Two-Week Wellness Update & My Lastest Acronym

Good morning, friends! Oh wait, is it afternoon already? I guess this day is flying by! Well, I wanted to give you an update on how things are going with my two-week plan. I began about a week ago and noticed a big difference in my health after only two days. In fact, I weighed myself two days ago and found I was 5 lbs. lighter than I thought I was! So, I've been a little less strict as I'm basically at my ideal weight.

What I'm doing now is an acronym I like to call "ABLE." For those of you who are familiar with my books, you know I love me a good acronym. Well, this one is working great for me right now, and I shall explain:

A: Aim for the two-week wellness principles. This means that I try to get as close as I can to my two-week plan every day. Some days I might eat a "purple" item or two "blue" items, but that's o.k. as I am currently pretty happy with my state of health. Plus, I've been exercising. A lot. So, in general, I try to emphasize "green" foods, eat lots of veggies, and start my mornings off with lemon water and fresh fruit. I'm loving it!

B: Balance the rest. For me, this is so important. I spent many years 50 lbs. overweight because I did not understand the oh-so simple concept of balance. Back in the day, if I ever ate anything "bad" (such as a vegan donut, per say), I would then proceed to go all-out with french fries, white bread, and other vegan junk foods. My thought was "I've been bad, so I might as well continue to be bad until I'm perfect tomorrow." Yeah, that didn't work. As we all know, the "perfect" tomorrow can be pretty evasive.

These days, I know that it's o.k. to eat less-than-ideal foods once in a while, as long as they are kept to a minimum and balanced out. For example, if I eat some vegan chocolate pie for lunch, I will make sure to surround it with very healthy choices the rest of the day - as well as exercise. Balance. It's what's for dinner.

L: Lighten up. Eat LESS. Leave room in your stomach at all times. Only eat until #3 of the hunger and fullness gauge (a tool from my books), or just until you are satisfied. There is never a need to overeat, and food never truly tastes good when your body isn't hungry.

E: Exercise. This one is self-explanatory, but I will say this: Try to fit in some cardio, strength training, and stretching each week. They all work together for you best health. Also, I've found that stretching is a very important counterpoint to both strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Be sure to stretch before and after both kinds of exercise - it will help your health significantly and decrease any risk for injury and damage.

So, what did I eat today? What was I "ABLE" to eat? Oh Tess, lay off the bad jokes. Sheesh.

Lemon water
Fruit salad (fresh blueberries and a chopped organic peach)

Quinoa fritters (a recipe I just developed for my upcoming kid's book: basically quinoa and spices held together with a flax "egg", or "flegg" as I call it in my books)
Large green salad with lots of fun, happy things in it (artichokes = bliss)

For the rest of the day, I plan to eat (and yes, I'm that big of a nerd...I plan my meals):
Corn on the cob (locally grown, woot!)
Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls (using a locally grown bean sprout score)
Easy Indian Mung Beans (I heart my pressure cooker)
Roasted vegetables with garlic and rosemary

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Have a happy, healthy afternoon...and I will keep posting my food days as I can. It's fun for me too!!

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