Day 2 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

Greetings, awesome troopers! How's day 2 treating you so far? I'm happy with my day, aside from the fact that I need to bury my head in edits to get my book finished! :-) But it will be done soon enough.

So, here's my food journal for today:

* whole lemon's juice with water
* heaping tablespoon "Green Radiance" with water
* 3 small, insanely delish organic clementines

* taste-testing my new maca chip cookies plus another 2 cookies for the road!

* Easy Indian Mung Beans

Later Lunch:
*"Happiness Bowl"
* huge salad with baby greens, onions, pickled beets, a teaspoon of xvoo, apple cider vinegar, and nutritional yeast
* KeVita probiotic drink

Early dinner:
* Carrot Ginger Lime Soup
* 2 maca chip cookies

Total veggies: 6 cups
Water: One gallon
Eating only until 80% full (#3 of the "Hunger and Fullness Gauge" in my books)? Check!

20 minutes walking + 10 minutes elliptical + 30 minutes strength training

So, howzabout YOUR day?

And by the way...I love how we're checking in here every day - it's keeping me on track & hopefully it's helping you, too!! :-)


  1. So I have a question to start with, if you don't mind. What do you do/say when people comment on the quantity of food you eat, or the frequency? I have had coworkers comment negatively on how often I eat (it did not hurt my productivity and I wasn't eating that often.) It made me really self conscious, and I stopped eating like I should because of it. Instead I would get calories from soda and candy. I have also had dates comment on how much I eat (I am a gluten-free vegan who doesn't drink alcoholic beverages so compared to most people it looks like I do eat a lot.)

    Okay, here is what I did today!
    Pre-run: handful of almonds
    Post-run: Lemon water, banana
    Vegan, gluten-free waffle with almond butter and a tiny bit of maple syrup.

    Mid morning snack:

    Your *wonderful* "Fresh and Fast Thai Tofu Bowl"

    Mid-day snack:
    handful of dark chocolate almonds
    your "Supercharged Hummus" and carrots

    more "Fresh and Fast Thai Tofu Bowl"
    "Garlic Lovers Broccoli" on a baked potato with a small amount of "Nacho Mom's Fire Roasted Queso" (this is vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and so good- a little goes a long way too)
    I made your "Dark chocolate Mint Cookies" to take to work tomorrow. So I had to try one to make sure they were good :)

    4 mile run this morning
    1 mile walk this afternoon
    1 hour of yoga this evening

    Last night I had intense sugar cravings, but I didn't cave in. We will see how they are today. I am very addicted to sugar.

  2. Breakfast: juice of a lemon in water (filled my quart sized jar all the way). A little bit later I had about a cup of mango-acai smoothie.

    Midmorning: 1 vegan peanut butter cup

    Lunch: 1.5 cups of salad and lemon rissotto with 1/2 cup of green peas.

    Mid afternoon: Cucumber noodles (from one big cucumber about a cup)with soy sauce, sesame oil, siracha and sesame seeds.

    Dinner: 1.5 savory buckwheat pancakes with some tomato sauce on top and 2 cups of roasted broccoli.

    I did a 45 minute yoga workout this afternoon. I was thinking of doing some strength training tonight, but we'll see I have a bit of house work I still need to get done tonight. I'll probably have another peanut butter cup in a little bit too.

  3. Nastassja: My suggestion is to know that you are doing what is right for you and NOT let others sway you. It sounds to me like you're eating the perfect amount, but the best judge of that is YOU. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs. When others comment on what I eat, I usually give them a simple answer rooted in confidence such as "This really works for me" and then they drop it. They will be able to tell if you feel secure in what you're doing. But again, it's not their business - it's yours & YOU are the authority on you! :-) xoxo

    Rachel: Great day 2!! :-)

  4. Know I take this seriously. That being said sometimes $h!t happens! and you just have to smile through it and be thankful to breathe!

    walked the girls (my 2 labs) a mile with a short run w/them off leash in the middle of it. Then met a friend and her 2 dogs at the park for more walking..we got in about 1 1/2 mile when (she says 4000) 25 screaming kids jumped off a school bus running at us. 3 of the 4 of our dogs are reactive in some way so we had to cut our walk off pronto. When we reached our destination on our road trip I walked them a little more.

    Lemon Water, then a fruit smoothie-oj, acai puree, peaches, strawberries, mango, pineapple mixture

    then I had mixed cooked veggie, potato, onion, carrot, greenbeans, olive oil and fresh garlic after it came out of the oven.

    I was so proud I had raw cookies and hummus and veggies, Kombucha to take on the road trip. When I got there and pulled out my hummus I discovered I grabbed the container of miso instead of the hummus...not too good on raw veggies so I ate some of the veggies and was hungry so I finished off the raw cookies....I did not take enough water from home so I bought 2 bottles (bad me) well I could NOT get the lid off either one and I have a horrible blister on the palm of my hand from trying...ugh! as if buying 2 bottles wasn't enough then I had to buy more...I was wishing I had a knife to slit it open!!

    The wedding was emotional for me. The bride (Melanie) is the daughter of a friend that died when Melanie was 4 mon old. I had not been to that church in 24 yrs since the funeral ...I kept visualizing Melanie's life happy and perfect to get me through the saddness.

    now it gets crummy...and I don't want to tell but I have to be honest and Nastassja (who encouraged her to come along :-)) said I had to post ;-)on the way home I was hungry so I got fritoes and bean dip...I only ate enough to barely get me off of a REALLY hungry mode...then I thought I would get caffine just so I would have it if I got really sleepy...was doing good...then those blue lights were in my rear view mirror....ugh! just give me the caffine!! only a warning, it was only the 2nd time in my life that I had been stopped....

    so before I go to bed I am going to visualize a perfect day tomorrow...and I am excited to go to the farmers market and find many treasures...I hope I did not write to much...will keep it shorter tomorrow!

  5. Just ate my bowl of fruits: strawberries, kiwi, grapes and orange…(Tess now I know why you call it radiant after eating this colorful fruits I feel like I`m shinning)
    Soaked some chickpeas for supper I think I will go for the Hungarian style…I have lots of spinach left don`t know where I put this in maybe I just do it like the Italians sauté it in a little olive oil onions/garlic and serve it as a side dish
    Lunch: I either bake the cauliflower or make cream soup from it.
    Yesterday and today I feel great, the first two days (I started Wednesday) I felt so deprived but I believe this is from going gluten-free..I had such a graving for bread…went out with my husband he ate pasta and my pizza bread and I had a salad without the tuna, without the mozzarella without the ham left was a small salad, usually I bring my whole grain rye bread…so I was miserable …came home ate some carrot salad with tempeh …found out that I love the pure taste of tempeh so that put a smile back into my heart .
    ….and now I am getting ready to go trail running…..first I have to throw my hubby out of the bed….revenge …for eating my pizza bread....

  6. I am also a bit confused about eating frequency for years I used to eat every 2,5 to 3h it is very common in the sport scene, then going on Metabolic Balance diet they say the body doesn`t start to burn fat until 4-5h after eating, so therefore the 5h rule is a must.
    Anti Aging proponents also say it is better to wait 5h between meals, gives the body time to rejuvenate and at least the old tradition of Ayurveda recommends the 5h pause.
    My resume I am still on the 5h rule in between meals for the following reasons:
    -The long break does my digestion good, -Being hungry raises the appreciation for the next meal and it tastes so much better
    (I must admit on some days I eat in between breakfast and lunch, since I eat a light breakfast of just fruit my stomach is just growling to much) Another issue is of course sport when you had a meal 4h ago an planning on going to the gym, classes or running than of course I would take a snack before that, though my 30 min cardio I go without eating before. (..I am german so please don`t mind my grammar and spelling )

  7. Tracy, give yourself a hug. You're doing great! It's all about the progress, especially when you're under stress. Think of all you're doing right!!

    Diana, sounds like you're doing great too, making so many great strides!!

    As far as eating frequency, there are studies that say to eat all the time as it keeps your metabolism going and other studies say to take long breaks. I think listening to your body is SO important! Here is what i recommend -
    1. Eat only until you're 80% full
    2. Eat if you're hungry.

    If you do those things, sometimes you'll go many hours in between eating and other times your body will need a snack. If you listen to your body it really will tell you *exactly* what it needs - and that is more wise than any other studies! :-)

  8. Tess you just put a peaceful cotton ball around me…instead of feeling like I failed when I didn`t kept the 5h my body just let me know it needed something. I guess it isn`t always easy to trust my body or my sensations, I am afraid to get off my structured way because that helps me to stay on track, soonest I compromise it is so much harder to stay focused but of course I know guilt is not helping either.

  9. Had a good day on Friday (posting late, but I remember what I ate!)

    Peanut butter/banana/soymilk shake
    2 cups of watermelon
    Glass of water (ran out of lemons--darn!)

    Leftover Thai noodles
    2 cups raw veggies (carrots/celery)
    Slice of raw cheesecake
    Drank 2 waterbottles by this point

    Chipotle tacos (as in, from Chipotle--brown rice, black beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, salsa, and guac)
    Piece of cheesecake

    Did some "quiet time" but didn't fit in any exercise. My husband had the afternoon off, so we enjoyed our free time by relaxing outside.