It's Day 13, Two-Weekers!

Howdy, two-weekers! How has your day gone so far? I'm doing well, feeling good, & getting inspired to finish fabulously...hope you are too!! :-)

Here's the deets on my day:

lemon water

one small "Magical Multigrain" pancake with blueberries and maple syrup

bean taco thingy (black beans, 2 corn tortillas, a light sprinkle of vegan cheese, and a generous portion of Mango Habanero Sauce)

Snack (throughout the day):
4 fresh spring rolls
sprouted grain English muffin
1 dark chocolate mint cookie (raw)

over an hour of fairly intense cardio (walking/jogging uphill on a treadmill)

a gallon

about 4 servings so far - planning to have a salad with blueberry balsamic for dinner to fill in the gap! :-)

several small visualizations throughout the day - plus one before bed to help co-create a great day tomorrow

So, feeling great about my day overall...I feel like I'm finally recovered from that intense box-moving thing I did last week. Yay!! So, how did YOUR day go?


  1. Today was great! I wasn't really hungry/nothing really sounded good to me...

    Breakfast: Lemon water, toast, cherries.

    Lunch: A handful of dried apricots.

    Dinner: Feeling lazy after moving a bunch of furniture so I'm just reheating the ratatouille lasagna leftovers from last night.

    Yesterday while the hubby was doing his pest control job there was a lady and her hubby that recently moved out here into a model home and they had a bunch of extra model home furniture and they were looking to get rid of it so they gave us a really great deal and so we got a toy chest/bench thing, a nice coffee table and a couch. And we moved it into our tiny apartment this afternoon. It was hard work trying to make it fit through our doors!

    So, I'm not too awesome eating wise and getting veggies, but at least there's a ton of veggies in the lasagna. Water, I'm doing well. I've upped my goal for today since I have lost a lot through sweat. Exercise, I feel pretty confident that I don't need to do any follow up exercise today since we did a lot of heavy lifting.

  2. I am feeling really good! Strong and healthy!

    Lemon Water
    smoothie- blend "milk", chia, hemp poweder, maca, vanilla, banana and blue berries

    stir fry-yellow squash, zukes, onion, kale, bok choy, cilantro, green bell pepper, ginger, carrot,tofu, rice

    baked new potatoes
    baked yellow squash
    broccoli and grated carrots raw, with a bit of guilt free ranch dressing
    (N had what was sold to me as Chinese Spinach at the farmers market...I tell you the girl is tough, I was NOT eating it, sort of slimy)


    veggies really good, water ok, exercise 3 m walk.
    visualation, yes, more later...need good vibes for tomorrow...N is going to the hand specialist at 2:30, send goodness!

    Congratulations on your great buy's Rachel!!!Woot!!

  3. another good day; including leftover homemade ww pasta w/ lots of raw veggies; and sprouted grain toast w/spinach hummus from the Farmer's market and finally dinner salad w/B-B-Q tempeh and plenty of greens.

  4. Smoothie: kale, red+black currants kiwi, hemp seeds

    an apple

    Lunch: Salad, beet and carrot salad, quinoa w/green peas / an apple

    at my Mom's house while all the rest of the family eats cake...I ate a granola bar...
    and some nuts and raisins

    Huge salad, tempeh, sunflower seeds, beet salad, tomatoes from the balcony

    It rained all day...and I tought "great" gives me an excuse not to go running, feeling a bit sluggish.
    I am doing great in eating the right kinds of food but I am constantly hungry and eating to much. It worries me....