Carrot Mango Popsicles!

Wowza, do I ever love these! It's a foolproof way to get lots of beta-carotene rich carrots into the willing bodies of children (and adults!), because they taste like pure mango bliss! I've been tinkering in my kitchen with these all week, trying to get them just right before I shared them. Last night, the magic here we go!

Oh, and here's a picture of my daughter (on the right, looking at her popsicle like she wants to marry it) and her best buddy, enjoying this treat. When I asked them if they liked the popsicles, they both said "Mmm HMMMM!!" I'll take that as a success! :-)

2 cups mango chunks, fresh or frozen
1 cup banana chunks, fresh or frozen
1 cup chopped carrot (about 2 medium carrots)
3/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup fresh lime juice

Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth. Personally, I use a Vitamix for this, but you can also try a regular blender, food processor, or Blendtec. When smooth, pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Alternatively, you can freeze it and eat it like sorbet (or do this with any leftovers you may have). If you're eating it like sorbet, you will need to thaw it just a bit after removing it from the freezer. Enjoy!

Makes about 6 popsicles
GF/SF/Raw/Green (according to the guidelines in my books)


  1. What a fabulous idea; very creative! Just found your blog and I can't wait to read more...looks great.

  2. Thank you! And welcome! :-)

  3. This sounds yummy! I think I need to find my popsicle molds .....