Cookbook Winner Announced!

As most of you probably know, I'm doing a giveaway - my ENTIRE cookbook collection must go! With all the recipe testing and writing I do, I just don't have time to read other cookbooks, unfortunately. And so they really deserve a new home. Of course, I also threw in signed copies of both of my books. I can't seem to do a giveaway sans those. So, who won this awe-inspiring contest??

I'm happy to say that when I drew the winner's name out of a basket this morning, I smiled! I smiled because it's someone who is one of my recipe testers as well as one of my most supportive, loyal, and kind fans. And it's...

*Drumroll, pleeeez*

...Leslieconn!! Leslie, you won! So, please give me your mailing address and I will ship you your prize, sweetie! what should I give away? Ideas for the next contest, anyone??

1 comment:

  1. I feel like a won the lottery! Woo hoo! Lucky day for me on The Ides of March! Thanks so much, Tess.