Day 9 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

Hey, troopers, we're already on day nine!! Can you believe it?! Since it's the weekend, I'll keep this bad boy short...

My food log for today:
* 2 lemons, with water and a little stevia
* bowl of soy yogurt topped with high fiber cereal and blueberries
* tempeh wrap (sprouted tortilla filled with seasoned tempeh, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, &  lettuce)
* 2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower dipped in lowfat vegan ranch
* very small shake ("Four Goodness Shake" from RHIW - carob, hemp, almond milk, nanas)
* 2 cups roasted asparagus over baby greens with balsamic
* ginger kombucha

Exercise: None, technically, but I barely sat down today! So, since I'm a little sore from yesterday, I'm gonna do some yoga and call it good. ;-)
Water: One more quart will make for a gallon today - I better get drinkin'!
Visualization: A few short ones, then one longer one before bedtime. It's truly amazing how powerful this practice is!


  1. *Lemon water. A "Raspberry Lemon Zest Pancake", only one because everyone ate the rest before I was finished cooking. About 1 cup of "Mango Ginger Mint Power Smoothie" if I'm lucky, because that went fast too!

    *"Cucumber Dill Toss"

    *A baked potato with 2 cups of raw broccoli with a "cheezy" sauce.

    *A raw cinnamon roll.

    *9 grain bread with black beans, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and half and avocado.

    I haven't done much of a workout today, yet. Once the kids are in bed for the night I'll break out some leg and ab toning exercises and maybe some light yoga.

    I've only had 2 liters of water today, but I'll have at least another quart of water before the night's over.

  2. today was a good day...the only problem was that Nastassja went home BUT first we got to go for our 4 mile run (YaY that is running 3 days in a row I have never done that before, she's a good influence :)

    4 almonds before run.

    Lemon Water
    carrot juice
    2 spring rolls, they were good with tofu, noodles, lettuce and carrot, then some steamed carrots, broc, zuc, steamed rice (ate out) blah not great. I had ordered something else but was skeptical of content so I did not eat it!
    2 Maca Raw cookies
    a few tortilla chips and Super Hummus
    big salad with, napa cabbage, cauliflower, onion AND TOMATO ;-)
    No Will Cookies... I only ate these because I got too hungry earlier!!

    water was good!
    visualizing was good will do more later and mini relax yoga.

    It is amazing to me how one bad meal can mess up the whole day...not mentally like- I blew it...but physically like- I am very hungry and that was not satisfying, I can't stand it.

  3. I'm so impressed with you girls! Very nice!

    As for me, I did end up exercising after all...I got so engrossed in my netflixed "Modern Family" that I rode the recumbent bike for 70 minutes. Man, I love that thing!! :-)

  4. …a good day…especially since we were at the symposium I was being very good..before we left had my

    Lemon water, overnight soaked (raw) Quinoa w/purred mango and some red grapes (like it better w/strawberries the color is just so radiant

    Lunch: Carrot salad, walnuts, an apple (so glad I took it along….carrot salad is my life saver…every weekend I prepare 4 lbs …when I have nothing prepared it always gives me my veggie portion for the office or on the run)

    Dinner: Garlicking good broccoli w/his little brother cauliflower, red onion and tomatoes baked in the oven, salad (romana/radiccio) sunflower seeds (baked veggies are my new LOVE..quick and delicious)

    We didn`t stay overnight, I wanted to go home and rather cook myself, right now in Germany we have a problem with EHEC bacteria, 17 people died already, mainly in the northern part of Germany (is the size of Oregon), in the news they say not to eat salad and cucumbers, tomatoes, since I buy my salads only organic and local I don`t worry about it but I didn`t want to take a chance eating in a restaurant…Eating vegan, GlutenFree, and now I can`t even order me a Salad…makes it almost impossible to eat out…

    I`ve done my visualization but no sports…under the circumstances it is okay