Day 12 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!!

Wowza, can't believe we're already on day 12! I am seriously proud of everyone who has been doing the program. You guys are awesome!!

So, here's my journal for today:

* lemon water

* I was heading out for the whole day, and I wanted to "front-load" my fruits and veggies, rather than try to make up the deficit later on. So, I made the items pictured... a shake (mixed berries, acai, pomegranate, & soy yogurt) and a ginormous salad (6 cups of veggies!) without any dressing at all. I took all of this on my one-hour drive and it took me 30 minutes to eat that salad!! It was an interesting experience, eating that salad plain. I really got to taste all the different flavors in the mixed greens. In all honesty, I really prefer my salad with some dressing on it, but it made me slow down, become conscious of what I was consuming, and chew really well. Always a good reminder!

* I felt really great after getting all those fruits and veggies in! But once I got to our destination in Durango, I was hungry, so we got the healthiest lunch possible - food from a health food store, Nature's Oasis. I got the veggie sandwich (I asked for the heartiest bread they had, which was still not that whole-grainy looking, but oh well. They filled it with tons o' organic veggies though! It included carrots, sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, cukes, and hummus.) I also had a few "pop chips" which are un-fried, lower fat "potato chips." And, shockingly, a ginger kombucha! ;-)

* Later, I had some popcorn and one vegan peanut butter cup. I've never seen a vegan peanut butter cup before (that I didn't make myself), so I was kind of excited! It came in a package of two, and my daughter and I each ate one.

* Upon arriving home, I had some organic cherries and am catching up on my water intake! I will get on the recumbent bike for a while tonight - at least 45 minutes. Also, I did two nice visualizations on the drive - one on the way there and one on the way back!

So, how did YOUR day go??


  1. Wow, you're so amazing Tess!

    This is what I had today:

    *Lemon Water. An awesome Vanilla "Shake". Home fries.

    *A big bowl of "Princess Salad" amazingly enough, Emma (my 2 year old) ate this. She kept making yummy noises while eating her bowl full and it's hard to get her to eat veggies!

    *Leftover "Whibbs" in a couple of lettuce wraps.

    *"Moroccan Quinoa Toss"

    *2 cups of steamed veggies (Carrots, broccoli and red cabbage) and little bit of rice with sriracha sauce and sesame seeds.

    This afternoon I was able to do about 20 or so minutes of yoga and abs and leg strengthening. Hoping to get in more, but I'm feeling pretty tired, the kids were more than a handful today!

  2. Breakfast:
    Lemon Water
    Green juice
    Mid Morning:
    Chipotle GF Vegan tacos
    Mid Afternoon:
    No Will Power Cookies
    Baked squash and potatoes
    Left over pasta and veggies

    5 mile run
    1 hour pole dancing

    Okay, so on my run I was thinking about where I wanted to be. I decided that I really want to live in CO (I actually almost got a job in Denver last year). So I did a little visualization during my run. I got a call today from one of the people I had interviewed for last year; he told me of a job opening in Denver! I had not heard from him in a year. Needless to say, I am going to continue to visualize! :)

  3. Walked my "girls" and went to the shelter today so I got in a total of 5 miles walking. I did not get all the dogs at the shelter walked but the ones in the smallest pens walked. And while I walked I visualized!

    It is always hard for me eating when I go because I hurry out the door and when I am leaving there I am totally nasty so I don't want to eat but I am very hungry. Most of the time I get bad vegan stuff I won't talk about.

    Lemon Water
    banana (stripped my blender last night so no smoothies for me for a few days :( but that is a small thing, not to get upset about!

    Herb Tea and Maca Cookies on the way home from the shelter, 30 min drive.

    Left over squash (more than 2 cups) and tofu from last night. Tortilla chips and more than 1/2 cup salsa.

    more Maca Cookies
    HUGE (but not as big as yours Tess) Salad made with napa cabbage, onion and raw zuc. with more tofu on top.
    more Maca cookies
    a few peanuts, not perfect but they were in M's truck and we were on our way to a meeting.

    this 2 weeks is flying by, I can't believe it!!

  4. @Nastassia..nothing is more convincing than it`s own positive experience ..thank you for sharing

    Lemon water, Smoothie: Banana/frozen greens/ blueberries / 1 tsp. hempseed

    1 ½ c. carrot salad…was meant for lunch but I was starving

    Lunch: black-eyed peas w/tomatoes/raw onions and salad

    Dinner: Huge salad, tempeh sauté mushrooms and artichokes

    Kind a binged out on 2 servings size gluten free brezels and a granola :o). I am going back to my old plan, not having anything at home
    For some reason it just doesn`t work for me.

    Did 30min cardio while listening on “the Kathleen Show Podcast”