The 2-week super shape-up!!

Welcome to the 2-Week Super Shape Up!!

Thanks so much for joining in! I will be posting every day during this program, and I encourage you to follow this blog and reply to the daily posts so we can really enjoy this as a group! I usually charge for this kind of stuff, but since this is totally free, please take advantage of it and have some fun with me/us! :-)

So, first of all, I'd like to answer the basic question . . . "What does this entail?" To answer, the 2-week super shape up involves 3 simple aspects - exercise, visualization, and eating. See below for more detailed explanations.

The goal?

To get in the kick-assiest shape we possibly can in a mere 2 weeks! We'll be using aspects from my last book, The Two-Week Wellness Solution, to really be our best selves in a very short time.

So .. . are you ready to rock this thing? Let's go!!

First things First!

Please take a moment and ask yourself what you ideally wish to accomplish in these 2 weeks. Then, make a comment after this post and share it with the group. I'm going to do this too. This will help each of us stay accountable and motivated!

Part 1: Exercise For Success

Since we're all different, I can't really prescribe a set exercise routine that will be perfect for all of you. However, I can give you some basic recommendations. Of course, I'm supposed to tell you to consult a physician before starting this or any other health program. There, that's out of the way! ;-)

The exercise part of our program should have the following components:

* It should be the maximum amount that you can do (without hurting yourself of course!) but it should also be doable. Set yourself up for success, not failure.
* Try to include 2 days per week of strength training if possible. Building muscle will raise your resting metabolism and make you strong and toned. If you're not part of a gym, you can do this using your own body as resistance - push-ups, chin-ups, lunges, and strength-building yoga poses are examples of this.
* Try to include as much cardiovascular exercise as you can - preferably at least 30 minutes daily. Ideally, 60 minutes or more daily for bigger results!
* After warming up for 5 minutes, stretch your muscles before continuing with any workout.
* A self-invented (yet very effective in my experience!) trick that I plan to do is something I call "mini exercises." I do them at least 10 times daily on super shape-ups like this. Some examples are: 20 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, running up the stairs, or lunges. Basically, it's a quick, simple exercise that takes under one minute. If you do these every hour or so throughout the day, it will really help keep your metabolism up!

Part 2: Visualizing for Success!

This is an excerpt from The Two-Week Wellness Solution. I recommend doing this once each day.

Visualize being the ideal version of yourself.

The practice of visualization is hands down one of the most powerful ways to change your life. Even Albert Einstein was noted for saying “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” This simple quote illustrates that it’s more important to have a clear vision of what you truly want than to focus on what’s present in your life right now. Simply visualizing what you want will automatically align you with it and assist you in manifesting it with ease.

As a very basic example of this, I used to teach a meditation class in which everyone made a weekly commitment to themselves. One woman was really struggling with this as she kept “failing” the assignment she had given herself, which was to meditate for ten minutes each morning. Finally, after two weeks, I asked her to give up on her commitment to meditate. I suggested she instead commit to simply visualizing herself meditate. The next week, she returned to class with a very pleased look on her face. I asked her how her new assignment went. She replied that after only three days of visualizing, she had automatically (and effortlessly) started meditating for thirty minutes each morning! How cool is that? Additionally, visualization not only works for changing your habits—it will help you manifest a healthy, fit body as well as the life you desire. Just try it! You’ll be amazed at how powerful it is when you give it a chance.

Part 3: Eating for Success!

On this 2-week super shape-up, we will be eating according to the 2-week program from The Two-Week Wellness Solution. For those of you with my books, you probably don't need more information. For the rest of you, here's a page from my last book, explaining a typical day.

Basically, it means emphasizing "green" foods (my color-code for plant-based whole foods that are low in fat) and eating loads of vegetables! By the way, my ka-razy weekend sale is still on my website, so if you want to order my books, now's a great time since I plan to change it back to the regular price soon. Also, there are "green" and "blue" recipes on this blog, so you can check those out too!

The outline of a day on the 2-week plan:


First thing: Lemon Water (the juice of 1/2-1 fresh lemon, mixed with water)
Optional: 1-2 tablespoons “Green Radiance” mixed with water
Next: 1-2 servings of fresh fruit (or a fruit smoothie)

Mid-morning (optional, if you’re hungry): A “green” snack (or high fiber, vegan cereal with nondairy milk)

First thing: Two cups of vegetables (the fresher the better)
Second thing: Any “green” foods (Don’t eat past level three on the hunger and fullness gauge*)

3 p.m. mini-meal:
First thing: Two cups of vegetables (the fresher the better)
Second thing: Any “green” foods (Don’t eat past level three on the hunger and fullness gauge*)

After the 3 p.m. mini-meal:
You will only be consuming beans and vegetables after this cutoff time. It’s also best to keep your total fat intake under two teaspoons after 3 p.m.

* Note: #3 on the "Hunger and Fullness Gaugue" means the following: You have eaten just enough to satisfy your hunger. Your taste buds and habits may entice you to eat more, but your body would feel fine without more food. You feel light, nourished, and physically satisfied.

Final Notes on the 2-Week Plan:

• One serving of a "blue" food (higher in plant fats or natural sugars) is acceptable on this plan.
• Please avoid the following items, however: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, and any foods that contain animal products
• Also off limits are hydrogenated (and partially hydrogenated) oils; alcoholic beverages; soft drinks; caffeine/coffee (green tea and yerba mate are acceptable substitutes); aspartame (and other artificial sweeteners); high fructose corn syrup; cornstarch (use arrowroot instead); artificial colors or flavors; preservatives; MSG; refined white sugar; and deep-fried foods.
• Whole foods (brown rice versus white rice, for example) should be emphasized over refined foods.

So, that's it for today, friends! Please let me know what your goals are. We'll be starting this Thursday, so tune in tomorrow when we'll discuss our exercise & eating plan for the first week. Thanks so much for joining in!! Let's rock this thang!


  1. Sounds great Tess!! We're heading out of town Thurs., but I will be careful food-wise on the trip! And I can manage to do mini-exercises anywhere, right?!
    Thanks for the motivation! Jan Nicolet

  2. I'm really looking forward those two next weeks :)I need a push to start again exercising and eating well. Although I'm a vegan chef working at an organic healthful cafe, my crazy schedule had been keeping me out the gym for quite a while and I'm in the worst shape of my life.A month ago I decided to get rid of my car and started to bike to work or walk to the bus stop which is 2 miles away, I;m starting to feel the results and after next two weeks I,m sure my fitness is gonna get on track :)

  3. Great attitude, Jan!!

    Ana, sounds like you're really on the right track. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!!

  4. this comes at a good time for me. I've been trying to lose about 10-15 pounds AND firm up. Grateful for the push!

  5. Right on, Patriciah! You can do it!!

  6. This really gives me the motivation to start working out again. My goals are to tone my abs/strengthen my core (through yoga two-three times a week and cardio exercises at least twice a week) and learning to make more healthful food choices.

  7. I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks b/c I am looking forward to getting back to me! I want to feel the me that I know is there. In eating my daily amount of fruit and veg and getting back to running and yoga I will feel the power within that I desire to tap into. I want to feel the groundedness and the calmness of spirit that I crave through relaxation, visualization and meditation.

    I *need* to *have* to post comments in order to keep me focused. Thank you for inviting us to come along and be encouraged as well as encourage each other!!

  8. This is awesome, Tess. I am training for a double-imperial century (bicycle) ride in 3 weeks. I find it hard to balance calorie restriction while training, but this will keep me motivated to continue to eat lots of the green foods (with your (blue) raw cookies on cycling days to keep me going!)

  9. My goals:
    Get back into a workout routine for goodness sake!
    I want to do 2-3 days of strength training this week, at least one day of yoga. Once I get back into a good routine with this, then I will work in cardio. Since I have a problem with making sure I don't become underweight, strength training is more of a priority for me right now than straight cardio.

    As far as eating, I've stayed on good track with my fruit and veggie consumption and lots of fresh foods. My eating goals will be including more small meals/snacks to up my calorie consumption (especially with my new exercise goals) and plan meals so groceries don't go to waste and I don't stress about what to make for dinner--it's already planned :)

    The visualization will be the hardest goal for me to achieve as my brain is very active and I have a hard time slowing down my thoughts. I'm trying for 5 minutes of "quiet mind" a day and we'll see what happens!

    Thanks, Tess!

  10. Loving all the comments so far - thanks for participating, everyone! Can't wait til we start tomorrow! :-)

  11. I'm in...I think! My goal is to stop snacking on unhealthy foods. I've been vegan for many years, but I still like to snack on crap sometimes. I would like to lose about 3-4 pounds and firm up! Thanks Tess!!!

  12. I feel great about my current nutrition…whole food pant based diet ..though I “was” (had to erase I am) a caffeine junkie…that is my goal to set myself free from this addiction…
    I want to use the 2 weeks to go “gluten-free” I am trying to find the source for the fatigue I am going through for the last 1 1/2 year
    My goal for exercise this week is: Daily 10 min morning yoga to start the day, 2 x trail running (weekend) 3 x cardio and one weight training session…and I will try the visualization

  13. Looking forward to breaking a sugar and caffine habit . Also hoping to lose a few pounds :)
    Very excited and ready to start ! WhooooHooo !