Day 3 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!!

How's it going for you today, friends? For me, it's been very busy so I'm sorry but I'm going to have to make this a very quick post! I will be in much less of a hurry after my book gets submitted this coming week, but right now it's GO time! :-)

So, here's my Day 3 Diary . . .

* Lemon water and "Green Radiance"
* 2 tiny clementines

Very hungry! I made the following:
* "Happiness Bowl" (with baby greens and carrots for the veggies - LOVE this dish!)
* ginger kombucha
* slice of sprouted Ezekiel bread with a little organic Earth Balance
* 3 small raw cookies (Maca Chip)

* I was at my daughter's best friend's 8th birthday party. I am *very* pleased to announce that I didn't eat any potato chips (Kettle - they looked good too!) or vegan chocolate cookies! Instead, I ate organic grape tomatoes, carrots, and some of the awesome watermelon drink my friend Jennie made. She basically put whole watermelon in her vitamix along with some water and blended it. Really, really, really good!!

Early dinner:
* Bean burrito (sprouted grain tortilla with "Perfect Pinto" beans, smothered in greens, onions, and salsa
* Carrot Ginger Lime Soup
* Celery

Total veggies: 6 cups
Total water: by the end of the day, it'll be a gallon
Exercise: A short walk, but I plan to ride my recumbent bike on one of my "breaks" tonight! Plus at least 10 "mini-exercises" today.
Visualization: 5 short visualizations so far, plus one before I go to bed tonight - those are such a big help in setting up the next day for success and healthy choices! :-)

By the way, thanks so much for all your posts and for sharing your daily diaries on this blog! You are all doing SO great and I'm truly proud of every one of you!!! xoxo


  1. Breakfast, I have lemon and water and an apricot. We took a little nap (we all woke up WAY too early today) and missed midmorning.

    Lunch, I started out with a cup of snow peas lightly sauteed in sesame oil and soy sauce topped with sesame seeds.

    A little later I had a big bowl of Ginger-Carrot soup with some homemade French bread.

    Dinner, we will be having baked black bean and avocado burritos topped with some salsa.

    Running a little low in the veg department today so hopefully I will make it out to the store later day after the hubby gets home from work and the kids go to bed for the night.

    I intended to do 60 minutes of circuit training today but it was so hardcore, I only lasted 20 minutes. I'll try again on Monday and see if I can get farther.

  2. feeling revived, stress free, whew! it's been a while. I know now that I cannot be balanced without this...this makes me SO VERY HAPPY!! Was feeling "high" this morning!! all veggies were bought at the farmers market...that is one plus to living in the south :-)

    Lemon Water..a lot of it too!

    smoothie, w/banana, oj, mixed fruit like yesterday but also added hemp powder and chia seed meal.

    made a wrap using napa cabage for wrap, tomatoes, carrots, zuch, brocc, kalamata and Super Hummus. and a tiny bit of rice.

    the other wrap from lunch.

    4 almonds

    stir fry w/zuch, brocc, onion, ginger, garlic, bok choy, braggs, red wine vinegar, spiracha, cilantro and rice!

    I just took the pineapple right side up cake out of the oven and I WILL have to have a little piece soon as it cools enough.

    walked about 2 miles total...and visualized, I guess I need to keep track...probably would help to write it down as well. love to each of you!

  3. I have been having some intense sugar cravings!!! However, so far I have been able to get through most of them. I have also been getting headaches in the afternoon, but I am assuming that is a symptom of detoxing from the caffeine and sugar. I am drinking LOTS of water!!!!

    Lemon water
    GF Vegan waffle with almond butter (minus yesterday's maple syrup)


    Was going to have more of the "Fresh and Fast Thai Tofu Bowl" and "Garlic Lovers Broccoli" but I forgot the peanuts, sweet chili sauce, and basil... like mother, like daughter I guess! So I heated up the tofu, rice, cabbage, carrots, "Garlic Lovers Broccoli," and soy sauce in the microwave (I was at work) to make a fake stir fry.

    3 "Dark Chocolate Mint Cookies"
    "Supercharged Hummus" and carrots (1 cup)
    then after work I ate 5 dark chocolate almonds (not too happy about that)

    "Tess's Happy Salad" minus the olives but with red bell pepper. This truly lives up to its name because I was very unhappy until I ate it, and now I am better!! :)

    1 mile + walk with Lucy
    1 hour yoga

  4. hi !! sorry i'm not posting. i'll do it monday. i work at a restaurant and the weekend its killer. but i'm eating well and exercising.

  5. @Rachel: Lots of great work there, keep it up!

    @Tracy: So glad you're de-stressing!! Yay!

    @Nastassja: As your system gets cleaner & cleaner, I promise you the sugar cravings will go away! Just keep eating those veggies & whole, cleansing foods. It really does work to eliminate cravings. Also, headaches might be caused by not eating enough. That's when I get them!

    @Ana: Thanks for checking in - glad you're doing well so far!!

  6. I feel great today, though my body feels a bit tired, went yesterday on my scheduled trail run 5,3 miles was in the best shape in a long time was able to run a higher pace than normal. So I think it is ok that my body felt a bit sluggish I went anyway on my Sunday morning run, ran 6,2 miles but rather in a dragging speed. So what…thumb up for endurance :o)

    Breakfast: (before running) Lemon water, Strawberries, Apple, Orange, Kiwi with some hemp seed…somehow felt like biting on grape seed
    Lunch: Green salad(including arugula), carrot salad, made some ramp pesto with(tiny portion) millet pasta (gluten free) w/white asparagus
    Dinner: Soaked some white huge beans..I will sauté onions and tomatoes at the end I add some spinach and add this do the cooked beans. (Garlic/thyme)
    In general I have more energy ...that feels great

  7. Yesterday, breakfast and lunch were healthy but were shortly followed by FOCO brewery adventures. Ooops! We had old friends in town, so it was worth it :)

    Orange Juice
    LARGE bunch of sauteed kale
    Whole wheat toast with cherry fruit spread and EB

    Small garden salad w/ garbanzo beans and red wine vinegar dressing
    Bowl of black bean/veggie chili
    Piece of rye bread
    2 glasses of water
    1/2 pint Not Brown Ale

    Mid-day: Haha. Don't shoot! It was O'Dell Brewery's Small Batch Revival (30 new beers to choose from--exciting for beer lovers, trust me!) and we had old friends in town and we had a blast.

    Falafel wrap
    Shoestring fries
    2 glasses of water
    Cutthroat Porter (it was on Nitro, so delicious--again, don't shoot!)

    We actually did a lot of walking. Since we live near Old Town FOCO, we walked to our meals and to the breweries and back home.

    Today will be better! Giving up sweets has been easier than I anticipated, but going beer-free in FOCO? In the summer? With friends in town? Yikes!

  8. I've been eating well and juicing. Went camping so did end up eating a ton of toasted vegan marshmallows. I know, I know. BUt they were SOOO good! Just had a seitan-asian slaw wrap for dinner. Trying to do more fresh juices and more raw stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!