What's in my Grocery Cart? And WHY??

I often get asked this simple question. "What do you buy at the grocery store?" Well, after a run to the health food store (and also regular grocery store) this morning, I decided it would be fun to take a few snapshots and do some 'splainin. So here goes!

So, in the above photo, we have the following specimens (clockwise from left):

1. Tiny Chocolove chocolate bar: I like these for a few reasons... They're tiny (hence, less decadent), high in cocoa content and lower in sugar (I got the 70% cocoa variety), and they're also one of the only brands that hasn't randomly started adding dairy to their previously vegan chocolate bars (Dagoba and Green and Blacks, I am talking to you!)
2. Two items for my daughter: A Clif organic fruit twist and a Sea's Gift roasted seaweed packet (she will be very happily surprised when I give her these as an after school snack today!)
3. Lacinato kale (a staple in this here house)
4. GT's guava kombucha (I would die without them)
5. Many lemons (I use them up fast so I buy big organic bags of em at the grocery store)
6. Organic broccoli (my daughter is on a huge broccoli kick and I want to support it!!)
7. Organic avocado (because they are pure love in food form and also because they jazz up a veggie wrap)
8. Manna bread (carrot raisin) - this stuff is heaven. Flourless and containing only four ingredients (sprouted wheat berries, water, raisins, and carrots) means you know it's uber healthy! Plus, it's baked at low temps to preserve vital nutrients.
9. In the center, we have some snacky deli yumminess. The new health food store in town (Old Town Market) is now carrying "Grandma Chung's" locally made goodies, including green chili tofu and kung pao tofu (I bought a little of each - they're both SO good!!). This sort of thing is very exciting in my food nerd world!

So, again, let's do this thang clockwise from left...
Grocery Scores Part Two!

1. Organic parsley and cilantro (I'm making quinoa tabouli this week)
2. A 1 lb. container of organic baby greens (I eat a lot of salads and this is the most economical way to go - plus, seeing that big daddy in the fridge makes me feel pressured to eat my greens - which is good!)
3. On top of the baby greens is some organic 5-grain tempeh. Also a staple in our house, I mainly use tempeh in stir-fries and wraps. It's incredibly immune-boosting, nourishing, and fiber-rich. Those of you with my books can also look up all kinds of yummy tempeh recipes in them!
4. Behind that, you can see some bananas ripening. Once they get a little more ripe, I will freeze them for smoothies. (and FYI, I put the "smoothie 101" from my books on my blog here, so you have no excuse to freeze bananas improperly ever again!)
5. I also scored some organic fruit for our breakfasts - grapefruit, apples, and mangoes.
6. That little container of fresh mint will go in Thai spring rolls and quinoa tabouli. It will not be forgotten.
7. Those Alvarado Street tortillas are my absolute fave! They're made with both sprouted grains and whole wheat flour - I love this, cuz they retain a soft, pliable texture while still delivering sprouted, 100% whole grain goodness.
8. Speaking of sprouted, I'm very excited that I can now buy my tofu in sprouted form! Wildwood sprouted tofu ("Sproutofu") is the bomb! And FYI, anytime you sprout something, you greatly magnify its nutritional content. It's like a nutrition explosion! Hence, my excitement over any previously mentioned sprouted products.
9. Finally, I picked up a can of organic white beans. There's a recipe for "Everyday Chicky Gravy" in my next book (due out next month - gasp!) and I'm seriously addicted to it! So, I'll be using these beans to whip up a batch.

Thanks so much for joining me! And now, I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite grocery scores are!


  1. I wish I could get ALL those things here Tess, I'd be one happy camper!

  2. Tess, what is "GT's guava kombucha" and is that something I'd find at Whole Foods or a health food store? How about the Mana Bread, is that from a specific bakery? Everything looks yummy!

  3. Marcia: Kombucha is a fermented drink, made from tea. It's delicious & so revitalizing! Yes, any Whole Foods should carry it.

    Manna bread is in the frozen section of most health food stores. Or you can make it yourself (although I've never tried!).