Trippin Out on Healthy Food - 6 Steps

Greetings, Friends!

Well, I've made it through my "Super Immune-Boosting Week" and am feeling pretty good. It's really amazing what a clean, healthy, immune-boosting diet can do to turn around illnesses! Years ago, I would have given in to the sicko feelings I was having a week ago and just gone ahead and gotten a full blown cold and flu. But I've had enough experience now with the magical powers of food that I knew what to eat to regain my health.

All week I avoided sugar, refined foods, and processed foods. I ate a huge organic green salad every day and included lots my favorite immune-boosters (shiitakes, kale, garlic, tempeh, miso, and chilies). Plus, I consumed lemons a plenty. For example, today I had two huge stevia lemonades. Each one had the juice of three lemons and a squirt of stevia in it. Yeah, baby!

So, tomorrow I head off on an extended trip. For many of us, travels can mean taking a hit in the health department. I'm no exception, as I find it challenging to eat ideally on the road. HOWEVER, it is such a huge priority to me that I go out of my way to make sure I eat well. I just don't want to deal with lower energy, weakened immune function, bloating, or any of the other blah-blahs that come along with not eating ideally.

So, what am I doing to stay healthy on this trip?
Here be my 6-step plan:

1. I've spent the last two days preparing a week's worth of food to pop in the cooler tomorrow. I focused on light, simple fare that would also taste good cold. I made the following yummy, healthy items:

* Roasted vegetables (red potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, zucchini, garlic, carrots, and rosemary...basically what was in the fridge)
* Edamame-fried rice
* Cinnamon-Raisin Quinoa (I'm hoping the kid will eat some of this too!)
* "Veggie packs" (pre-washed and cut organic veggies, including carrots and celery)
* Artichoke-White Bean Hummus (to be eaten with "Sticks and Twigs" and some a them veggies)

2. I've packed lots of healthy snacks for my daughter and myself. Some include: Corn cakes and rice cakes, "Sticks and Twigs" (love those things!), spicy seaweed strips (for the kid - she flips over them), assorted energy bars, fresh fruit, raw "cookies" (made in my dehydrator), and popcorn (that I'll pop in a little coconut oil tomorrow morning and sprinkle with sea salt).

3. Staying hydrated is key! I make sure to pack lots of light, healthy drinks such as Olade (stevia-sweetened and full of electrolytes), mint water, lemons (for my crack-like addiction to stevia lemonade), and spring water.

4. Having all of this good food on hand means that we won't be tempted to eat junk on the road. However, we do scope out health food stores and veggie restaurants as a treat! Tomorrow night, we'll be dining at Watercourse in Denver. LOVE that place, man. The entire menu can be made vegan and everything is just delicious. However, I don't eat out too much while traveling. Places like this are the happy exception!

5. I've written out a list of simple, healthy foods that I can prepare while I'm on my trip and actually in other people's kitchens. This helps me to shop wisely and stick to healthy, vitalizing foods. Some of these basic foods include: Bean burritos, lentil tacos, blueberry-soy yogurt-hemp shakes, stir-fry, big salads, and tempeh burgers. Of course, I can vary from these items, but they provide a base of healthy foods that are easy to prepare when I'm not in my own cozy, well-stocked kitchen.

6. Exercise! There's always a way to work it in. When I stay in hotels, I make sure they have a fitness facility. Plus, I'll be bringing along the following on this trip: My ab roller, a 10 lb. weight (amazing what you can do with that thing), exercise ball, yoga mat, workout gear, and running shoes. And I will use all of them several times a week. Where there's a will, there IS a way!

Well, I best be off. I need to buy more lemons!! I'll stay in touch over the next 7 weeks as I travel from Colorado to Michigan to Florida to Austin and back to Colorado. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Whahoo! Can't wait to see ya in Austin! I love the way you're setting yourself up for success...makes me think of how often I fail because of my lack of planning!