Day 10 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up! (A confession...)

Wow, we're in the home stretch now, everyone! Only 4 more days to go!! Sorry I'm checking in so late, but it's been a very, very long day. So, without further delay...

Today's Food Journal:

* lemon water
* 2 "Magical Multigrain" pancakes with vegan yogurt and blueberries

Then, off to Durango for the day - busy, busy!
* "Baby burrito" from Zia (local eatery that uses lots organic, locally grown produce - a rare thing in these here parts); my burrito was filled with the following goodies: organic pinto beans, Mexican whole grain rice, guacamole, green chile, sauteed local veggies, pico de gallo, mango habanero sauce, lettuce, and cabbage. Yes, it was fricktastic.
* ginger kombucha
* a few munchies from the class I taught today - kale chips mostly
* mango coconut probiotic drink
* a few jalapeno chips
* a slice of raw pizza
* a slice of raw apple pie (no sweeteners - just fruit...very good! I think I need to make up a recipe for this!)
* 2 vegetarian spring rolls
* a few bites of Chinese takeout (I was so beat from the day in Durango that I picked up carry out for my daughter and her friend that's sleeping over tonight - it's broccoli, tofu, peapods, and rice)
* Still hungry! So I had some "Tings" and a stevia-sweetened soda . . . Oh, and a few gluten-free lemon wafer cookies.

So...not my best day by any stretch!! Sorely lacking in veggies and a few snacks that were far from ideal. However, it's important for me to be compassionate with myself, learn from my poor planning and stressed-out schedule today, and do better tomorrow. Before I go to bed tonight, I plan to visualize having an ideal, healthy day tomorrow. I also plan to meditate and relax, which always helps me stay in a positive state and make more enlightened choices.

But, it could have been worse! In the old days (my obese years), I would have said to myself right now: "Tess, you are bad! You were supposed to be perfect today, since you're on this shape-up plan. You blew it. Might as well go eat some vegan cheese sticks with ranch sauce, more cookies, and some sourdough bread with olive oil. Oh, and add some pasta in there too, because you can start over tomorrow and then you will behave perfectly."

But now I can stop before it gets to that point and turn things around. So, instead of reaching for the white bread, I grabbed some sun tea and got on my recumbent bike. And really, I never actually got very full tonight. I think maybe I didn't eat enough yesterday and I got unusually hungry today. So, it's a great lesson for me in compassion, self-care, and giving my body what it needs. I plan to do a little more reflecting on my day too, because the truth is... Every failure is one step closer to success. I know it sounds hokey, but I truly believe this. When we learn from everything, it really blurs the line. We can use every experience as a stepping stone to where we want to be.

So, enough about did YOUR day 10 go? :-) xoxo


  1. Today was pretty great, although we didn't get out and about like I hoped for, but there's tomorrow to look forward to!

    *Lemon water. Soy yogurt with a big handful of raspberries. A little bit later, I made home fries with one baked potato and had about a third of it.

    *Burrito with black beans, alfalfa sprouts and cheezy sauce.

    *2 cups of kale with half and avocado and a handful of alfalfa sprouts and squeezed a key lime over top. With the salad I also had a bowl of Carrot Ginger Soup.

    *2 cups of spinach with spanish rice, black bean and a tomato. A little bit more the Carrot Ginger Soup.

    Over the past couple of days I've also noticed a change within me. Not one that I was expecting... As an adolescent and into my adult years I had a lot of anger issues I had to work through and eventually got over. Then I got married and had a couple of kids and over the past year or so my anger and frustrations had come back and since starting the 2 week shape up and doing more visualizations and meditation, I've become more calm and patient with my children and hubby again! It's awesome and amazing!

  2. I've got to go to bed so quickly...thank you for the update and confession Tess...that is really inspiring.

    lemon water
    "straight" orange juice

    went to the healthfood store to get stuff to make more Raw Maca Cookies and M decided we needed some vegan bite and I craved it all day long. ugh!! Did not get the cookies made.

    Got so many wonderful things this morning at the Farmers Market, I just love them!!! My friend from Laos gave me red leaf lettuce (when I bought a sack full of other veggies) so that was lunch with cukes, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, radishes.
    New finger potatoes cooked w/olive oil, garlic and seasonings

    I had about 8 peanuts to help when I got hungry, yes planning ahead is something I need!!!

    and a huge salad like the one I had for lunch for dinner!!
    a few tortilla chips with healthful home made salsa (from farmers market)

    1.5 mile walk
    some visualizing but need more when I get in bed.

    was a good day if I had not craved sugar all day. I am learning that if I don't have it I don't crave it ;-)

  3. Sorry I've been slacking on the check-ins! My brother made a surprise visit and it's thrown off my routine a bit. We've been eating out for dinners, but we've done local fresh healthy Mexican food (lots of veggies, beans, and rice) and salads so eating-wise, I'm still on track! Visualization hasn't been so great, so I will focus on that more tomorrow. We've been walking a lot and I biked to Group Power at the gym again this morning, so I'm happy that my fitness goals are totally on track! That was my biggest goal coming out of the Plan--to build up a really good workout routine! It's been really warm up here, so I need to increase my water intake from now on. I'm sweating it out more than usual--hooray summer!

    Hope you're all having great weekends!

  4. Tess don´t feel bad …life is all about balance…and it is definitely not “an all or nothing” our bodies are so well nourished they can handle a 2% getting off from the usual excellence nutrition…
    It is okay not to be perfect at all times…I send you a big embrace ..I am sending all you ladies a big embrace..

    Lemon water
    I was brave this morning and tried my first smoothie: blueberries, some frozen spinach, frozen banana and some orange….looked liked spinach but taste yum…I was hesitating if hubby is ready for this also…and yeah he was, he looked quit skeptical but he tried it and liked it.

    Went on a 5.5 mile run but that long run from Thursday is still in my body meaning I don`t feel recovered at all…

    1 Apple

    Lunch:Gallo Pinto…Black beans w/brown rice and baked bananas for the veggies mixed salad (tasted and looked good/ I will post a pic on Monday)

    A gluten free granola bar :o(

    Dinner: Green Peas w/raw sauerkraut and mixed salad…

    I try to get back into the habit eating Sauerkraut once a week, I read it is a good source of B12 and helps to absorb iron…sounds perfect…

  5. tess, it is still a great day compared to SAD! i looked at your list and though "wow, looks like tess had a lot of tasty thing to eat day!"

    it is good that you were busy and did eat. my "bad" eating is getting stressed out and not eating. so sometimes eating anything at normal meal/hunger times is a step in the right direction for me.

  6. Thanks for the post Tess! You are such an inspiration on how to treat yourself. I have noticed that when I don't plan, and I get hungry the first thing I go to is peanut butter cups! :( I have also noticed that if I go to bed hungry then the next day I feel hungry most of the day.

    lemon water
    green juice

    stir fry with carrots, green beens, cabbage, onions, yellow squash, and tofu over quinoa.

    more stir fry
    No Will Power Cookies - because as I said I love peanut butter and chocolate :)

    Baked asparagus and yellow squash
    Piece of GF toast
    last of my stir fry

    confession time - I was still hungry so I made 2 small GF vegan pancakes.
    I definitely got my veggies in for the day!! (thanks to the farmer's market) I am feeling really good about that part of the day.

    1 mile walk with Lucy
    Today was a rest day for me. I ran a total of 20 miles for the week, so I am very happy about that.

  7. Love you girls!!! xoxo

    You're all doing so great too! Can't wait to catch up tonight & see how everyone's day 11 went! :-)