Day 5 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

Hey everyone! Again, I just want to say how proud I am of how well you're all doing. Keep up the great work!

As for myself, I actually woke up today feeling a bit under the weather - I know it's because I've been stressing about finishing my book and pushing myself too hard. And it doesn't help that I've been on the computer for like 10 hours a day, getting my book ready to send off!!

BUT on the bright side, my book will be done in *2* DAYS!! And also on the bright side, I know how to boost up my immune system, so I should be able to avoid getting full-on sick. I took it easy today (well, I worked on my book all day, but...) and ate lots of immune-boosting foods, such as....

Food Journal Day 5:

* lemon water
* "Green Radiance" mixed with water
* sea buckthorne (one oz.)
* canteloupe
* oatbran topped with "Nancy's" vegan yogurt, apricot jam (organic, all-fruit), & dried apricots (loving this!!)
* 2 corn tortillas filled with beans, a tablespoon of "Daiya" vegan cheese, and topped with...drumroll...homemade pineapple-lime habanero sauce (it really pays to be on good terms with your ex - he brought me this today!)
* large salad topped with some plain apple cider vinegar
* homemade kombucha
* popcorn topped with nutritional yeast and kelp
* maca raw cookie
* stevia lemon-lime aid
* beans and rice with lots of garlic and hot sauce
* 2 fresh spring rolls with cilantro, cabbage, scallions, peanuts, & sriracha sauce
* 2 slices of ezekiel bread, toasted, with earth balance
* raw cinnamon roll
I was STILL hungry! So I made some whole wheat pasta and mixed it with vegan pasta sauce, nooch, hot sauce, & garlic. I had a little bit, then was finally at level 3 of the hunger and fullness gauge.

* I ate a LOT more than usual today! But I listened to my body, ate only until level #3 (80% full max), and fueled myself with what I was craving. So, I feel good about the day and I think I'll wake up - fingers crossed - mostly back to normal! :-)
* A gallon of water (no sun tea unfortunately, as it was a cold, windy day!)
* No exercise yet, but I think I'll do some gentle yoga and visualization before bed.

So, we're about 40% done with the 2-week shape-up (YEAH baybay!) - how's it going for YOU today??


  1. lemon water
    bananas and canaloupe
    herbal coffee
    macha tea
    prenatal pudding - love it!
    not dog
    sweet and spicy ginger cabbage
    roasted cauliflower
    golden couscous
    MORE prenatal pudding :)
    fresh carrot juice
    and soon some fresh watermelon

  2. We've been so lazy this long weekend--it's been quite lovely, actually, but we start meals at weird times. Haha.

    Blueberry waffles
    Orange juice

    The sweetness of waffles didn't agree with me this morning, so I counteracted it with the Cucumber Dill Toss--yum!

    Big bowl of watermelon
    Green apple w/ peanut butter

    Early dinner:
    Red lentil/sage soup from 2 Week book (added cauliflower--super yum!)
    Roasted asparagus w/ garlic and lemon olive oil
    Last piece of cheesecake (dang that went fast when sharing with the hubby!)

    I am really happy about keeping away from processed sugar. I really eat quite healthy compared to most people, but sweets are hard for me. I can already feel my cravings going away. My waffles this morning were whole grain, no sugar, packed with berries, and even the maple syrup was too sweet for me and I usually LOVE sweet breakfasts. I've been gradually having more veggies for breakfast and now my body craves them for breakfast.

    For exercise, took the dog for a walk. My husband and I plan to go for a run in the morning--it was so windy today we just stayed in until it calmed down this evening for a walk.

    Hope you get to feeling better, Tess!

  3. Tess, I think you were right! I think the headaches were from not eating enough.

    So I was feeling great this morning! I even woke up thirty minutes before my alarm went off! I was feeling so good that I decided to try eating a spelt tortilla (I hadn't tried spelt since going GF. I tried it knowing that if I had a reaction I would know it was only from the spelt since I am eating mostly whole foods). That didn't go so well, so I spent a bit of the afternoon sick, but I am feeling much better now :)
    water and lime (because I was out of lemons-I now have lemons)
    green juice-same as yesterday
    "BBQ Chickadilla"
    spicy sweet potato fries
    Deep South Slaw (cabbage, carrots, and red bell pepper)
    (sort of sick at that point)
    Deep South Slaw
    Raw Cacao Superfood Pie
    "Garam Masala Chickpea Curry" with quinoa and baby spinach
    (a tiny slice of Raw Cacao Superfood Pie)
    Popcorn with nutritional yeast
    4 mile run
    1 hour yoga
    Feeling better again!! I need to eat more veggies tomorrow (and only one piece of pie)!

  4. Tess I am sorry you did not feel perfect today. Crossing fingers for a great night of rest and a good day tomorrow. It always warms my heart when you speak of your good relationship with your ex...Alethea is lucky, very lucky!!

    Lemon Water, cantelope, fruit smoothie like yesterday.

    Asian Quinoa Wrap (very small one), Hungarian Chickpeas, and a cole slaw made with grated baby zucchini and carrots with a sauce of Veganaise (w/ N's help via phone) Was thinking you should make some dishes from the name of USA states/parks.

    Super Hummus with carrots and baby zucc.

    stir fry like last night but w/out rice and more Hungarian Chickpeas (really glad they are green)

    Pineapple Right Side Up Cake

    Water was good but not great and did not get that tea made...made almond/soy/rice/barley milk but did not drink any of it.

    3 mile run and 3 mile walk and mini relaxing yoga.

    visualizing went well but will do a long session before bed.

  5. Great job, all!! I am really proud of everyone!

    And thanks for the well-wishes. I already feel better after a day of healthy medicine (which is GOOD FOOD in my world!) :-) xoxo

  6. For breakfast I had my quart sized jar of water and lemon. I also had a banana.

    Mid-morning, I had about a cup of freshly made salsa with a handful of tortilla chips. So, good, I LOVE making salsa!

    Lunch, were the "5 minute vegan buffalo bites" with 1 cup of celery.

    Mid-afternoon, I had about 2 cups (at least!) spinach salad with "THE Peanut Sauce"

    Dinner was 2 cups of teriyaki seasoned bok choy with some rice that I cooked with veggie stock. I topped it with some sriracha and sesame seeds.

    I haven't worked out much today, but I plan on getting in some circuit training after I finish this. After that, I think I'll relax with a bowl of frozen blueberries and rice milk for dessert. I like it because the blueberries freeze the rice milk a little bit so it's kind of like ice cream. I'll probably add some vanilla creme liquid stevia to it as well.

  7. I might as well copy what Tracy wrote yesterday…I feel so wonderful ..either I am happy without apparent reason or I am so content…and most of all I feel energetic ..FINALLY !!!
    I am so happy to be where I am right now.

    Breakfast: lemon water, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries

    Lunch: Lemon quinoa asparagus toss raw beet salad tomatoes / an apple

    Dinner: Raw carrot and beet salad, lots of lettuce tempeh / an apple

    :o( After dinner I kept snacking on cashews by the time I went to bed I was so uncomfortable stuffed ..I am doing so great during the day, then evening comes and the picking starts, why is this habit so hard to stop???
    I try to meditate and acknowledge that, but still haven’t found the answer yet. I will visualize on that matter… not snacking after dinner

    Did my planned 40 min Cardio, my 10 morning yoga and some more in the evening…good girl I treat myself with a professional facial on Tuesday.