Trippin Out On Healthy Food - Update!

Hey friends!

Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged. I've been traveling and mostly using my phone for the internet. But tonight, I'm back on my beloved laptop, curled up in a king-sized bed in a hotel room. The lovely ladies at the library I spoke at tonight arranged a room for me, so now I get to relax and chill out before tomorrow's book signing.

So, last time I checked in, I had the intention to stay healthy during all these travels. And I can honestly say - so far, so great! Exercise? Check. Plenty of veggies? Check. In fact, I've only had to eat out twice so far on this whole trip. Wait, I take that back. I didn't HAVE to eat out. I darn well wanted to. Those places were fa-reakin delish. The first was Watercourse (yummy vegan food in Denver), and the second was an Indian restaurant in Michigan that seriously blew me away. Some of the best Indian food I've ever had! Plus, I felt light and healthy after eating there, which is often not the case with Indian food. I'd go there again in a heartbeat, and I'm drooling. OK, moving on...

So, how have I managed to stay healthy, kick that cold bug that was lingering, mainly avoid eating out, and feel better than ever, all while traveling all over the place?

Here are the highlights:

* On the matter of exercise: I've had trouble finding gyms everywhere, so I've been doing a strength training routine that doesn't require being in a gym. I've been using my ab roller, 10 lb. weight, and a small $1 ball to accomplish my goals. I've also incorporated lots of other exercises, such as push-ups, "burpees," and "mountain climbers" that get the job done without any fancy equipment. I've also settled into a doable routine of alternating strength training days with cardio days. I'm spending about 45 minutes each day on exercise, which, for me, fits my schedule perfectly.

* My cooler has yet to go to the dark place. It has stayed cold what with the ice packs and ice I've been randomly adding to it. I've also eaten a good bit of what was in there at this point. Now, I'm down to some basics: hemp protein powder, sprouted tortillas, salsa, daiya vegan cheese, baby greens, carrots, and miso.

* I've been consuming 3 lemons each day in the form of my dearly beloved alkalinizing and cleansing drink, stevia lemonade. I should just marry that stuff already. Enough messing around.

* Most mornings, I drink some green drink (water mixed with some of my "Green Radiance" powder) - I love how it makes me feel! And it always sets a positive tone for the day.

* Some of the items I've regularly been buying at grocery stores whilst on the road: canned organic beans (for burritos); organic baby greens (for salads); carrots; sprouted grain tortillas (Ezekiel brand); water; lemons; fresh fruit; and fresh salsa (yeah, burritos are my life).

So, am I always "perfect," some may ask? No way, babies. I gots some big plans to indulge at the Chicago Diner this week. We're talkin' raw vegan cheesecake (seriously, SO freakin good), as that's a dessert my body AND taste buds can agree on. But, I find that if I stay focused on eating great overall, a few treats now and then can be no problem. So, what I'm hoping you will take from all of this is a renewed motivation to treat your body well by feeding it nourishing foods - all while being gentle and kind with yourself...and enjoying the ride!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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