Day 1 of the 2-Week Super Shape-Up!

So, we're nearing the end of day one and I wanted to check in and see how everyone's doing! So far, my day has been pretty great. I will share the details below, but first I'd like to suggest that YOU share what you ate and how things went for you today too!

My food diary for day #1:

* Whole lemon's juice in water
* "Green Radiance" (heaping tablespoon, shaken up with water)
* 1/2 cup mango-strawberry smoothie (basically, what was left over after making my daughter's smoothie!)

* A bottle of divine elixir (pictured above)!! I'm SO hooked. Talk about your guilt-free indulgence! This stuff has zero sugar (totally stevia-sweetened) and is bursting with nutrients, probiotics, & electrolytes. And FYI, I never receive a dime for any of my product endorsements, so you can bet if I say I love something, I really mean it! :-)

* Baked chimichanga (sprouted tortilla filled with "Perfect Pinto" beans and baked - then topped with lettuce and fresh salsa - YUM!)
* One cooled, leftover baked potato, pan-fried in 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and dipped in ketchup and hot sauce
* Baked zucchini (this was oddly delicious - couldn't stop saying "mmmmm" while eating it)

Mid-afternoon meal:
* One tofurky "brat" (vegan, of course) pan-fried without oil and dipped in mustard (this isn't really an ideal choice as it's processed, but I had just burned a ton of calories and needed food fast - plus, it's my "blue" for the day!)
* 3 cups of raw broccoli, dipped in lowfat vegan ranch
* slice of sprouted grain bread with a little organic Earth Balance
* strawberry kombucha

* Carrot Ginger Lime Soup
* Another KeVita probiotic drink (I know, I know!)

* Total veggie servings for the day: 7!! (6 was my goal) - and by the way, my servings are comparable to the old serving size, which were twice what they are now. So, in other words, 7 servings to me is 7 cups, which is actually 14 servings according to the new USDA guidelines.
* Eating only until just satisfied? Check! No overeating today - ate only until 80% full at the most.

My exercise diary for today:

* 40 minutes of walking plus 10 minutes on the elliptical and another 10 minutes on the stairmaster. I actually walked to the gym and back! The thought of an hour on the treadmill didn't excite me today, so I decided to add some variety with walking and some alternative cardio at the gym.
* 6 mini-exercises so far - I intend to do at least 4 more tonight.

My visualizations for today:

* Several small, short visualizations throughout the day plus I'll do a longer one before bed as a way to ideally set up the next day.

So, how about it? How did your day go? I'll look forward to hearing about it and let's also check back tomorrow to share the deets on day 2!! :-)


  1. For Breakfast I filled my quart sized glass jar with water and juice from 1/2 a lemon. A little while later I had 2/3 of a cantaloupe (the kids ate the rest).

    For lunch I had to bowls of salad greens topped with taco nut "meat" I made, with diced avocado sprinkled with onion powder and lime juice. One cup of baked cauliflower.

    Afternoon snack was a bowl of granola with rice milk and an apricot.

    For dinner we will be having lemon rissotto with peas.

    I may make raw peanut butter cups for dessert, but I haven't decided yet.

    Also after lunch, I got in about a half an hour of yoga and I plan on getting in another hour tonight after the kids are in bed.

  2. Breakfast:
    16oz water w/ a whole lemon
    Probably close to 2 cups watermelon
    Quinoa/bean/kale/salsa/daiya conconction

    Large salad w/ broccoli and clover sprouts
    Balsamic poppy seed dressing (from the 2 wk book)

    Carrot fennel soup
    Roasted potatoes with rosemary and lemon olive oil
    A piece of the raw cheesecake from the 2wk book (I cut it into 16ths so it will last longer between me and the hubby ;) ).

    Pre-gym snack:
    More water

    Not quite sure yet, but probably your Pad Thai recipe.
    Raw veggies for munch on at the table

    Another piece of cheesecake--hey I cut them in 16ths, OK!
    Cup of herbal lemon/ginger tea

    I went to a group strength training class that kicked some major booty last night and am going to yoga tonight to help unwind from a nutso day at work and to work out some more of the lactic acid I built up yesterday.

  3. I think I'm being too strict with myself :)

    1 cup of lemon water
    1 banana

    2 cups of salad full of veggies and lowfat dressing

    herbal coffee

    Just getting ready to make dinner and I think it'll be a seitan stir fry with lots of veggies, spicy sweet ginger cabbage (excited about that!), more herbal coffee and soy yogurt for dessert.

    Am I getting it right or am I too strict?

  4. @Rachel: Sounds great!! Keep up the fab work.

    @Kim and Josh: Are you Kim Buettner? If so, eat all the raw cheesecake you want! :-)

    @Patriciah: Yes, sounds quite strict! I would be hungry if I were you. How are you feeling?

    So basically, I'd say: Great start to the day w/ lemon water & fruit. Lunch sounds very light. I would personally need some whole grains or something else along w/ my veggies. Dinner sounds good, but you might want to try switching your biggest meal to lunchtime and eating lighter at dinner, if that is possible. If not, it's ok as long as you're getting in *lots* of veggies, water, and only eating til you're about 80% full.

    But no need to go hungry! My 2-week program is about enjoying the process as well as the results! :-)

  5. Okay, so I just decided to do try this this morning. So today was a little sketchy. Basically, I need to get the sugar/caffeine addiction under control, and eat more good stuff!!

    For breakfast I had:
    Lemon water
    Apple (Yes, I need to do better about this, but I just decided to do it this morning.)

    I had something very similar to Rachel's. I had chickpea tacos with lots of veggies (purple cabbage, carrots, onions, and red bell peppers). I crunched up the tacos so I could get more veggies on it. There was also some guacamole.

    Left over Mommy's Chocolate Chip Cookies that were just too good to let go to waste. Now they are out of the house!!! :) A cup of soy milk.

    Pretty much the same thing I had for lunch.

    Post workout snack:
    Popcorn with nutritional yeast.

    Lucy (my dog) and I went for 2 mile run in the hills this morning.
    Later we went for a mile walk.
    One hour pole dancing. I focused on inverting and climbing so I am calling this my "strength training." :)

    Going to buy some tahini tomorrow so I can make Tess's awesome hummus to have with veggies (so I can get more veggies in!!)

  6. OK well today not stellar, but I'd anticipated this. As school employee, lots of end of year events and retirement parties. So today I had two potlucks:lots of green salads, but also had potato salad which I never eat. Then evening, another potluck for Bioneer volunteers. I made roasted veggies w/Mexican seasonings and tortilla chips, which would have been OK...but since it was dish to pass i added guacamole. And then when cleaning up we uncovered some roasted potatoes of which I had a small cup.
    As noted tho I knew this day would be tempting, but I did have lemon water, great visualization and self-talk. Will finish nite w/journal and meditation. Routines to be repeated daily now.

  7. lemon water for breakfast. i was late for work so i;ve had 2nd part of the bfast there. a smoothie w.pineapple,banana,mango,oj & spinach,was very busy to eat so been snacking till 3 on almonds,then i've had another smoothie w carrot& orange juice,pineapple,mango and coconut water & a sprouted wrap w tomato,cucumber,carrots & spinach.
    for dinner a burrito(sprouted tortilla) w beans,mushrooms,tomato & spicy homemade sauce & brown rice and a salad w spinach,red cabbage,carrots,broccoli, lettuce,tossed w rice vinegar.
    As for exercise, i ride my bike to work, 10 miles each way . I fell from the bicycle few weeks ago and hurt a toe.So i cant do much more.Its feeling better though. I think I might go for a walk before going to bed and so some crunches& push ups.
    Tomorrow I will try to eat better during the day.
    good night !! :)

  8. @Nastassja Riley: That's pretty darn good for winging it, girl!! Right on & glad to have you on board!!

    @Anna: Sounds like you did a lot RIGHT. Keep building on that!! xo

  9. @Ana: You go girl, sounds like you're totally rocking this!! :-D

  10. Yep, Kim and Josh is just Kim...not sure why we both show up! Haha :D

  11. Well all I can say I made it through this stressed day and actually ate...although not enough. when I am stressed I do not like to eat or think about eating and I sure don't like fixing food. But since I had a goal of a couple of things to make it was easier, thanks Tess. If I had not committed to this I would have probably had and almond butter sandwich, period.

    Lemon water,later strawberries

    then forgive me I had cho chips before I knew what was in my hand...between being hungry and habit and stress great big OOPS!

    super hummus with broccoli and a piece of sprouted toast.

    a few raw almonds and walnuts

    raw new blog cookies, they are the best!! and I stopped at a couple!! ;-)yes you can believe it!

    and more super hummus and broccoli.

    I am happy with my meditation and visualization today.

    walked over 3 miles.

    so tomorrow my big goal is not to have to eat any junky food on the road...drink more water.

  12. Tracy, it sounds like you actually did REALLY great, especially given the circumstances!!

    I am so proud of everyone!! :-)