Day One: Pizza and Cookies!

A detox plan that allows pizza and cookies? Yeah! That's pretty much my calling in life. And what's currently in mah belly.

So it's day one for those of us on The Two-Week Wellness Solution and I hope allz going well with your day so far! In my last post, I detailed my personal reasons for wanting to do a cleanse right now. When I woke up today, I reviewed my list to help keep myself motivated.

So here's an accounting of how my day has gone so far. If you like, go ahead and post what you're eating and how you're feeling so far.

I woke up and had the juice of one lemon in water. Then, I drank some "Green Radiance" powder that I'd mixed into some water. About 20 minutes later, I had three clementines. Juicy babies.

Lunch/3 p.m. Meal:
My daughter and I went swimming at the hot springs after breakfast and got home at about 3 p.m. We were starving! I immediately made up a huge salad (4 cups of veggies) comprised of baby greens, a carrot, red onions, and sprouted garlic-herb sunflower seeds. I tossed it with a combination of balsamic vinegar, tamari, and agave nectar. I don't know if it was because I was so hungry, but it tasted friggin amazing.

Next, I made a pizza. I used the whole grain crust recipe from RHIW and topped my half with organic roasted garlic spaghetti sauce, daiya vegan cheese, shiitake mushrooms, ribbon-cut kale, and sliced onions. I had half of a pizza and was still hungry! So I had two Mary's Gone Crackers cookies. I love them - they're made with high quality ingredients and feel pretty "clean" in my system. I also had a strawberry kombucha.

I will be having Hungarian Chickpeas (a test recipe for my next book) and two cups of steamed Brussels sprouts. That will complete my requirement for six cups of veggies today. Yeah! Oh, and I've had three liters of water so far, but I'm sure I'll end up consuming a gallon of water before the day is over.

At the hot springs, I did laps for 15 minutes. Lately, I've been having "dance parties" with my daughter (we crank up fun music and just dance in our living room - it's way fun), so I'll also be doing that tonight for at least 30 minutes, as well as some stretching.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Tune in tomorrow to share the scoop on Day Two!


  1. Day one sounds delicious!
    The recipes for your next book sound delectable. While I am still working my way through your first two books, if you need any "real world" recipe testers, I am here to help. :)