Day 13 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

So, today I got oddly motivated. I watched "Extreme Makeover" on my computer (it's an ABC show) and saw a woman work her butt off (yeah, literally) for an entire year. It was inspiring! So, I decided if she could work that hard for a whole year, I could do it for a measly week. So, since I've been slacking a wee bit lately, I've decided to notch things up around here for the next week! I want to meet all my goals before I leave on my trip next week. And I plan to do it! Where there's a will, there's a way. So cliche, but we all know it's true!

Today's food journal:
* 2 quarts of hibiscus limeade (It had 6 lime's juice up in there! It was stevia-sweetened, so it was basically calorie-free and made me feel great!)
* 2 mini-pizzas (a sprouted grain English muffin topped with organic pasta sauce, vegan cheese, shiitake mushrooms, and kalamata olives)
* raw broccoli with a little lowfat vegan ranch
* one slice of raw key lime pie (OMG, this is off the hook insane delish! I hope it's not totally rude to say that, since it's from my new book!) :-)
* 1 1/2 cups red rice with kidney beans, grated carrots, 2 cups of lettuce, and "Everyday Chicky Gravy" (YUM)
* strawberry kombucha
* a few "pop chips" (lowfat snack chips)

Exercise for today:
* a strength training session (about 30 minutes)
* an hour of good, sweaty cardio on the treadmill

Water: one gallon plus (mostly hibiscus-related...)
Visualization: several so far today, and my usual pre-bedtime one to set up the next day

So, I'm feeling pretty good overall. And we only have one more day as a group, doing the shape-up! How did your day 13 go??


  1. Today was pretty low-key... A certain "aunt" came to visit (sorry TMI), which left me REALLY tired and with not much of an appetite.

    *Lemon water, 2.5 apricots and a bite of soy yogurt.

    *A small handful of crackers.

    *A bowl of basically your "vitality noodles" minus a couple of ingredients that I ran out of yesterday. I added lots of ginger and garlic and sriracha. I was trying to listen to my body and eat what I felt it wanted me to and it was screaming for garlic and ginger!

    *Nearly a cup of smashed black bean dip with a small handful of tortilla chips.

    *A big bowl of "Raw Catalonian Kale" and a few potato wedges.

    I also upped my water intake today and took a 40 minute nap because my body insisted. I'm planning on doing some light yoga tonight after I get a bit of house work finished.

  2. Great job listening to your body today, Rachel! Right on! And that was hardly TMI. We're mostly girls here anyway! :-)

  3. Tracy and NastassjaJune 7, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    Today was not perfect but it was very good! I met Nastassja for breakfast and lunch. She is leaving at 4 am to head to NC for her summer internship. She is leaving that early so she can make it to The Wild Cow, in Nashville for lunch, gf vegan, yes it is worth it! Anyway she wanted me to tell you Tess and our 2 week team that she has enjoyed being a part if this very much and sends much thanks and love to everyone!!! (as a mom please keep her in your thoughts as she travels the 14 hours with only Lucy her dog)

    for breakfast we had
    tofu scramble, was smallish chunks of tofu with bigger chunks of yellow squash, zuc, onion, tomato, carrot on a bed of mixed baby greens with sweet potato hash brown sort of fries...wonderful good!!

    Then I had Kombucha and 1/2 a blackberry walnut muffin

    Then we had lunch at Chitpole...tacos with rice, black beans, corn, salsa, guacamole, mixed peppers and onions, lettuce a few chips

    Then I had the other 1/2 muffin and later a whole muffin...darn they were good, too good huh? and some choc almonds.

    just that and we got in our veggies for the day!!

    I walked 3.5 miles
    and N ran 3 miles and pole class 1 hour 15 min.

    Visualizing was good and I am sure after yesterday her's was GREAT!!!
    Until you all!!!

  4. I had a great day…before work went to the gym did 30 min rowing, some abbs and intensive stretch while I was doing this I decided to start yoga…which I promptly did after work and I loved it

    Lemon water, Smoothie: Curly Kale, blueberries, banana

    Carrot Salad

    Lunch: Green Salad, cucumber, tomatoes, tempeh, sunflower seed…

    Dinner: Split peas, w/curly kale, green salad