Day 14 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!!!!

Woo - HOO! We did it! I am so, so, so proud of everyone!

As you know, it's the last day of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up. Hopefully you're as happy with yourselves as I am (with you)! I would love to hear how your last day went and also how you plan to continue your healthy habits. What elements of this plan do you intend to carry on with you after today is over? What positive changes did you notice after doing this plan? I'm all ears!!

My food journal for today:

* lemon water
* super shake (acai, strawberries, pomegranate juice, vegan yogurt) - by the way, strawberries and acai are heavenly together!
* burrito (sprouted grain tortilla filled with kidney beans, red rice, a sprinkle of "Daiya" vegan cheese, pan-grilled....then, I added pineapple habanero sauce and onions. YUM!)
* salad (baby greens, beets, fat-free balsamic dressing)
* 1/2 batch of popcorn (popped in a small amount of coconut oil)
* 1 1/2 kombuchas
* 2 raw cinnamon rolls

Exercise for today:
* one hour on the exercise bike

Overall, I feel great about today. I do need to get in two more servings of veggies, but I plan to do that asap! This program has reminded me how powerful veggies are, and I hope to never forget again! ;-)

As a powerful finish to this program (and new beginning for the next step), I am going to decide upon a plan that will help me maintain higher-level habits. I plan to write out a specific, doable plan that I can sustainably & happily live with every day from now on.

I would also like to encourage you to do the same! What kind of exercise program do you see yourself sticking with? What kinds of eating habits do you want to carry on in your life after today? Write them down and make them happen! I know you can. And remembering to focus on what you DO want will help you stay motivated!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the program. I really enjoyed doing this as a group! Power in numbers! You're all doing so fantastic & making healthy strides towards greater & greater health every day. Keep up the great work!! xoxo


  1. Today was pretty awesome! I feel a little bit better from yesterday and I know tomorrow with be even more fantastic!

    *Lemon water. 1 Mango.

    *2 cups of the Kale salad from yesterday.

    *2 cups of sweet and spicy cabbage with extra sriracha (yeah I like it hot!)

    * PB&J on 7 grain bread, not the best but it *was* on whole grain bread with natural peanut butter and raspberry jam.

    *Pizza. It was a thin crispy whole wheat crust with spinach pesto and sliced tomato and chopped katamala olives.

    After a couple of pieces I'm still a little hungry so I'll have another serving of veggies.

    I met most of my goals that I set and some I unexpected, but awesome ones. It has totally motivated me to continue with a plan that I can keep long term and continue developing my strength and health and goals!

    I'm really excited. I broke down and finally ordered a juicer and can't wait til I get it (probably early next week or late this week)! I've been craving fresh carrot juice for SO long and the store bought just doesn't taste the same.

  2. Hi All!! I cannot believe our 2 weeks is up. I will miss each of you but we will meet again, I hope right here!! (would love to do it again maybe after you get back from your travels Tess??)

    My eating today was good pretty close to day before yesterday. My exercise, 3 mile run, 5 mile walking (divided) I am motivated by walking my dogs and I desire to be able to run with Nastassja for MANY years to come. If possible we are going to enter a few runs in the fall/winter, that is a great thing to keep me on schedule.

    My visualizing was good...I am sort of stuck. I have a situation with someone that I am trying to visualize my reaction to them when they are cranky and flat out mean but I can't decide what is the best action I should take...maybe the outcome and work my way to the beginning? Anyway it has helped me to stay calm. I totally have enjoyed this part of the 2 week and plan to keep it up and increase it.

    I went into the 2 weeks not caring about weight loss. I have been at the same weight since the end of the very first 2 weeks we did a yr and a half ago, I feel that I am at a perfect weight for me...a few days ago I did get 2# lighter. I don't know if I am still there as I have not weighed in a few days and did not think of it until later in the day.

    Before this 2 weeks I had slacked off and not been eating enough fruits and veggies. I had been throwing away more veggies than I was eating, how crazy is that? So I feel I am back on track again with that and will continue to stay motivated and keep that commitment!!! I also plan to limit the processed sugar and will continue to strive to only have vegan desserts out once in a while and will stick to making Tess's recipes for my dessert.

    Well I have written too much but I wish each of you continued success. Thank you Tess for doing this!! Good luck on the sales of your new book!! xoxo

  3. Hello!

    I am so sorry for being a posting slacker! My brother came into town unexpectedly and stayed for a week! Yikes! Luckily he is also vegan so eating-wise, I totally stayed on track. Exercising also stayed totally on track--we did something active every day (walking the dog, hiking, biking, the gym, walking around downtown Denver, etc.). Visualization is the only thing I didn't work on because by the time I went to bed, I was sooo exhausted. I was really happy with how these two weeks went!

    Things I will keep up:
    Strength training twice a week (preferably with Group Power)
    Drinking LOTS of water
    Having fresh veggies at least 3 out of 4 meals
    Having some "me" time for 20 minutes a day (to start). No computer, no talking, no cleaning, nothing. Just me doing nothing but reflecting and relaxing.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity, Tess! Holding myself accountable via posting really helped me stay on track and see where I could make improvements!

  4. Yeah we almost made it, I really enjoyed this community.
    One of the great things I am taking with me are “Smoothies” it is a perfect way, since I can`t buy fresh kale to use the frozen kale in my smoothie…kale and kiwi goes also great together…Tess I think you created a monster.

    The eating on the “2 weeks plan” wasn’t really different to how I normally eat except for going gluten free and I was very strict about that, no gluten to my knowledge. I am finally recovering from fatigue and believe that this was the cause for it.

    I definitely improved my work out routine, started to go to the gym before work and I started yoga…but it was easy with the new found energy and I love it.

    Okay I don’t like to admit this but I been cheating with one cup of coffee in the morning but I used to drink 5 cups, considering this I still think I was doing well. I went through so many changes in the last past month, going vegan, going gluten free and stopped drinking alcohol (6 month ago) so to give up coffee completely I am not ready yet. But I will stick to the one cup in the morning after this program.

    Thanks that I could be a part of this.
    Love and kindness

  5. I appreciate all your input. I made one post mid-way into this but since it was late, probably not seen.Essentially I noted that I was not posting daily diet as it consisted of same meal plan w/minor variations.My temptations : end of school year celebrations akin to holiday food festivities:including 3 luncheons and 4 retirement parties. Because of you all, I do believe my "bad" days were mitigated and my "good" days, richer. I have certainly back-tracked but also experienced many healthy days, that I am hopeful I can incorporate into future food plans. With gratitude for your efforts and honesty. I do believe I see the path and have garnered a few more details to add to my map.

  6. @Rachel: Right on! And I'm glad you treated yourself to a juicer, that's great!! :-) Fantastic to hear how well you're doing, & keep it up - I know you can!!

    @Tracy: Thanks so much for all your positive energy, and you did great!! I may in fact be up for another round of this after my trip... early July. Good idea! :-)

    @Kim: Love your post - thanks so much for sharing! Great job also on making up a list of committments you plan to stick with. Yes!!

    @Diana: You are doing absolutely fantastic & making so many changes! It can seem overwhelming at first, but I know you'll stick with it. Way to go, girl!! And thanks for all your positive energy too. I appreciate it!

    @Anna: Repeat after me: "It's all about the progress." And I know you are steadily making such great progress! Give yourself a pat on the back & know you are a rock star!! :-)

    You girls are awesome - thanks again for participating!! Love you all! xoxo