Ten Natural Pick-Me-Ups That Really Work!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being so patient while I slowly meander through my list of your requests for blog topics! Today, I stumbled upon a frequently requested topic: "How do I gain energy without using over the counter or prescription medications?" As I personally use Western medicine as sparingly as possible (which ends up being almost never), I have lots of ideas on this subject! Hope one of them inspires you to feel great naturally today!

Ten Natural Pick-Me-Ups That Really Work:

1. Try meditation. Just a few minutes of inner focus will revitalize you more than you'd ever think! There have been times when I thought I needed a three-hour nap, but was surprised to find that a ten-minute meditation perked me right up.
2. Breathe deeply. Try this quick exercise: Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nostrils, then exhale through your mouth. Do this five times. I'll give you a dollar if you don't immediately feel better!
3. Get some fresh air and exercise! Grandma was right - this really does work. Just being outside can be so rejuvenating!
4. Your local health food store has lots of herbal remedies that work to boost energy - try a little ginseng for a quick pick-me-up.
5. "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food," said Hippocrates. This, I live by! If you're eating well (and this includes getting in lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables), your energy levels will soar!
6. Ever notice a plant when it needs water? It looks all wilty and sad. Did you ever stop to think that we humans exhibit the same kind of energy when we get dehydrated? Personally, I notice a drastic improvement in energy when I drink plenty of water and don't allow myself to get too thirsty. I recommend about 3-4 quarts of water daily for anyone who is physically active.
7. Learn how to practice pranayam. This ancient yogic breathing technique will have you energized in no time! There are many great books and resources on the subject. Or come by one of my meditation classes and I'll show you myself!
8. Visualize yourself feeling healthy and energized. I know this sounds repetitive to those who are familiar with my book and workshops, but I can't say it enough! Visualizing something over and over really does make it manifest.
9. Cut out the energy-drainers that are present in your life. Not sure what they are? I recommend sitting quietly with a piece of paper (and a pen) and asking yourself this question: "What is zapping my energy?" Then, listen to the answers that arise within you. It could be anything from staying up to late, to never saying no, to eating too much refined flour. Only you know what is holding you back from experiencing your best energy levels.
10. Have fun! Laugh and play! Not sure how, since you've been working too much and have lost touch with your inner funny? This can be as simple as renting a stand-up comedy routine or playing a silly game with your child.

I hope these suggestions give you some inspiration to have some fun and feel great! I also recommend checking out The Kathleen Show's Prevention Not Prescriptions Tuesdays, as they always include some pretty spectacular blogs on the subject of staying healthy naturally. Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. I love your suggestions! I've tried several of them and they really work. An added bonus is, while increasing one's energy, they also seem to improve one's mood!

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful suggestions!

    Small Footprints

  2. Great post! I especially love the analogy in #6. I never thought of it quite in that way. I will definitely be using that one with others in the future!


  3. Great tips..
    Breathing is such a wonderful tool my favorite one is, breathing all the way into the belly than continuing filling up the lungs…holding it (meanwhile I visualize ..pressure, stress, sadness, anxiety collecting in it) and then breathing all of it out. It feels so soothing.