Five Favorite Quick, Healthy Breakfasts!

As I was running out the door yesterday, time-crunched for a busy day at the Durango Green Living Expo, I decided to make a healthy, sustaining breakfast that I could take with me. What I ended up with was a delicious superfoods mixture of cherries, hemp, vegan yogurt, and more. It immediately perked me up and kept my energy going for way longer than I would have expected! It was many hours later before I needed to refuel.

I often hear from my readers that they are always looking for healthy, quick breakfast ideas. So, today I thought I'd share a few of my favorites as well as my new recipe for "Cherry Power Shake" (the yumminess from yesterday - that also happened to make it into my blender cup this morning too!)...

My Five Favorite Quick, Healthy Breakfasts:

1. A big fruit salad - this only takes a few minutes to prepare and is great for continuous snacking. My favorite combination is a sliced banana and a sectioned clementine gently tossed with one cup of mixed berries. This is also a big hit with kids!

2. A healthy parfait: I've been grooving on Nancy's soy yogurt lately and have been putting it in everything! At the risk of sounding like I'm trying to sell you something (and btw, I don't see a dime from them), their soy yogurt is THE best on the market. It's the only kind I eat, actually, as it's the only one that feels fresh and nourishing in my system. Many of the other vegan brands feel very denatured to me. So anyhoo...I like to put this lovely plain soy yogurt in a bowl and top it with high fiber organic cereal and a cup of fresh berries. Happiness!

3. A slice of sprouted grain bread (or a sprouted English muffin) with almond butter and organic orange marmalade will keep your body energized and your taste buds satisfied! Sprouted grains, in case you didn't know, are wonderfully nutritious. Any time you sprout a grain you exponentially increase its available nutrients. My favorite is the Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted sesame bread. Yum!

4. If you really need something hearty, a breakfast burrito can be made the healthy way. Begin with a whole grain tortilla (I'm loving the Cedarlane sprouted grain tortillas as they're soft yet still contain sprouted wheat). Next, add healthy high-fiber fillings such as roasted potatoes, sauteed vegetables, pan-fried tempeh, and salsa. I always like to shake on a little extra hot sauce too. Because that's just how I roll.

5. As promised, my "Cherry Power Shake:"

To make this yummy superfoods concoction, place the following ingredients in your blender:

1/2 cup EACH: frozen banana chunks and frozen cherries (organic)
1/2 cup EACH: nondairy milk and vegan yogurt (plain or vanilla)
1 tablespoon hemp protein powder (uber-high in Omega-3s, fiber, and chlorophyll)

Blend and serve immediately. So simple, so healthy, so gooooooooood!!!

This recipe is "green" (according to the guidelines in "Radiant Health, Inner Wealth"). It serves one and is gluten-free (GF).

Eating a nourishing, vitalizing breakfast is a great way to set the tone for a healthy, inspired day! It's also an important way to be pro-active with your health - which will help you to stay healthy and prevent illnesses. For other great prevention ideas, you can visit the Kathleen Show's Prevention Not Prescriptions Tuesdays. I often contribute blogs for that program, and there are also many other informative, inspiring articles on all kinds of cutting-edge health topics.

Namaste and see you next time!


  1. Breakfast Burrito... thats how I roll. Oh my, puns what fun. I like to make some kind of hot cereal (oatmeal, grits, farina etc.) and mix it with something like Braggs or hot sauce and roll that up in a tortilla for a breakfast burrito.

  2. I will have to find Nancy's soy yogurt - I just found their vegan cream cheese at Whole Foods this weekend. My current fave soy yogurt is Whole Soy & Co., especially the lemon flavor. And of course all coconut milk yogurts but that is more of a splurge for me.

  3. Whole Soy's apricot mango is hard to beat, too.

  4. Here's my go-to:

    steel cut oats, raw
    chopped apple
    sliced banana
    sprinkle cinnamon
    drizzle agave
    splash soy milk

    Soooo easy!
    - RA Funderburk