea (made with mint, hibiscus, nettles, & green tea)

So, how did YOUR last day go, lovely ladies (and gents, if you're out there, silently observing)?? :-)


  1. Today has been great! I feel really alive! I'm like you Tess, I start out with a bang, slack and little and then end with a bang.

    Breakfast: water (out of lemon), a couple of bites of toast and cherries.

    Mid-Morning: Strawberry applesauce.

    Lunch: Nori roll

    Mid-Afternoon: Juice (cucumber, lime, mint, kale, apple)

    Dinner: Pasta with chickpeas, broccoli and tomotaoes

  2. I have had the best 2 week experience yet I can't believe how fast it passed.I look forward to doing it again. Nastassja and I are going to continue but with a few changes. This really helped me to feel strong and confident. I have been gluten free and caffine free will have no problem staying the course. Sugar however will require more work but I am working hard toward raw made with dates instead of refined sugar. I would have liked to have ran more but it is so hot I have to get up before dawn to escape it.

    Lemon water
    Maca Smoothie with added cherries, soy yogurt, maca, hemp :-)maybe next time I'll be stuck on a different one!

    a very large salad, lettuce, cukes, tomato, onion, broccoli, carrots, tofu
    gf v crackers


    OJ...while I waited at the Dr office w/N, I pass out sometimes so I was trying to head it off at the pass, hee hee! Oh Thanks so MUCH she is not having surgery!!!

    another large salad with "mock tuna salad" on the top
    gf v multi grain/seed chips

    watermelon, strawberries, lime juice

    everything was good today...exercise 3 m walk

    Tess (and Alethea) thank you for doing this and being a constant inspiration and support. Thank you Rachel for the great ideas of the good food you were eating. Diana you have been a great friend your help with the gluten free celiac connection has been way helpful keep sharing please!! So thankful for you all!! Until next and hugs!

  3. that's fantastic, lovely ladies!! And let's do Tracy's time, we can use the facebook message format. I think it will work better. We could even set up a chat time for people who wanted to chat about the 2-week plan!!! OOH!

    Thanks again for participating - I am so proud of you all!!! xoxo

  4. wait for me....there is at least a 6h time difference....still I find it so amazing how connected I feel to you girls…
    I feel a lot better today, more energetic, I went to the gym this morning even thought I just did my 30 min. cardio routine but doing afterwards a couple of yoga stretches that is what gives me a glow. Anyway reading a lot of spiritual books, feeling I am not progressing I finally had a glimpse of that feeling, when everything around you…talking about work colleagues and people…nature is easy to love, feeling this kind of love for everyone, just being happy with no apparent reason…this was such a great experience…and I want more…okay the point is….through my clean eating and yoga all these things are helping with my spiritual grow…..
    Food intake was very good and not to much….