Day 8 of the Two-Week Wellness Solution!

Hey two-weekers! I hope you're all doing wonderfully. And just so you know, I am proud of each of you - you're all such beautiful people (inside and out!) and I'm happy that we're all in this together! :-)

Here's my Day 8:

lemon water
sweet cherries (I will not get sick of them...ever)
one nettle-mint ball (local raw food company makes them - so yummy & uber-nutritious!)

Burrito (sprouted tortilla, filled with black beans, brown rice, veggies, and salsa)
Ginormous salad with fat-free grapefruit balsamic

that pizza thingy I put on facebook
popcorn, lightly popped in a little coconut oil
passionberry kombucha

tomato soup
3 small raw chocolate mint cookies

Exercise: Lots more book loading/carrying/stacking boxes (1 1/2 hours worth) + 45 minutes on the exercise bike while watching a show + yoga (it's saving me from being even more sore during this week of mega heavy lifting!!)

Water: a gallon and a half

So, overall I feel very good about the day! I ate mostly nutrient-dense foods, got in plenty-o-veg, and even felt good enough to do some other exercise, besides just the boxes!

So, two was your day??


  1. wow Tess you are rockin' sweet lady!! If we can't be inspired by that nothing will inspire.

    Today was a better day! And I learned a few things yesterday :-)

    lemon water
    same old smoothie, that I love :-))

    2 huge bowls of my soup with added new veggies of the same since I had mostly broth left
    gf v crackers

    2 peaches and more cherries (this was divided)
    raw cinnamon rolls (like 3...ok maybe more but had some cramps and it was better than cho!!!)

    1 more bowl of my soup but this time I added kidney beans instead of the tofu.

    got my veggies in! drank enough water! will visualize more later....

    walk 2 1/2 m

  2. Wow Tess, you're so awesome!

    Today was an off day for me but nonetheless pretty great.

    Breakfast: Lemon water, banana

    Mid-morning: Fruit leather

    Lunch: 'dilla with daiya cheese and salsa.

    Mid-Afternoon: Chips with some salsa.

    Dinner: I was REALLY tired and feeling pretty lazy so I just threw together two soft tacos filled with my crockpot refried beans, salsa, romaine lettuce...

    Didn't do too much exercise other than the decent walk back and forth doing 20 lbs of laundry.

    Water: eh... trying to catch up now

    Veggies: Eh... I could have done better, but I was running out of stuffs so yeah. Tomorrow is shopping day and I'm looking forward to all the fresh veggies I will be getting.

  3. Great day. Hit all the marks.Last meal was big salad w/Ume Sesame dressing. Got the 10 gratitudes down. Now to bed to visualize love and light to all things I want to change

  4. Lemon water: Smoothie Kale, kiwi an apple walnuts
    Midmornung: Binged out on my raw organic flaxseed crackers :o(
    Lunch: Salad, Easy Mung Beans an apple
    Dinner: Salad, Carrots, the rest of the white Beans w/artishokes some cranberries/walnuts
    1 raw organic coconut bar
    I shouldn`t by thats stuff for some reason I ate to much.....
    Did my cardio an yoga

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