Harness The Magic of Visualization in 3 EASY Steps!

Today's blog post was inspired by an email I received from a friend today. I had been noticing her Facebook posts over the last few weeks (well, months really) as it seemed she was getting increasingly frustrated with her job situation. One failed attempt after another was starting to wear on her usually cheerful and optimistic demeanor. She would apply for the "perfect" job, have an interview, and then find out that she hadn't gotten the position after all.

However, today I found out that she not only got a job, but that it was beyond ideal and had just "fallen into her lap." Which was even more beautiful, given that this was what she had been visualizing. And what's also totally exciting? That this job was an even better, more suitable position than any of the others she had been interviewing for.

Here's an excerpt from the email she wrote:

"They wanted to revise the job description so they could take advantage of my writing background. He said, 'We can find anyone to do the administrative tasks for the original post that you applied for, but we see an opportunity with your background and we want to take advantage of it.' The more he talked about what his vision is for my role there, the more excited I got. He sounds thrilled to have me working with them, which just blows my mind. No one has ever been excited about me working for them before!!!"

So, the moral of the story?

* Patience. Even when we don't think things are working out perfectly, they are. We just need to remember what we truly want and trust that it will come about in perfect timing. For example, if another job had come her way, my friend would have missed out on this even more wonderful opportunity that wasn't available until just now.

* Visualization works! Is it a mere coincidence that she'd been visualizing just such an ideal job dropping into her lap? Personally, I dona thinka so.

And now... 3 EASY Ways YOU Can Harness the Magic of Visualization!

1. Make a "vision board." To do this, simply write out phrases that describe your ideals, and/or cut out pictures of your ideals. Put them on a piece of paper or posterboard and place within view. Look at it as much as possible. Let these ideal images resonate within you. And when you do, try to begin seeing these things as something you *already* have.

2. Before bed each night, spend just a few minutes setting up your ideal day. For example, before bed I like to picture how my next morning and day will go - I think of how I want to eat, what kinds of exercise I'll do, and how I will stay in a positive, productive state. It's amazing how well this works!

3. Spend a few minutes each day watching your movie. No, this has nothing to do with what's on Lifetime. This is about your lifetime. First of all, take some time to decide what you truly, truly want out of your life. What kinds of things would you be doing in your ideal life? Where would you live? Who would you surround yourself with? Create a movie for yourself, based on any given day of your ideal life. Then take some time daily to have fun "watching" (visualizing) your movie. Although I've been doing this for years, I saw a very inspiring article on this recently by the lovely Dr. Lissa Rankin. Check it out!

So, what are you waiting for? Your dream life CAN become a reality. All you need to do is imagine, visualize, believe, and then.... wait patiently for it to happen in just the *perfect* way for the highest interests of all involved!!


  1. thank you so much for the reminder it just came at the perfect time xx

  2. good words, as always! i'll start up my movie tonight before bed.