It's Day 7 Already, Two-Weekers!

Hey lovely people! How's your day going so far? Sorry to check in so late - my internet was down. Luckily, the tech people are always pretty helpful so it's obviously back up and running now. Yay!

So, here's the rundown for my day:

lemon water
cherries (I can NOT get enough sweet cherries lately!!)

coconut yogurt with high fiber cereal (I used "F-Factor" cereal - it's insanely high in fiber! Like 18 grams per serving!)
One raw cinnamon roll

salad and veggie fried rice (brown and red rice, stir-fried with peas, shiitakes, corn, & garlic)

coconut probiotic drink
5 vegan cheese sticks (from Radiance 4 Life)

kombucha, Smoky One Pot Beans and Rice

So, how did YOUR day go? Tomorrow we begin week two. Let's all get re-motivated to go out with a serious "Yeah BABAY" and meet our goals!! :-)


  1. Today was great! Got a lot done in prep for heading back to the potato state (Idaho) for hubby's school at the end of summer. Mainly just finding a place to live that's decent and doesn't cost too much. Now the important part is over...

    Breakfast: Lemon water, banana

    Mid-Morning: fresh apple juice.

    Lunch: Pasta salad: pasta coated in tomato sauce and spinach pesto, romaine, carrot.

    Mid-Afternoon: 1 raw cinnamon roll

    Dinner: I attempted to make pizza, but the dough ended up being too thick and didn't cook all the way so I ended up eating the top off which was some daiya, lots of broccoli, onion and pineapple.

  2. Is anyone else feeling, that when you are ….eating and cooking healthy …..doing sports and yoga….a fulltime job is to much…I lately see myself wanting to work less in the office and rather grow my own veggies???
    Had to get my husband on the road packing his food basket (I bet his collegues in Munich are making fun of him), so that why I did my cardio after work and after that I went to my yoga class…I know I mentioned it before I love that yoga class…

    Morning: Ginger Tea, Smoothie: Kale, banana, kiwi, black currant and walnuts

    Lunch: Salad, Tofu (Sesame seeds coated…at least the ones that stayed on the tofu) an apple, 1 slice of the raw GF cracker

    Dinner: Salad, carrot salad, white beans w/artichokes

  3. mmmmm, cherries have (finally!) come into season here as well. I pitted about 18 pounds last Friday & now they are in my freezer waiting to become smoothies.

  4. Doing great w/water, good food,and exercise. But finding, as I've been on the fly a lot, I am mot getting all my raw veggies in. However I have since gone thru new book and made list of foods to enjoy. Did an Oryana run and stocked up on seasonings and am ready to finish strong. Best "food find" -on the- run: The Green Tambourine wrap from Oryana, which includes sprouted wrap, local kale, chard, lemon, sunflower seeds, red onion, cultured ginger kraut and raspberry vinaigrette. Had 1/2 yesterday and get the rest today. Lucky me.

  5. I had a rotten day...cried all morning..think pms not enough to eat and flatly feeling sorry for myself...FOR NO REASON, none-notta!! I knew it all while I was in the midst of it!! So I give myself credit for knowing! :-)

    lemon water

    gf v crackers
    cherries (yes here too)

    luch was late
    soup!! Lots of soup even with our 100+ degrees SOUP!! cut tiny pieces of zukes, yellow squash, carrot, celery, onion, baby bella's (thanks Rachel) kale, tofu on top and MISO! YIPPEE!

    snack before dog activities...
    a raw gf v organics bar
    and a few more crackers!!

    my timing was off so no real formal dinner but (yesterday) it worked VERY well!!

    and the day today is sunshiny! ;-)

    need a little more water and exercise was run 1 walk 1 miles, GOING TO CHECK INTO A YOGA CLASS, THANKS Diana!

  6. Oh Tracy feel is not easy being an hormon-sapien - I feel for you-, even though my pms basically is gone I am more irritated and aggressive during these days …but for some reason I am always looking forward to it because I think detox and getting rid of acids…