Day 7 - We're Halfway There! :-D

Yay, it's day 7!! You're all doing so great & I'm really enjoying reading your posts.

How are you feeling today? I'm doing well and getting to the point where the following things are happening...

1. People are commenting on how "radiant" I look
2. I am wondering why I don't always eat this way!
3. I'm enjoying food more
4. My clothes are looser and I'm only 1 lb. away from my goal!

So, here's my log for today:

* Lemon water and "Green Radiance" mixed with water
* Burrito (sprouted tortilla filled with kidney beans, red and brown rice, fresh habanero sauce, cabbage, onions, and a little "Daiya" vegan cheese)
* <----- 4 small raw cinnamon rolls
* Organic corn tortilla filled with kidney beans and veggies
* Mango coconut probiotic drink

That's it so far . . . I've been super busy today and now have to get ready to do an event at the Bayfield library, so it's truly been an "eating to live" day! But I've only gotten in 2 servings of veggies, so I'm about to have a giant salad and some "Sweet Glazed Tempeh" to round the day off. My water intake has been good (a gallon so far) and I'm planning to ride my recumbent bike when I get home tonight. It'll be a good way to unwind and watch a movie without being tempted to snack at night! :-)

So, how was YOUR day??


  1. Today was yet another good day!!
    Lemon Water
    Maca My Day Smoothie, I did not have frozen banana, had one just not frozen, so I added frozen blueberries and hemp powder...very nice!!!

    cole slaw salad, napa cabbage, onion
    sweet potato fries
    broiled yellow squash, with a BBQ type sauce, the whole thing!!
    When I sat down to eat I was so happy I took one look and thought woo-hoo this is ALL my veggies I don't even have to eat dinner if I don't want...of course I was hungry

    another cole slaw type salad using napa cabbage, onion, a small zuc and artichoke heart
    Ez Bread toasted w/Super Hummus

    and my last piece of Pineapple Right Side Up Cake.

    made the sun tea finally, so good and refreshing. N will be here after while I can't wait to share it with her.

    Ran 3 miles then walked 3.5 miles will do mini relax yoga! and more visualizing later!!

    I agree I wonder why I don't always eat this way!

  2. I had a busy day today. Lots of lifting/movement at work, so I'm just going to do a simple yoga routine tonight and call it good on the exercise front. Also took the dog for a walk to the hardware store this morning, so that was nice :)

    Whole wheat toast w/ cherry preserves
    Handful of nuts

    Final serving of red lentil sage soup w/ cauliflower
    Final serving of cucumber/dill toss
    Green apple
    Raw mint cacao cookies (these are so good!!)
    Water (but not enough--feeling dried out!)

    Going to make spring rolls and some sort of Thai coconut curry dish
    Probably another mint cookie
    As much water as I can force down my throat--hate those "too busy to think about drinking until you're like 'holy crap I'm so thirsty!'" days

    Kind of having a "blah" mental day, so I definitely need to do my visualization today to get my week back on track. Lots of work stress/drama this week :P

    Also, Tess--what are these raw cinnamon rolls you speak of? I NEED to make these!

  3. Today was pretty hectic for me as well. I had to get all my errands for the week done today. But I must say, I LOVE Sunflower Market's double ad Wednesday!

    Anyway, my food today was pretty lame... my fault.

    Breakfast: Water

    Mid-Morning: Grocery shopping with the little ones took FOREVER! so by the time we got home after a couple of hours I was ravenous! So, I ended up snacking on more water and terra chips. A little bit later I had two cups of watermelon.

    Lunch: "Vitality Noodles" I halved the recipe so I wouldn't have too many leftovers, but part way through I forgot to halve it so it was double the veggies... but I can't complain about that.

    We went back out for more errands and skipped the mid-afternoon snack time...

    Dinner: 2 black bean and avocado enchiladas

    I made some raw ice box lemon cookies, but when I tasted a bite right out the food processor it tasted too "cashew-y" to me, but hopefully they got better after being in the freezer for a little bit, so I'll probably try one after dinner.

    I'm with Kim about the raw cinnamon rolls, they sound AMAZING!

  4. lemon water
    herbal coffee
    corn meal mush and broccoli :)


    double helping of green beans with mushrooms
    baked apple

    herbal coffee

    cabbage and noodles for dinner (I'm out of town and you eat what the host makes)

  5. @Tracy: YUM!! And I can relate - I love it when I eat so many veggies at lunch that I'm all set for the day. It's a good feeling!

    @Kim: The raw cinnamon rolls are my total fave! They're from the new book. Perhaps you feeling "blah" mentally is due to dehydration today. I always feel like that if I'm low on water intake. Then, I'm always surprised when water perks me up instantaneously. Like a plant!

    @Rachel: Your day could have been a lot worse! Sounds like you ate pretty well in a lot of ways!! And perhaps you can take something from the experience? Like how to pre-plan a little better next time you have so many errands? Maybe you could put some *raw cinnamon rolls* in your bag when you're out and about! They always perk me up right away when I'm dragging! :-)

    @Patriciah: You're doing great for being out of town! What is this cornmeal mush/broccoli thing? Sounds interesting!!

  6. I felt great, even went w/hubby to an 6:15 AM weight workout, is was a quite busy day because Thursday is a german holiday, so getting all the grocery shopping done since we out of town Friday (at least so I thought). Out of panic I bought a pair of expensive sandals after work because, Friday my husband and I were supposed to go to a symposium a Must Go To from his work…anyway his boss cancelled it with a text message at 7 PM …I am so mad since we didn`t go on a long weekend trip with our friends and I only can return the shoes for a coupon…

    Lemon water fruits

    Midmorning ate have of my carrot salad I was hungry I guess from the workout

    Creamy asparagus soup (altered creamy carrot soup) w/raw beet and carrot salad

    Rosemary Bean soup w/ artichokes and a mixed green salad, tomatoes 2 kalamata olives

    And I drank 2 glasses of red wine :o(( I feel so BAD not only did I mess up the 2 weeks but I had stop drinking for the last 5 month, I stopped because I was drinking not just occacionally , and to often I woke up in the morning thinking a glass less would have been better so I decided to stop and so far I was doing great, since I didn`t even feel deprived . I know I was frustrated about the cancellation but now I hurt myself I am kind of scared now …

  7. Diana, you have been doing so great! Don't feel bad, just know that we ALL make mistakes. And remember... if you learn something from your mistake, it is actually a success. Every failure gets us one step closer to success! Give yourself a hug from me. I believe in you!! :-)

  8. Thank you Tess...I will get up again...and now I go for trail run..helps to detox my body and mind