Day Two: What Was I Thinking?

OK friends, seriously...What was I thinking? I recently said that I'd blog every single day this month, as I was so excited about doing a month of how to use certain fruits and veggies. However, I was also ignoring the fact that I drove 700 miles yesterday and am teaching a cooking class today in Austin. Tomorrow morning, I drive another 800 miles to Santa Fe, then back home to Colorado this Friday. Busy week!

So, I've decided to continue my month of fruit n veggie blogging this Saturday, so that I don't go too crazy.

However, today I'd like to address the question of PAPAYAS. One of my readers asked me what to do with them. Here's my response:

I lived in Hawaii for several months back in the 90s, which was when I discovered the fabulousness that is papaya. At first, I wasn't sure whether I liked them or not, but they grew on me very quickly. I mostly ate them plain - just cutting them in half, scooping out the seeds, and eating the flesh. The seeds could then be washed and used in papaya salad dressing (kind of like poppyseed dressing) as the seeds are so renowned for being a digestive aid. Many other islanders liked to serve salads in the cavity of the papaya - I never did that, but it always intrigued me.

Papayas would also be delicious cubed and tossed into green salads or whipped into a smoothie with strawberries and pineapple juice. YUM.

However, I will say that since I've left Hawaii, I have yet to bite into a papaya that really does it for me. And I've pretty much given up. They just never tasted the same as they did when I got them fresh. But hey, maybe it's been long enough and I should give them another chance. After all, they are bursting with beta carotene, fiber, and enzymes.

Please check back on Saturday, when I'll be talking about the next fabulous fruit or veggie on the list!

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  1. I Love Papayas ...I heard that the italian marinate it with balsamico vinegar....I tried it and it was delicious.....