Stay Healthy On Your Travels with These Simple Tips!

As promised, I'm going to share the details of my food nerd diligence in regards to planning for my upcoming road trip. Hopefully this will be useful to you in some way! I personally find that planning in advance goes miles (yeah, literally) in the quest for optimal health, whether at home or on the road. So, cheers to the highway and here we go!

So . . .I'll be leaving Monday and will have the following elements to consider:
* Food while on the road (while driving to and from my destination)
* Food while at my different destinations
* Cooking demonstrations at health food stores and fests
* Several cooking classes over a 3-week period of time
* Hot weather (so, yes, a cooler as my constant companion is in order!)
* Cooking for friends, family, and my daughter (who loves healthy vegan food, but is picky too!)

What are YOUR elements when you're traveling? Defining them individually will help you make a plan. And as you can see, your task will hopefully be less complicated than mine! :-)

Next step... Pick 5 food staples that meet the following criteria:
1. Quick and easy to prepare, requiring little in the way of fancy kitchen gadgets
2. Healthy and vitalizing
3. Rich in vegetables and nutrients
4. Not too many ingredients are needed
5. Easy to make under any circumstance (in less than ideal kitchens, etc.)
6. You like this food enough that you won't mind eating it over and over!
7. The ingredients travel relatively well (or can be purchased at your destination)

So, given that criteria, what are those 5 food staples for you? Mine are:
1. Veggie wraps (I can travel with sprouted grain tortillas, portable veggies, avocadoes, and hummus to make these up in a flash)
2. This one is great for a serious no-time-to-prepare-but-I-need-sustaining-nourishment mini-meal: Plain avocado with healthy crackers (I use "Mary's Gone Crackers" for this)
3. Quinoa salad (I'll use a recipe from one of my books - probably "Quinoa Treasures Bowl" from TWWS)
4. Bean burritos
5. "Perfect Tabouli" (from Radiance 4 Life)

In addition to those staples (which should be filling enough to count as meals or mini-meals), I also suggest having 5 snack staples. Mine are:
1. Fresh fruit (Cherries are great for traveling!) and power smoothies (yeah, that's two)
2. Pre-cut veggies (I'm bringing carrots, celery, and broccoli - and maybe a little "Guilt-Free Ranch" from R4L to dip them in)
3. Organic popcorn, popped in a little coconut oil, topped with nutritional yeast and kelp
4. Energy snacks (I'm bringing "Raw Cinnamon Rolls" from Radiance 4 Life)
5. kombucha and other fun, low calorie, vitalizing drinks (including lots of water, of course!)

So, that's about it. Oh, and I am also doing some other things to ensure healthy travels, such as...
* Filling gallon jugs and water bottles with pure water, then freezing them. I will use them to keep my cooler cold while traveling - plus, I'll be able to enjoy ice cold water on hot days as the ice melts!
* Bringing some basics such as: cutting board, good knife, single burner, blender, lemon juicer, and garlic press
* Looking on sites such as happycow to find health food stores and vegan-friendly restaurants while traveling
* Taking time to exercise, relax, and enjoy the journey!

So, I hope this helps and I would love to hear any ideas YOU might have on how to keep your travels as delicious and healthy as possible!


  1. Hey Tess, Love your suggestions! I find breakfast can be challenging while travelling, but enjoy soaking chia seeds and rolled oats with assorted flavourings (cinnamon, dried fruits, nuts) with soy milk and enjoying that if I have a fridge. Nondairy milk in tetrapacks are a travellers' best friend! :)

    Bean salads, like your 5-minute salad in TWWS, are also great for travelling. :)

  2. Yes,great suggestions! We will be taking a driving trip in the fall, so I will definitely use some of these ideas!! :)