Day 1 of the Two-Week Wellness Solution!

Hey, Beautiful People!

As many of you know, we're starting another round of the Two-Week Wellness Solution. This is the plan from my second book, The Two-Week Wellness Solution, and works amazingly well as a way to detoxify, cleanse, lose weight quickly, ditch junk-food cravings, and overcome a plethora of health problems.

As you may also know, I just returned (Monday, actually!) from a 3-week trip, where I did book signings and classes, as well as visited friends and family. Overall, I feel great about how well I kept up my healthy habits while traveling - but even so, it's never the same as being at home, so I want to reset my system back to optimal health and rejuvenation.

It was, in fact, my 8-year-old daughter, Alethea, who came up with the idea to do this now...Several days ago, while we were on a long drive, she said: "Mama, can you promise not to laugh if I say something?" I said, "I promise to try!" And she said "Well, I really want to do the solution." True to my word, I held back my giggles and took her seriously. She had been eating sweets and other less-than-ideal stuff while traveling and intuitively knew that her body needed a healthy change. Plus, she accompanies me on many of my book events, so she overhears a lot of people telling me about their success with my program.

So, we spent some time planning out our menu that day. Heck, what else were we going to do while driving through Nebraska? It was a great way to use that driving time - we thought of all the "green" and "blue" foods that we'd both like to incorporate and then came up with a grocery list and menu.

I love the healthy start she's getting with all of this, and I'm also loving that we can share this journey together (and with all of YOU!)'s only day ONE but I'm already loving it and feeling more energized. And although the day is far from over, I wanted to blog about this a little earlier to kick off the plan for those of you participating.

So, please feel free to join us and comment each day on your menu and how things are going for you. It's always so great to do things as a group - powah in numbers!!!

So, without further delay...

Day One:

Me: lemon water, cherries, blackberries
Alethea: lemon water, cherries, blackberries

Me: one "Raw Cinnamon Roll"
Alethea: sprouted grain toast with earth balance

Me: polenta (pan-fried in a teaspoon of olive oil), mushrooms, and steamed asparagus (pictured above) with a glass of "Hibiscus Pineapple Cooler"
Alethea: polenta, asparagus, and a tossed salad with balsamic vinegar and agave nectar...she also had some of the hibiscus pineapple cooler to drink (YUM! Those of you with Radiance 4 Life, check it out - it's one of our faves!)

Me: bean burrito with fresh salsa and veggies, carrots
Alethea: bean burrito, carrots

Me: I plan on having some "Lickety Split Pea Soup" and a salad with blueberry balsamic vinegar
Alethea: She doesn't like this soup - and she doesn't need to lose a single pound - so I'll probably make her a vegan grilled cheese on sprouted grain bread. I'll also make her some "lemon butter broccoli" - her favorite! It's just steamed broccoli, tossed with fresh lemon juice and earth balance.

Water: We're both drinking our way to our goal for today. My goal is one gallon, and her goal? Three kombucha bottles full of water (each bottle is 16 oz.).

Exercise: Alethea is always running around or riding her bike. Getting that kid to exercise is like getting me to drink a guava kombucha. No arm-twisting required. For my exercise, I plan to take a walk and do some yoga. I'm easing my way into a more strenuous routine for the rest of the week.

Thanks so much for dropping by! We'll be back tomorrow night with details on how things went. And please share how your day one is going when you get a chance! :-)


  1. WELCOME Alethea, so glad she will be here with her wit, charm and wisdom!

    My BIG goals for this specific 2 wks is to get off caffine, refined sugar (no problem for either of these while on the 2 wks but I fall back into "while I am out" when I am off the 2 wks so this is a forever decision) and lastly and this makes me sad but I am going gluten-free I have had serious issues in the past, on and off since I was about 9yrs old, with indigestion that feels like a heart attack (constricted core to the point I could not stand up or walk, NOT heart problems) I discovered by my wonderful daughter that it is gluten and I can fix it...been doing so well until a few days ago, I know where I slipped. So this is the real forever deal for me as well. I am setting my mind during this time to not go back into the dark waters of what I consider dangerous and life draining "foods". Also I am making real scheduled time for meditation and visualization. (thanks girls I just needed to write and put it out there)

    lemon water

    maca my day smoothie, w/hemp and chia and blueberries....changing my "milk" blend to not include barley :(

    baked beans
    very large salad with romaine, carrots, cukes, zukes, onion, tomato

    mock "tuna" salad w/saltless blue corn chips

    I will fix a broiled squash with olive oil and seasonings and then a small amount of the watermelon/strawberry salad you posted earlier.

    walked 1 1/2 miles is all today. We felt we needed a break this morning.

    visualized today, did breathing and caught my upsetness and nipped it in the bud and helped my mom in the process!! That makes me feel GOOD!Again thank you Tess for pg 19 R4L, and for you and Alethea doing the 2w again!!!

  2. Alethea enjoyed your post immensely & just said "Show me more compliments, please!"

  3. Oh, and I enjoyed your post too - you're already rocking this thing, love!

  4. As for my goals to grow towards over the course of the next two weeks is to continue working on my abs. I am determined to have some kick-a** abs! Also, working on visualizations.

    It's amazing how quickly I feel energized!

    * Lemon water

    *1 cup of lightly (but mostly raw) sauteed zucchini.

    *1 cup of spinach with a handful of blueberries, half a cucumber and a few slices of red onion and juice of 1/2 a lime as dressing.

    *1 nori roll

    *I made some fabulous flour tortillas today and topped it off with my crock pot refried beans, guacamole, homemade salsa and lots of shredded romaine lettuce.

    My water goal today was to drink 4 refilled of my 24 ounce bottle (finishing up number 3 and will get to number 4 before the night is over).

    I had about 5 cups of veggies today which my goal was at least 4.

    So far so good. Exercise wise, I was able to get a quarter mile walk in and some light abs work. Over the course of the next few days I'll start stepping it up little by little this time.

  5. Since our last 2 weeks solution plan I kept the activity level (sports) up, started to go tot he gym before work and after work I go to the yoga class (uh I love yoga).. on the weekend I do my trail running.
    Going glutenfree really gave me my energy back and I am so grateful that exercise is fun again and not just a duty to do.

    Morning: Lemon water, Smoothie w/kale and kiwi and cut up strawberries, apple and a few blueberries ½ tsp.flaxseedoil

    Mixed green salad, tomatoes, cucumber, sautéed mushrooms and artichockes Dessert: an apple

    Dinner another mixed salad, carrot salad, tempeh an apple 1 slice of / I found in the health store a lifefood brand, all raw, no gluten, no starch no sugars just seeds veggies and so on, it tastes great …the only flaw the price

  6. Followed the plan well albeit backwards. Lemon water, how I missed thee. 7AM swam an hour. My fruit fix was gonna be Matcha Tea smoothie from my Co-op (Light Of Day Organic tea,mango,frozen banana, coconut milk,& apple juice)Alas they were out of tea.Saw my favorite wrap on sale (vegan chipolte tempeh wrap)Had 1/2 then and another 1/2 for lunch w/salad. Small slice of Pleasonton bread w/garlic hummus. Big salad for dinner. That was supposed to be it, but later got hungry. Had handful of strawberries. Got my fruit in at last.

  7. I am so impressed! You are all off to a great start!! :-D