Day 11 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

So, here's the thing...visualization ROCKS. It really does! Have you tried it? Visualization works like nothing else to help us align with our ideal behavior and life. It's pretty much magic.

So...Last night before bed, I contemplated on the day I'd just had and decided that I would visualize how I wanted this day to go. I kept it realistic, though. I knew I'd be cooking up lots of yummy food today in my cooking class, so I decided to allow room for some treats rather than force myself to be "perfect" via "deprivation mode." Because for me, deprivation doesn't work for very long without having adverse consequences!

For a foodie like me to stick with really healthy eating, I need to feel satisfied rather than deprived. And luckily it's not hard to feel satisfied, given all the nutritious, yummy food available on a varied vegan diet! But gone for me are the days of trying to be "perfect" at all times - it just doesn't work. I'm so much happier (and healthier, actually) now that I'm easier on myself. Balance is beautiful! And it works.

So, here's my food journal for today:

* It was a very busy day again, and I knew I'd be splurging a bit today, so I worked out at the gym first thing to get my metabolism up. When I got home, I was very hungry but my class was about to start. So, I had a bowl of Nancy's soy yogurt topped with a cup of blueberries and some high fiber cereal.
* During the class, I had: a small glass of hibiscus lime cooler, one raw cinnamon roll, and water.
* After the class, I was very hungry! So, I had some "Vegan Cheese Sticks," "Feel Good Mac 'N Cheese," and 2 small slices of raw key lime pie.
* I'm about to make up for my veggie deficit with a huge salad, dressed in lowfat balsamic dressing!

So, overall I feel very good about today. I know my eating sounds a little random, but it was actually how I had visualized it would go. I wanted to indulge guilt-free in my cooking class goodies so I purposely ate very light the rest of the day. And the little tidbits I ate in the meantime were really nutrient-dense, so they kept me going. I had also visualized myself bookending the day with exercise - gym this morning and recumbent bike tonight. I already went to the gym and tonight I plan to ride my bike in a little while. More "Modern Family" reruns. ;-)

So, yay! WIN on the following counts:
1. 6 cups of veggies
2. Plenty of nutrient-dense foods and no refined or processed foods
3. Followed through with the day I had visualized
4. Ate only until I was 80% full (level #3 of my "Hunger and Fullness Gauge")
5. Balanced out some richer (yet still nutrient-dense) foods with veggies, an overall light day, and plenty of exercise

So, how did your day go? Scoop it!


  1. lemon water
    corn meal mush - fried with a little syrup
    broccoli - yes, for breakfast!


    hummus and whole wheat pita

    herbal coffee

    vegan curry burger (Dr Praeger's)
    whole wheat bun
    collard greens

  2. Today was a restful day which is good gearing up for the next week...going to try to stay focused and visualizing!!

    Lemon Water
    Maca Smoothie, w/added stuff like the other day
    mulitgrain waffle w/cherry flavored maple syrup
    orange juice (too much :( but it's gone now :)
    huge salad, napa cabbage, carrots, cukes, radish, onion, tomato,
    a few tortilla chips and a LOT of home made salsa
    sprouted toast w/Super Hummus
    Grit style tofu, tofu, olive oil, braggs aminos, nutritional yeast
    huge amount of sauteed yellow squash and onion
    Raw Maca Cookies, got 'em made!

    need more water, visualizing is going good but I would not be upset to step it up!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!
    I hope everyone had a good day, sending hugs!

  3. oops forgot.. walked 3.5 miles! I almost always walk because I have 2 labs in the house! :-)

  4. My day went well. I have many veggies from the farmer's market, which made planning meals fun.

    lemon water
    green juice

    baked squash, potatoes, and asparagus
    salad with greens, leeks, and carrots
    vegan GF cheese and chive biscuits (My own concoction the verdict is still out on it)

    No Will Power Cookies

    Quinoa pasta with cherry tomatoes, onions, spinach, broccoli, and fresh basil
    Another biscuit...

    1 mile walk
    1 hour of yoga

    Visualization- going to try this for tomorrow. Also, going to try this for a meeting that I am dreading. I forget how great it is, thanks for the reminder!!! :)

  5. This morning was pretty laid back and then a crazy day at church in the afternoon.

    *Lemon water. Apple flapjacks.

    *Strawberry-banana smoothie

    *Burrito with quarter of an avocado, black beans and sprouts.


    *"Whibbs" Sandwich with sprouts and a "Princess Salad"

    I didn't have a set workout today just the usual dance around/play with the kids.

    I plan on doing a visualization of tomorrow tonight before bed.

    I've been working on positive affirmations and said a few this morning, it felt really good.

  6. Woke up and I still felt sluggish (also the weather is very humid) so I decided not to go running, I rather wanted to clean my place … I cleaned windows, balcony and all kind of household cores….I was contend.

    I am a foodie….Tess I agree on every word and for the first time in a long time I don`t expect to live a 100% perfect nutritional life.

    Lemon water and a smoothie ( I think I’m hooked even braver tried it with frozen collard greens…good alternative since I can’t get fresh kale in Germany)

    Lunch Huge velevet guacamole w/ baked mixed veggies (broccoli, red onions, cherry tomatoes, zucchini)

    Granola bar (gluten free9….was at my Mom’s house everyone else ate Tiramisu and cake so I feel not bad about the granola bar

    Dinner: carrot salad w/tempeh