Day 8 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

So, it's day 8 and we're over halfway there! How's it going? I'm really impressed with everyone so far - you're all making such great strides!!

Here's my food journal for day 8:

* Woke up very hungry so I skipped lemon water (I know, I know! But I'll have some stevia lemonade tonight to make up for it) and went straight to the sustainance. I had a Blueberry Green Smoothie (previous post) which lasted me til the afternoon. Oh, and I also felt so good upon waking up today that I didn't feel the lemon water was *as* crucial first thing. However, I still like to get that lemon in my system, so after I finish this blog, I'm gonna whip up a batch of my lemon-lime aid (2 lemons & a lime, stevia, & water - yummy!)

* One nettle mint ball (made by a local raw food company)

* 3 grape leaves (brown rice, quinoa, spices)

* leftover "Rawcho Cheese Dip" with Mary's Gone Crackers regular crackers; small container of "Japanese Tofu" from the health food store

* tempeh wrap with veggies; 3 cups asparagus (roasted); strawberry kombucha; a few gluten-free cookies (not a great choice and they also tasted very sugary, especially after being on this cleanse...I'm going totally sweets-free tomorrow!)

Total water intake: A little low - I need to catch up!
Veggie intake: 6 cups
Exercise: I'm about to hop on the exercise bike and finish watching a movie. Then, I plan to go to the gym for an evening workout (kiddo is having a sleepover at a friend's house tonight, so I get to have the evening to myself!)
Visualization: A few mini-visualizations plus one longer one before bed

So, not my best day, but it could have been worse! It's my first day semi-off in a while, as my book is now done, and I get to relax. So, I'm slacking a bit! But I plan to be gentle with myself and get newly motivated for the last 6 days of our shape-up. Youbetcha!!

So, how was YOUR day?? :-)


  1. Tracy and NastassjaJune 2, 2011 at 6:46 PM

    Good Job Tess!! I would not call your day a slacking day...sometimes a day to relax is a day that makes you want to really get motivated! I hope you don't mind me saying but the comment you made to Diana yesterday was perfect and it is why you are the best and you are loved!! and Diana you are a super great person and I too believe in YOU!!!

    I was hungry so before (our) 4 mile run we had a few almonds. I think one of the things in my life that I truly enjoy is running with my daughter.

    Lemon Water
    Maca Smoothie made like yesterday
    Raw Cho Mint cookies
    black beans and rice
    pickled veggies
    new red potatoes
    baked squash
    carrots and onions
    Raw Maca Chip Cookies
    No Will Power Cookies

    maybe a few too many cookies, not too many from any one kind just 3 kinds :-) but Tess they are healthful, thanks

    a question that came up at lunch...if you have answered it before forgive me...Tomatoes are a fruit but I (T) place them in my veggie count basket(N)doesn't, what do you do? And avocado where do you place it? Maybe in the healthful but be careful basket?

    overall it was a feel great day!!

  2. * Water and a bite of banana. Soy vanilla yogurt with two strawberries, sliced.

    *I couldn't get the idea of raw cinnamon rolls out of my head and I couldn't find a recipe online I was totally satisfied with making, so I used parts of two recipes and made it my own and made a small batch of raw cinnamon rolls with a raw chocolate filling. The "dough" part of it was a little dry so it didn't look so nice, but it was a good mid morning snack, I just had one cinnamon roll and with the raw chocolate filling it was pretty rich tasting.

    * 2 cups of "Cucumber Dill Toss" and 2 black bean enchiladas.

    * Popcorn, that I popped on the stove and then seasoned with a chili-lime seasoning. And a little bit more of the "Cucumber Dill Toss"

    * A little bit of pasta with pasta sauce and I added a raw grated carrot to the sauce, about 2 cups of fresh spinach and about 2 cups of roasted broccoli.

    I might have a little snack between now and bed, not sure what I'll have, but it'll be light and healthy!

    Exercise, I've been slacking a little bit lately since it's starting to warm up and have been playing with the kids more... does that count? I did spend part of the morning with a toddler on my back and a baby on my hip. Then in the afternoon we played "air plane" which is where I'm on my back and the kids ride on my feet as I move them up and down....

    Water intake today has been borderline poor... I'll make up for it by sipping some water tonight before I decide on a snack.

  3. lemon water
    grapefruit slices

    herbal coffee

    veggie sandwich (Panera)
    baked chips


    veggie wrap
    herbal coffee

    remember...I'm on vacation in SC but I'll be back on track tomorrow.

  4. I am on my way out, going to the Symposium for alternative I don´t how the day will go ..I am taking some carrot salad and some gutenfree brezel, some apples and salad dressing along. Hope this will save my day

    Lemon water fruits

    Baked mixe veggies with salad, sunflower seeds (lettuce) an apple

    Rosemary Beans with artichokes, salad

    8 mile run, some yoga

    Dont know if we stay over night ..

  5. @Tracy & Nastassja: Great day, girls! Yes, I agree. Sometimes you do need a lull before renewed vigor. It's really cool how things worked out too - it's all so perfect when we're in the flow! Because I was "slacking" today (& ate those cookies too) I went to the gym for an extra workout tonight. I ran into an old friend I hadn't had time with forever & we were able to catch up. She also gave me a fantastic idea for the new book (book #4) which was great timing since I'm meeting w/ my co-writing partner soon. POINT IS... it's all perfect when we surrender to the flow! :-) And yes, agreed...tomatoes are a fruit technically but they count as veggies in my health plan as they're so low in calories, high in fiber, etc. And yes also on avocado - fine in moderation and especially fine if you're active. I count them as part of my veggies, but make sure I have lots of lowcal veggies in my day too. xoxo

    @Rachel - nice job! And yes, kids help us burn lots of calories! :-) My advice: Be gentle with yourself while still carving out the time to take care of your own needs. Not always easy for us mamas, but so important. But again, it's true that having little ones does burn calories! :-)

    @Patricia: I love that you're doing your best while on vacation - it will help you get fully on track once you're home & you won't have to play catch-up that way!

    @Diana: Nice! You're doing great, girl! And I love that you're planning ahead. Practice makes perfect! You have a great attitude too. Keep up the good work!

    Woot!! xoxo Girls!!

  6. Haven't been checking in w/meals as each day is basically the same:lemon water (Love it), hemp milk and berries blended/ Mid morning-2 slices of Manna bread/lunch:huge salad w/creamy dressing (working on transitioning to lighter dressing ;not there yet)/dinner:stir fry or braised greens. Snacks: nuts, dried cherries and my favorite:toasted bread from local bakeries w/ lots of hummus (also local) topped w/handful or two of greens (also local) Exercise:lots of walking Still having trouble getting to gym. Need to leave by 5:30AM to go before work After work and mtgs...I just want to be home. Looking forward to getting back in work-out routine when school is out soon, then I can go to gym at more reasonable hour like 8AM
    Good reading your posts thanks