Let's get ready for the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

Photo of "Easy & Addictive Eggplant Chips" by Michelle McCluggage

So, tomorrow (Wednesday) I wanted to do a post about getting ready to start the super shape-up. However, as I just realized I'm volunteering for my daughter's field trip all day tomorrow, I thought I'd better do that post tonight! I want you to have enough time to prepare...because we start this baby on Thursday, May 26th!!! I'm so excited cuz I know we're gonna enjoy some *fantastic* results!

So, let's talk food!

What are you going to eat this week? I would like to encourage you to plan out your meals and make a grocery list so that you're totally ready to go when Thursday morning comes.

As an example, I'll share my week's menu (these are all the dishes I can make this week with the groceries I have on hand). . .

Breakfast Options:
lemon water
Green Radiance
Green Smoothie Bliss
strawberry soy yogurt smoothies

Vegetable Options:
huge salads with one of the miso dressings from Radiance 4 Life
roasted asparagus
Easy & Addictive Eggplant Chips
celery and carrot sticks
Indian Kuchumber Salad
baked broccoli
Kid's Kale
pickled beets

Lunch and Mid-afternoon Meal Options:
Baked chimichangas
8 Minute Vegan enchiladas
Carrot Lime Ginger Soup
Double Garlic Quinoa
Dark Chocolate Mint Cookies
Veggie Wraps (my happy sandwich!)
Raw Moroccan Quinoa Spinach Toss
Power Potatoes

Dinner Entree Options:
Easy Indian Mung Beans
Tomato Soup
Ful Mudhamas
Hungarian Chickpeas

Gearing up for Exercise on the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

What do you want your exercise program to look like this week? And yes, let's think in one-week increments for now. I encourage you to get really detailed and write out exactly what you want to do.

Here's mine (I might do more, but I want to keep my basic foundation doable - I want a gold star!):

Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday: 60 minutes of cardio + 10 "mini-exercises"
Friday, Monday, and Wednesday: Strength training + 30 minutes of cardio + 10 "mini-exercises"
Sunday: Rest! :-)

I'd also like to suggest that you take a little time and visualize the following today:

1. See yourself exercising as you'd ideally like to during these 2 weeks.
2. See yourself eating and preparing food in an ideal way, as your highest self would.
3. See yourself at the end of the 2 weeks enjoying optimal results!

So, I hope you all have fun preparing and I will check in on Thursday to compare notes and see how everyone is doing. Can't wait!! xoxo


  1. I am using your food list. I am only going to try to get through the next 2 days...tomorrow is a "ruff" stressful day with the dogs and on Fri I will drive 8 hours round trip (by myself) for a wedding. But dawning on Sat is farmers market so that being said...

    food: lemon water, green radiance, fruit smoothie, salad with miso dressing, stir fries with rice w/ all the vegs I can put in them. I am craving chickpeas so hungarian chickpeas and super hummus with raw vegs is on the list and I am going to try the raw vegan cookies (these things will help me on the road) along with a Komucha that I have been saving!! (I'm sorry I can't remember the names of all your glorious recipes)

    my basic exercise is running with an additional at least 1 1/2 mile walk on F, M and W. Sat, T and TH at least 3 1/1 mile walk. and EVERY night a basic relaxing yoga NOT FORGETTING THE CANDLE!! Will give some kind of strength training serious thought...ummm visualization ;-)

    I am going to visualize your suggestions AND at the end I am seeing my self as walking tall and confident and my movements exact.

  2. Food plan:
    Breakfasts--I am a big breakfast eater (am always ravenous in the morning), so I'll be eating some combo of the options below:
    Lemon water and green radiance(first time trying this!)
    Quinoa/kale/bean combo
    Indian Super Grain cereal
    Peanut butter/banana/soy milk shakes
    Watermelon (organic ones were on sale at WF for $1.50 today! Woo hoo!)

    Some kind of red lentil dish
    Chickpea salad sandwiches
    A piece of fruit (or bowl of melon)
    A large salad or 2 cups cut up veggies (or both!)

    Carrot/fennel soup
    Roasted asparagus w/ new lemon olive oil I bought in Old Town
    Roasted beets
    Grilled bean sandwiches
    Tomato soup
    Roasted potatoes with lemon olive oil
    Some kind of Thai/cilantro creation w/ spring rolls

    Lemon vanilla bean raw cheesecake (Holy crap, Tess, this stuff is going to break the bank because I am going to get addicted to it!)
    Raw chocolate mint cookies

    Dessert/sweet things are hard for me, so for the two weeks I'm only eating fruit and Tess-approved desserts to help curb my sugar cravings. I can do it!

    I went to Group Power tonight at the gym and feel GREAT! Planning on yoga tomorrow night to stretch myself out because I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow.

    Plan to do this before bed to settle my mind.

  3. Getting through meals this week will be simple and then next week I can go grocery shopping and get more. So right now for breakfasts I have water with lemon, cantaloupe, apricot and acai smoothie, mango (and probably acai) smoothie, granola with rice milk. Lunches will be salads with black beans and possibly some homemade salsa with guacamole, cucumber salad with sesame seeds and for dinners I'm thinking quinoa tabouli, lemon rissotto with green peas, buckwheat pancakes (leftovers can be future breakfasts) and probably a few other things I'm forgetting.

  4. Today 6:15 AM went to the gym to do strengh training...I am proud, proud, proud...
    Breakfast I eat mostly just fruit...yesterday I had raw quinoa (soaked over night)w/mango and strawberries
    lunch/dinner lots of salads today moroccan quinoa spinach toss, yesterday we had mix baked veggies...and tempeh...I really ask myself if something is severely wrong with me...I LOVE to eat tempeh natural...not fried no spices..but I remember when I tried it the first time and tought "wonder if I ever will like it"